Radar of the Space Communication Center and Grebnyovo Estate 1
21 Two Interesting Destinations Having Mysterious Past

Two Interesting Destinations Having Mysterious Past

Today we are going to see two interesting places near Fryazino, the Moscow
Region: a radar of the space communication center and Grebnyovo estate.
Flight Over a Small City Shooted on Iphone 4 1
23 Flight Over a Small City Shot on Iphone 4

Flight Over a Small City Shot on Iphone 4

Flying by Yak-52 over a small Russian city shot
on iPhone 4. Not bad for the cellphone...
53 Travelling to Russia: the Soviet Union Today

Travelling to Russia: the Soviet Union Today

In 1977 the National Geographic Society (the USA) published this book of a journalist Bart McDowell and a photographer Dean Conger - 370 pages of "personalized geography", a
portrait of the huge country and its people. Two Americans travelled to all 15 republics, visited dozens of cities and made a detailed story about the Soviet Union.
27 Kamchatka: At the Back of Beyond

Kamchatka: At the Back of Beyond

A wonderful collection of photos taken
recently in Kamchatka. Enjoy the views!
23 The National Museum of Turkmenistan

The National Museum of Turkmenistan

It will be the largest and the main National Museum of Turkmenistan made specially to tell the world about
this great country and the role it played in the history and culture of the world civilization.
29 Secrets of McDonald’s Beef

Secrets of McDonald’s Beef

Perhaps, as long as fast food exists so much time we argue about its harm to our health. We could see many accusatory TV programms and read dozens of books and articles about it. In their turn, representatives of fast food networks do their best to rehabilitate themselves in all possible ways adding various salads, yoghurt and fruits to their menues. They print information about food energy and convince us of innocence of
their wonderful burgers. Lately they have increasingly invited journalists and bloggers to watch fast food production in order they could see themselves that their rolls are the best in the whole world and there is nothing in their cutlets but 100% meat. This time we are invited to the Italian enterprise MARR RUSSIA where they produce beef cutlets for McDonalds's restaurants in Russia.
35 Chernobyl Amusement Park

Chernobyl Amusement Park

For the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Chernobyl accident they are going to turn the exclusion zone into a giant museum-park. It is believed that excursions there will be popular among tourists. This place used to be a home for someone. After the
explosion this area became "a desert island." Chernobyl became a synonym of "death" and many hearts are still wrung when this tragedy is mentioned. However it doesn't prevent them from turning this evil place into an amusement park.
45 On the Threshold of the Soviet Union Collapse

On the Threshold of the Soviet Union Collapse

A month before the collapse of the Soviet Union, on 7th, September, 1991, as it happened each year, in Moscow there was held another demonstration devoted to the anniversary of the Russian Revolution. People  of various political
convictions and aspirations took their flags and posters and came into the streets. An American tourist Ray Cunningham took some photos of demonstrators and, of course, he didn't expect how rare these shots would be in 19 years...
23 They Hate Police …

They Hate Police …

On September, 16th, St. Petersburg was profaned by actions of crazy provokers from an artistic group "Voina"
("War"). The group showed all its hatred of the Russian police in its vandal auction "Palace Revolution."
25 Horse Police of Moscow

Horse Police of Moscow

The horse regiment is situated in a prestigious area of Moscow, we guess there
are lots of those who dream to build here many offices and elite houses...

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