3 Beauty of the Underwater World

Beauty of the Underwater World

Three passions - diving, zoology and photography - merge into unique underwater close-ups able to impress even sophisticated audience. These amazing pictures were taken in the waters of the White
Sea which is characterized by stable temperature comfortable for many wonderful creatures to live in, but not for people who live nearby - the climate at the sea is rather tough...
9 Amateur Photos Of Russian Police

Amateur Photos Of Russian Police

Photos from the private albums of
Russian and Ukrainian police...
8 Misty Vladovostok

Misty Vladovostok

The sky in Vladivostok is so often cloudy and fog rises over the city. Some houses standing
in the mist look like ships. The following pictures are made from houses' roofs.
6 Moscow Parade From Above

Moscow Parade From Above

The pictures of the military parade taken from
the roof of one of the Moscow living blocks.
5 Amazing Paper World

Amazing Paper World

Two Russians - Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Erlikh are experts of the work with paper.
They create life episodes with interesting details using their paper characters.
2 A Homemade Hookah

A Homemade Hookah

One Russian guy decided to make a hookah with his hands. He used a flask of an old fire extinguisher, tees, sleeves, caps of the
pipes and a hose. As a result he got a fairly good hookah. By the way, you too can do something similar if you wish.
3 Years After The Biggest Catastrophe…

Years After The Biggest Catastrophe…

The accident in Chernobyl is considered to be the biggest tragedy in nuclear power stations and one of the two accidents that reached the highest level of The International Nuclear Event Scale ( the
second is the Fukushima accident ). This scale has 7 levels allowing to value a damage degree. On the following pictures we can see how the disaster changed or destroyed people's lives.
4 Pictures Telling the Story Of The War

Pictures Telling the Story Of The War

We all know or imagine how difficult was a soldier's life. But how did photographers work in these
conditions? Thanks to them, now we can see war pictures and plunge into that terrible atmosphere.
3 Defeated Berlin In The Summer Of 1945

Defeated Berlin In The Summer Of 1945

Here is a collection of goodies from the Life archive - the shots of Berlin made by an American photographer William Vandivert in May-July of 1945. These photos of high quality are especially valuable because they
carry minimum of propaganda and simply show the state of the city at the time when the rigid order of the Cold War hadn't yet been established, and the borders could be freely crossed by everyone...
10 The Rat-Sniper From Moscow

The Rat-Sniper From Moscow

Gennady (Surname withheld) , a forty-seven year old worker who lives in Moscow combines a hobby with a goodwill hunts for rats.  Armed with a pneumatic sniper-rifle with a laser aim and silencer, (that costs over 3400 USD) he sets out in the evenings to his hunting
grounds- in his case to the city streets. Being a former duck-hunter, he  started hunting for rats after another hunter shot him in the leg several years ago. He boasts of having shot dead a total of seven hundred thousand rats for a period of seven years.

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