5 Abandoned Electric Trains

Abandoned Electric Trains

We want to show you what happens to electric trains when they get abandoned. Besides, some of them
are in rather good condition so they could be easily repaired but no one really cares.
11 Living In Big Joy

Living In Big Joy

Which one of you would not like to live in Big Joy? People you will see in the photographs below realized the dream the humanity cherishes. They
do live in Big Joy. Big Joy is an actual village (which sounds like Bolshaya Radost in Russian), so check out what you might miss.
2 Engines Of The War

Engines Of The War

The festival Engines of the War is a show parade of military equipment which atmosphere with its
war-time music and dust left by roaring trucks and motorcycles transports you several decades back.
4 Skyscrapers Of Moscow

Skyscrapers Of Moscow

Some people like risking their lives climbing the roofs of skyscrapers just to take pictures of a city that
not everybody is able to take. Below are pictures of Moscow city taken from one of its highest buildings.
29 Radar Station Of New Generation

Radar Station Of New Generation

Voronezh-M  modular station of highly compatible structure is intended for usage as part of the missile warning system. The stations will substitute old ones located in Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The main
aim of the new missile system is to warn about the launch of ballistic missiles in the north-west direction and also send data about cosmic objects to the system of cosmic space control.
6 Travel Notes, Azerbaijan

Travel Notes, Azerbaijan

We are in Baku, the city of contrasts. The city today is a huge construction site where they build skyscrapers and 
interchanges, as well as reconstruct old Soviet five-storeyed buildings. Baku has combined nice architecture and good food.
44 Vladimir Lenin From A To Z

Vladimir Lenin From A To Z

Below are photographs picturing life of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, a Russian Marxist revolutionary and communist politician who led the October Revolution of 1917 and headed the Soviet
state during its initial years (1917–1924), as it fought to establish control of Russia in the Russian Civil War and worked to create a socialist economic system.
4 Living In The Stall

Living In The Stall

This family has been living in the stall for over five years. The stall is situated almost in
the center of the city attracting the attention of passers-by with its unusual look.
2 The Winter of Moscow 1959 In Photos Of Carl Mydans

The Winter of Moscow 1959 In Photos Of Carl Mydans

The photos of Moscow and its inhabitants were taken by Carl
Mydans, an American photographer who worked for Life magazine.
10 10 Most Unusual Hotels Of Saint Petersburg

10 Most Unusual Hotels Of Saint Petersburg

In this article you will find information on 10 most
unusual hotels and dormitories of Saint Petersburg.

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