5 Chocolate For Sweet Tooths

Chocolate For Sweet Tooths

Those with a sweet tooth shall enjoy the report because we are going
to show you how chocolate and chocolate candies are made.
16 Amazons Of Ukraine

Amazons Of Ukraine

French photographer Guillaume Herbaut has travelled in Europe a lot in search for Amazons to find them in... the Ukrainian
Carpathians! They exercise hand-to-hand fighting, wear Ukrainian national costumes which sometimes feature J. Timoshenko's portrait.
1 Cult Bomb Shelter In Moscow

Cult Bomb Shelter In Moscow

This bomb shelter in Moscow has been closed and opened a bunch of times. They say it hosted different
events attended by bigwigs... Today, they want to weld it to reopen it again some time later.
12 On Top Of The Bridge To Russky Island In Vladivostok

On Top Of The Bridge To Russky Island In Vladivostok

The elevator will bring you on top of the Bridge to Russky Island which is currently under construction in Vladivostok in 5 minutes. Its
pylons have reached their record-breaking height of 324 m above sea level! So, let's go up and see what's going on over there!
11 Former Orphans Who Are Happy Now

Former Orphans Who Are Happy Now

Looking at beautiful and happy faces of the kids it is difficult to believe that they used
to live at orphanages once. Now they are adopted and have families of their own.
11 Womens Battalions Of Death

Womens Battalions Of Death

Russian women’s battalions could not be left unnoticed by the world. Journalists (such as Bessie Beatty, Rita Dorr
and Louise Bryant from America) would interview the women and photograph them to later publish a book.
6 Toy Moscow

Toy Moscow

The photographs below were taken in Moscow from
summer, 2011 till March, 2012. Check them out!
15 Dangerous Online Dating

Dangerous Online Dating

The photos of women who are looking for their love
on the net are presented on a Russian dating site.
9 Development Of Soviet Railway Transport

Development Of Soviet Railway Transport

We want to take you to Varshavsky Rail Terminal or Warsaw Rail Terminal, a former passenger
train station in Saint Petersburg, which now serves as the Museum of Railway Machinery.
8 The Crimea Of 1958

The Crimea Of 1958

Howard Sochurek, a photographer for Life magazine, travelled a lot throughout the Soviet Union in the 1950s leaving
after himself an impressive collection of photographs. We want to show you those he took in the Crimea in 1958.