22 Russian Village in Art

Russian Village in Art

Tatyana Yushmanova lives and works in Moscow, but she looks for inspiration in the place where she had spent her childhood - a remote village in the Yaroslavl Region. Notwithstanding that she was born in the family where everybody
were mathematicians and physicists, she graduated from the Moscow Academic School of Art and the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Mainly she paints landscapes of Russian nature and portraits.
20 The Cruise To Vladivostok

The Cruise To Vladivostok

A ferryboat Eastern Dream can take you from Japan to Vladivostok
for 25.000 yens. You judge if it's worth paying so much...
37 Army Shouldn’t Be Hungry

Army Shouldn’t Be Hungry

Lets see and try some food
from the Russian army.
3 Gold Of “The Uzbek Case”

Gold Of “The Uzbek Case”

"The Uzbek Case" is a famous criminal case about misappropriations, baksheeshes and misuse of public funds in the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic in 1970s-1980s. The case greatly stirred among the public, and it was no wonder -
more than 800 criminal cases were launched against more than 4000 people. They all were convicted on different criminal articles and sentenced to prison with total confiscation of property, particularly the loot.
3 Heritage of The Central Naval Museum

Heritage of The Central Naval Museum

The Russian monarch Peter the Great created the room with models of ships
to teach his men engineering. Now this heritage is kept in a museum.
8 Unearthly Beauty of Kamchatka

Unearthly Beauty of Kamchatka

Does this landscape look like an alien one? Of course, this is the Earth.
It is simply the Kamchatka Peninsula famous for its wild beauty.
19 Genocide Victims’ Museum

Genocide Victims’ Museum

The museum is very interesting. It is situated in the building, which used to be the Committee for State Security of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic till 1991.
The main part of the exposition is former KGB prison. You can get into every ward and feel the spirit of the death machine of that time on your own skin.
22 A Man And His Unusual Pets

A Man And His Unusual Pets

Somewhere in Russia there lives a man who raises animals for sale. It may sound quite ordinary but the fact is that his pets are charitably speaking unusual. He has foxes of
different breeds and colours, bobcats, ferrets, huskies and even bears! It seems that all the animals live in peace with each other and with their master as well!
6 History of The Dynamo Stadium

History of The Dynamo Stadium

In 2008 the stadium had the 80th anniversary. The parting match was on the 22th of November and then a great reconstruction began. The stadium was built in 1928. Its first form was like a horseshoe
and in 1936 the additional stands were constructed. Since that time the stadium capacity reached 54.000 and it remained the main Moscow arena till 1956 when «Luzhniki» appeared.
9 Traktovaya Settlement Near Perm

Traktovaya Settlement Near Perm

Somewhere near Perm there is a little settlement which
is called Traktovaya and was taken down in 2005.