15 Free Riders Journey From Moscow to St. Petersburg

Free Riders Journey From Moscow to St. Petersburg

Young people go from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back by electric trains. They have to change 4 times. All the way takes about 16 hours. They do not buy tickets. They either manage to escape controllers, or move from one car to another, or
controllers do not approach such a big marginal crowd being afraid (like in case with football fans). That's the meaning of such a journey - economy and adventures, you'll never mess up this country with any other else.
9 Bridge Over Zolotoy Rog Bay Locked Up

Bridge Over Zolotoy Rog Bay Locked Up

Another huge bridge project is close to its finale. The long-awaited bridge over Zolotoy Rog bay
united the centre of Vladivostok with Churkin cape. The final locking panel was lifted.
0 When Someones Child Becomes Yours, Part II

When Someones Child Becomes Yours, Part II

We started to tell you about the kids adopted in villages last week. It's another, second, story. The dweller of a village Chany, Elena Podchasova, had always known she'd have adopted children. Today, apart from her own kids, she has 6 from other parents. She even wanted to adopt one more
little one but her husband Vladimir doubts they can afford it. And they are not so young already... The first step is the hardest. Then foster parents are afraid of nothing. They are rewarded by gratitude and love of children whose destiny changes for the better so much.
6 What a Nice Field!

What a Nice Field!

How do you like
this nice field?

12 The Main Color Was Grey

The Main Color Was Grey

1990-1995, Russia. 23 shots of a French journalist Jean-Paul Guilloteau taken in different regions of Russia in the years that seem to be the period of mythology now... The landscape left by the USSR. Atmosphere, streets, faces, colors, clothes and things of that time, when the Soviet Empire vanished so fast but all its material
attributes were still around. The alternative future gave only hints: brights signs, lines in the subway, bottled beer that was not a hard-to-get thing anymore... These photos are so different from what we see everyday in the varicoloured flow of news of the XXI century so it was impossible to miss. 
0 One Sunset, One Sunrise

One Sunset, One Sunrise

Krasnaya Presnya is one of the most
favourite places of Muscovites.
10 No Exit Plant

No Exit Plant

One guy was walking along the old shops of "AbakanVagonMash" in Khakassia and found this warehouse of
chemicals, the laboratory  and this interesting administrative building he decided to photograph.
0 News From Russian Roads, Part 54

News From Russian Roads, Part 54

How do you like this tuning from
Odessa? Hello from the 90s?

4 KazSat-2: the Flight Is Normal

KazSat-2: the Flight Is Normal

Half a year ago the second Kazakhstan telecommunications satellite "KazSat-2" was launched from site #200 of Baikonur with help of a launch vehicle
"Proton-2". What has been happening to the satellite all this time? In what condition is it now? How and from where is it controlled?

0 How Filimonov Toys Survive

How Filimonov Toys Survive

Now goes the story about one folk craft that would die
if a small group of enthusiasts don't sustain it.

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