Ads On the Asphalt 1
12 Ads On the Asphalt

Ads On the Asphalt

Due to morbid predilection of the Moscow owners of small business to mark their establishments with paint on the asphalt, now the entire capital of Russia, especially its center, looks
spotty. However, they don't do it openly, cause it's forbidden, they take a bottomless package, hide a spray and a stencil inside and, if necessary, they paint right in a package.
29 Life In the Provinces

Life In the Provinces

Here is a collection of impressive black
and white photographs of Emil Gataullin.
Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine 1
40 Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine

Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine

L-29, AN-24RT, Mi-2, Mi-8, AN-2 ... all these planes and some airdrome automotive equipment placed in the rows to the
very horizon. Wonderful spectacle! Unfortunately, they have no place from where they could take off...
Not So Cool As They Wanted to Show 1
23 Not So Cool As They Wanted to Seem

Not So Cool As They Wanted to Seem

These guys wanted to show off and take some cool photos near the sea and their BMW but
failed  and the rest of the day they spent digging their car out of the sand.
84 Pickpockets Attack in St. Petersburg

Pickpockets Attack in St. Petersburg

Nevsky prospect in St. Petersburg is attacked by pickpockets! In the daylight they rob people in the public transport, in cafes, stores, in the crowd, in the underground, anywhere ... They do it openly, impudently,
impertinently. Probably the worse situation is only somewhere in the ghetto of New York, or in the slums of Rio de Janeiro... And this is Nevsky - the main street of the northern capital of Russia!
Bears In Fog 1
10 Bears In Fog

Bears In Fog

Lake Kambalnoye is situated in the Yuzhno-Kamchtsky Federal wildfire preserve, in the south of Kamchatka, somewhere between Kambalny volcano and cape Lopatka. These places are known in Russia as the bad weather
record breakers. But those who love nature and are eager to see these amazing creatures, come here despite the adverse weather. And they are rewarded indeed as they may take such great photos.
20 The Awesome Guitar Made Out of a Shovel

The Awesome Guitar Made Out of a Shovel

One musician has decided to prove that even a shovel may sound.
The entire process of making the guitar took one month.
Tank Umbrella 2
25 Tank Umbrella

Tank Umbrella

There were times when constructors believed that the best tank protection from a hollow charge projectile was ... an umbrella! Yes, don't be
surprised, the protection was shaped like an umbrella.  It was nearly put into service and was tested for a great variety of Soviet tanks. 
Some Strange People Met on Russian Streets 2 11
47 Some Strange People Met on Russian Streets

Some Strange People Met on Russian Streets

Weird people can be met in the Russian street either. Some of them just
make you smile but others can even look socially dangerous.
Station Wall Paintings 1
26 Interesting Wall Paintings Adorning One Station

Interesting Wall Paintings Adorning One Station

These are some interesting paintings on the station walls. Can you find Lavrentiy
Beria, Boris Yeltsin, Eduard Rossel? Do you recognize the depicted events?

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