22 Everybody To The Black Sea

Everybody To The Black Sea

At those times (1955) Soviet people were prohibited to go abroad. So there was nothing to do for them except going to the Black Sea for their summer
vacation. Beaches were full of people lying on the warm sand or stones and you should have taken much effort to find an empty place for yourself.
14 Boys Become Men

Boys Become Men

This is what the life is like in the Russian Navy. They come there as boys but only real men leave. Only
yesterday they were innocent children but today...you wouldn't want to meet one of them in your way...
7 A Bus Stop As A Piece Of Art

A Bus Stop As A Piece Of Art

The bus stops that were built in Soviet times are not just some practical constructions. Some people consider them to be a piece of art. Most of these little masterpieces were created using mosaic technique.
Naturally, this art couldn't be developed in churches or any religious places during the Soviet epoch, so it was expressed in a different way. Most of those are created using actual coloured stones.
6 Railway Modeller Forum

Railway Modeller Forum

Another forum on railway modeling took place in Ramenskoye, near Moscow. Take a look at the laboriously created models of
trains, railways and many other curious things. A great deal of the exposition is devoted to the Kazan Railway.
6 Seriously And Funny About Epiphany 2011

Seriously And Funny About Epiphany 2011

Today is one of the greatest religious holidays in Russia - Epiphany.
Bathing in an ice hole is a good old tradition on this holiday.
8 Russian Churches In Winter

Russian Churches In Winter

The day before Epiphany... A team of travellers finds themselves in
Karelia and decides, on this occasion, to visit some beautiful churches.
16 How Cars Are Restored In Russia

How Cars Are Restored In Russia

If a car has been seriously crashed, it doesn't
mean the end. Here's how Russians fix it.
8 The Power Of Water

The Power Of Water

Russia's biggest and most powerful
hydropower stations as they are.
30 Pripyat This Winter

Pripyat This Winter

The more years pass after the accident
the gloomier this place becomes...
15 They Know How To Live Forever!

They Know How To Live Forever!

Bright halls, glass sarcophagi, people in silver coveralls... This is the way most of us imagine
the first cryo-company in Europe. Now you have a chance to know how it looks in reality.

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