35 Soviet Cars For Export

Soviet Cars For Export

It's hard to believe but a lot of cars in the Soviet Union were produced for export. Thus, the Moskvich-412 was rather popular in East Europe including England and Germany. There was no point in advertising automobiles for the Soviet people because
there were serious deficiencies in them in the country. That is why most of the advertisements were aimed at the foreign buyer. Check out the photo collection and note that many of the inscriptions are made in the Roman alphabet.
2 Super Riding On A Crane

Super Riding On A Crane

Do you like having fun riding on a carousel? This ride on a 32-ton building tower crane at
the Federation Tower construction site is even better! Check out the photos!
2 The MKS-5000 Opening At Vyksa Metallurgical Plant

The MKS-5000 Opening At Vyksa Metallurgical Plant

This time we'll show you Vyksa Metallurgical Plant (VMP) which is located in the city of Vyksa in the Nyzhniy Novgorod Region. Founded in 1757, it is the most powerful
pipe and train wheel producer in Russia. The main event of the recent days became the opening of the new 'Stan-5000' metallurgical complex (or 'MKS-5000').
8 Museum Of Water In St. Petersburg

Museum Of Water In St. Petersburg

If you happen to ever visit St. Petersburg, make sure you'll have time to go to the Museum of Water! In this this article, we're going to show you
the main exposition, the history of the water supply system and the sewerage system and 'Underground St. Petersburg'. So, let's begin!
3 One Cave Dweller

One Cave Dweller

When in 2003, Victor Lyagushin, a certified set designer, took an underwater camera in his hands, he didn't know that caves would become
the passion of his life. In the picture there is a cave named after Vorsonofeva. It used to be a lake many years ago.
39 The Sukhoi Aircrafts Photo Collection

The Sukhoi Aircrafts Photo Collection

We have told you about the Sukhoi Su-35 in one of our previous articles, but now we want to show you some more
of the Sukhoi aircrafts because these planes are really worth seeing! Check out the photo collection:
8 Close View of Kamchatka Foxes

Close View of Kamchatka Foxes

In November, they held a a wild nature photographer festival in Montier-en-Der, France. This is a photo
collection 'Foxes of Kamchatka' presented by Russian photographer-animalist Sergey Gorshkov.
5 Private Moon Project

Private Moon Project

Russian artists Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov created a fantastic world illuminated with the moonlight where they tried to convey relations between the man and the
Moon. This is a romantic story about a man who met the Moon and decided to stay with it forever. They named the installation 'Private Moon'. Check out the photos.
3 Cable Stayed Bridge In Vladivostok

Cable Stayed Bridge In Vladivostok

Let's go and check how the construction of the
bridge in Zolotoy Rog Bay in Vladivostok is going.
32 Perfect Transport For Russian Wide Spaces

Perfect Transport For Russian Wide Spaces

'The Dmitrievskogo aerosledge.' After The Civil War, the country was left in ruins. Industry, system of education were almost completely destroyed. So, Vladimir Lenin announced the beginning of the New Economic Policy (NEP) which
was supposed to restore the Russian economics. Among those which participated in NEP, were various defence-sports and technical associations which played an important role in cross-country vehicle development.

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