13 Moscow Decorated for Christmas and New Year

Moscow Decorated for Christmas and New Year

Moscow is finally decorated for the New Year. I can say that it is really cool this year! I can not think of another city in the world that has been so stylish and decorated for the holiday. Compared with last year, it has become more modern and more laconic. Previously, many of the streets were literally inundated with various light installations, and it was too much, and even these ridiculous
houses, which didn’t always stylistically fit in with the overall design. This year Moscow is gorgeous! There is almost nothing to complain about! Yesterday I walked for three hours and had a great time!   As in the past, the main idea of ​​the design was to make a lot of light steel arches with patterns. Here is the arch in the entry to the Kamergersky.

1 Beautiful Russia bird’s-eye view (38 photos)

Beautiful Russia bird’s-eye view (38 photos)

Furthermore, we offer you to look at the photos, which were taken by photographer Sergey Fomin. Over the last 13 years, he takes great pictures bird's-eye view. Sergey flies over various regions of our country, to get unique photos. The best works were
included in a new book, "Flight over Russia", which was published this month. The acid lake in the crater of the volcano Small Semyachik. Kamchatka Peninsula River Amgun. Area named in honor of Polina Osipenko. Khabarovsk region

1 Experimental Soviet Tank Carrier

Experimental Soviet Tank Carrier

Experimental tractor MAZ / KZKT-545 In the late 60's there was a need to create a wheeled tractor to replace the old MAZ-537 tractor. There were strict
requirements from the USSR Ministry of Defense for the characteristics of the tractor, in particular for the capacity and security of cabins.

0 How Do they Build Wooden Ships in Karelia

How Do they Build Wooden Ships in Karelia

One of the most interesting places in Petrozavodsk is club "Polar Odyssey". A team of true romanticists who are in love with the sea, work here. The club has its own operating fleet, a big part of which are wooden ships, copies of historical sailboats that sailed centuries ago. It would be very interesting to learn how to build wooden ships and how to sail in
them.   "Polar Odyssey" is located in Petrozavodsk, on the shore of Onegskoe Lake. People who are interested in history, or people who want to take pictures, come here. Even if you can’t decide what a shallop is, or what type a boat is, or tell a propeller screw from a propeller, everything there is still very romantic.
4 The Most Exotic Lands of the Russian Empire

The Most Exotic Lands of the Russian Empire

At one time, there were Russian colonies in America, and in Africa, and in the present territory of Germany. In Somalia, there was a New Moscow, and in California there was river Don. However, big politics interfered with the initiatives of the Russian colonists. In 1815, the Russian-American Company (RAC), that was "in charge of" Alaska and Kamchatka, reached an agreement with the leader of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Under the
contract, he, together with the population, acted under the protection of Russia. Georg Anton Scheffer, a colonist in the Russian service, headed the development of a new Hawaiian colony. In 1816-1817, three forts were built by local residents, named in honor of Alexander I, his wife Empress Elisabeth and Barclay de Tolly (today there are only remnants of the Elizabeth fortress foundation left).

0 Visual Arts of the USSR. The Builders of Socialism

Visual Arts of the USSR. The Builders of Socialism

Y.U.Kryzhevskiy "White-blue day" 1976 Yuri Pimenov  "Area
Z" E.A.Galunov " New Area of Leningrad " 1974

5 Interesting And Rare Vintage Photos

Interesting And Rare Vintage Photos

Coat of arms of the USSR. Made of metal drills. Mechanical
Plant named in honor of M.I. Kalinin, Moscow, 1927.

2 Production of Il-96-300 and AN-148.

Production of Il-96-300 and AN-148.

From "Flying tank" to board №1. In the shops of the Voronezh aircraft factory several legendary aircrafts were produced for 85 years of its history. During the war - the famous Il-2 (the designers called it "Flying Tank"). At the end of 1960-s - the world's first supersonic passenger airliner Tu-144. Today the plant produces the aircraft IL-96, AN-148, as well as individual units for SSJ 100 and MS-21 aircraft. Work on transport aircraft IL-112 is
resumed. Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VAMC) produces the main Russian aircraft - a presidential Il-96, better known as the board №1. The decision about the organization of the plant made in 1929. Before 1966, the plant had only numbered titles: firstly №18, then №64. During the war, production lines were evacuated to Kuibyshev (now - Samara), after the Victory factory in Voronezh was actually rebuilt.

4 In Moscow They Restored the Soviet Unique All-terrain Vehicle

In Moscow They Restored the Soviet Unique All-terrain Vehicle

One of the copies of the car "Blue Bird", developed for searching for landed astronauts, has been fully restored. The SUV in the photo is a legendary "Blue Bird", a unique tri-axle floating SUV, designed for search and evacuation of landed spacecraft
crews. To rescue space explorers, these cars have to swim, go through trees, to overcome the absolute off-road ... Besides "Blue Bird" is not just an all-terrain vehicle, but the whole complex, which includes screw-propelled vehicle.

1 How Do They Create an Ice Crossing Between the Towns of Salekhard and Labytnangi (14 photos)

How Do They Create an Ice Crossing Between the Towns of Salekhard and Labytnangi (14 photos)

In winter, between the towns of Salekhard and Labytnangi situated on both sides of the Ob River, there is an ice road. The ice crossing is not just a path through the ice area, but an elaborated system with several lanes located at some distance from each other. The following discussion focuses about how this crossing is created. Crossing – it is three lanes, each having a width of 30 meters and a length of 1700, the total length - 5300 meters. From Salekhard
to Labytnangi – there is one lane, there are cars and lorries. Back - two lanes. City-neighbor - the city-hard worker, it receives loads by train and sends them to the district center. Therefore, there is a separate lane for "lorries". Today, a third lane is closed, it is frozen. With the permission of the ice crossing administration, we drove past the sign and went to the place where the most interesting things are

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