0 Theatrical Scenery In Miniature

Theatrical Scenery In Miniature

Spectators admiring a play don’t think about how much work it takes to stage it. It is a highly laborious work to design and create costumes, accessories,
scenery… Irina Kuts is a production designer of a drama theater in Sevastopol who along with theatrical scenery creates their miniature copies.
10 News From Russian Roads, Part 53

News From Russian Roads, Part 53

Look at the car that has been found at a parking lot in Kiev. Its owner must
be against any comfort and has only the most essential things in his car.
13 Abandoned Childrens Hospital

Abandoned Childrens Hospital

Once upon a time, there was a clinical hospital with a children’s department that was built in the Stalin-era. It was massive and solid and featured numerous staircases, elevators, spacious attics, fanciful basements and a
few built-in anti-radiation shelters. One day someone closed the hospital for reconstruction and took out its equipment and furniture. Then something went wrong and the building became abandoned...
16 World Without People

World Without People

The town of Kadykchan on Chukotka was inhabited by 7 000 people who worked at coal mines. Then 6 people died in an accident that occurred at one of the mines. The mines were closed and
people moved to other cities and towns. Their houses were burnt off  to prevent the people from coming back. Today the town is inhabited by one old man who has 2 dogs.
8 How To Add Some Living Space To Your Apartment

How To Add Some Living Space To Your Apartment

Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan can be righteously called the city of balconies because balconies allow its people to add some living space to their apartments. It
looks like the floor of the apartment doesn't matter for them and construction works will continue until there are pipes for sale in the city.
12 Nightmare Of a Military Man In The Country

Nightmare Of a Military Man In The Country

We want to take you to the village of Mulino, the Nizhniy Novgorod Region, to see what the life of its penal battalion that consists of war criminals is and
how their military service goes on. Mulino is a large presidio which civil population is represented by retired servicemen and their families.
5 Teeny-Weeny Cold Steel

Teeny-Weeny Cold Steel

We've told you about people whose hobby is to make mini cold weapons. Today we want to present
works by Vasily Knyazhin who must be extremely patient and skillful to create this...
4 Retro Cars From Private Collections In Autovill

Retro Cars From Private Collections In Autovill

Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe, 1949. Autovill is a museum featuring automobiles from private collections only. It is the only museum that has no
fences so visitors could touch and sit in each car they want. You will find no clunkers here. All cars are restored and well-polished.
7 Kubinka Today

Kubinka Today

March, 22nd was Kubinka's open day. Kubinka is an air base located 5 km northwest of the
city of Kubinka, the Moscow Region. Check out the photographs of the event.
57 Georgian Special Police Squad In Action

Georgian Special Police Squad In Action

Taken in 2011, these photographes haven't been released before.
Take a look at a Georgian special police squad in action.