12 Retro Rally on Streets of Moscow

Retro Rally on Streets of Moscow

On the 23rd of April there was the season's opening of the classic car rally in Moscow. Hope you
like chrome and shapes in a retro style cause there will be a lot of them in the post.
6 The Kursk Nuclear Power Station

The Kursk Nuclear Power Station

We've already written about the Kursk Nuclear Power Station and about
its structure and history. Now let's see some other details.
13 Germans in Kaluga

Germans in Kaluga

The Volkswagen plant located in Kaluga is a very interesting place to visit. But it's not opened for tourists and to enter it you must have a special invitation. So here you can
see the exclusive photos of the most important parts of the plant: a shop where cars are assembled, a laboratory where they are tested for quality and a canteen.
23 The Unknown Second Kremlin In Moscow

The Unknown Second Kremlin In Moscow

From ancient times every Russian town had its own kremlin that protected it from enemies. A kremlin was considered to be a center of all settlement. Firstly kremlins were wooden then stone and refractory with impregnable towels and moats. Nowadays Russia has about 20 such historic and cultural
buildings that are not just military fortresses but also great architectural complexes with temples, palaces and halls. Practically everybody knows about the famous Moscow Kremlin and only few know about the second kremlin in Moscow, that is called the Izmailovo Kremlin.
8 Nice Graffiti In Tushino

Nice Graffiti In Tushino

Tushino is the northern part of the Moscow area. Here you
can see some beautiful graffiti from this place.
30 Stalker – the New Disease of Russian Youngsters

Stalker – the New Disease of Russian Youngsters

Several years ago, after the release of a computer game "Stalker", a new movement appeared among Russian youths. The so-called stalkers are mainly 14-20-year-old students who are fond of drinking cheap stuff like "Jaguar" in various abandoned, secret or simply unusual places. As the fans of the previously mentioned game, stalkers do not forget to create the appropriate atmosphere - they put on camouflage, take
portable radio transmitters, gas masks, guns and a lot of other junk with themselves. As a general rule, the lion's share of equipment isn't bought but stolen from unguarded shelters and warehouses. They call the stolen things "swag" (like in the game). So everything that is not bolted to the floor and does not exceed the lifting capabilities of a schoolboy is called in this way.
8 Rehearsal of the Military Parade on Red Square

Rehearsal of the Military Parade on Red Square

The main military parade in honor of the 66th anniversary of the Great Victory is always held in Moscow, on Red Square. Two days ago there was its first rehearsal in which about 20.000 soldiers and officers took part. The "Tiger" cars, "BTR-80" APC, "T-90" tanks, "Msta-S" self-propelled howitzers, "Topol-M" ballistic missiles, eight
launchers of an anti-aircraft weapon system "S-400 Triumph", eight of the newest anti-aircraft missile and gun systems "Pantsir-S1", "Tornado" multiple launch rocket systems, "Buk-M2" anti-aircraft missile systems and some other best models of Russian military equipment proceeded down Red Square that day.
10 The “War Engines” Exhibition

The “War Engines” Exhibition

Recently the Central Museum of WWII had the 25th anniversary. In honor of this date there was the
unique exhibition "War Engines" with Soviet, German and their allies' cars from the war time.
3 The Skin of Astrakhan

The Skin of Astrakhan

While flying to the oil platform located in the Caspian Sea one could not help comparing the floating below Astrakhan landscapes with human skin. Here the rivers pierced
the solid earth like swollen veins on the hands of an athlete. Here the tractors left scars on a field. And this reed reminds of a three-day stubble...
3 Through the Eyes of a Child

Through the Eyes of a Child

A curious experiment. Today's children talk about old things which were
actively used by representatives of older generations in Russia.

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