9 A Small Oil Tanker Tour

A Small Oil Tanker Tour

In this post we'll show you a small Soviet oil tanker, its interior and operating principle!
You will learn what the words "Russian Diesel" mean and how the oil-tanker crew works.
16 The Story Of an Amur Tiger Named Zhorik

The Story Of an Amur Tiger Named Zhorik

In 2009 this poor tiger was brought to a pet hospital in Chelyabinsk. Its inattentive owners fed
the tiger with chicken bones that injured its palate. He nearly had no chances to survive...
31 Chuysky Trakt: Wild Beauty

Chuysky Trakt: Wild Beauty

Chuysky Trakt is a trunk road in the Novosibirsk Region, Russia. Its length is 953 kilometres and its width is 7 metres. This
highway was constructed in the early 1930s by gulag inmates. Along the way there are so many beautiful things to see.
28 Soviet Experimental All-Terrain Vehicles

Soviet Experimental All-Terrain Vehicles

In Soviet Union there were lots of engineering departments which developed and produced different goods. Among them was a group of laboratories designing and constructing
different all-terrain vehicles for the army, Space Forces and scientific work. Now these vehicles rusting at specialized junk yards and some maybe exhibited in museums.
19 1960s: Soviet Children

1960s: Soviet Children

These photos were all shot in 1969 in the Soviet Union. Maybe somebody will
recognize in these pretty children themselves or their mothers and fathers?
11 Construction of The First Moscow Underground Line

Construction of The First Moscow Underground Line

Here are some archival photos from the constructing
of the first line of the Moscow underground.
9 Funny And Crazy Videos #5

Funny And Crazy Videos #5

Caucasian pupils at the lesson of
physics. More videos after the jump.
16 The Timeless Russian Problem: Bad Roads

The Timeless Russian Problem: Bad Roads

A new road was built in Skolkovo about a year ago, it cost 1 billion rubles (about 37 million dollars). Now this road is in
very bad condition and this situation provoked a big scandal. And this example is not the only one of such kind.
7 Assorted Russia, Part 16

Assorted Russia, Part 16

Russian people are so resourceful, they can invent
something unexpected even for themselves. Let`s make sure of
15 Unusual Dog’s Leash

Unusual Dog’s Leash

This unique dog's leash has been designed by Artemy Lebedev, famous in Russia for his weird and bright works.
Once you pull the trigger it automatically winds by means of a spring  or unwinds under the pull influence.