24 Missile Complex Yars In Operation

Missile Complex Yars In Operation

Today we are going introduce the ground mobile missile complex (PGRK) 'Yars' to
you. You'll see it in operation, so it's going to be interesting. Check out!
16 Soviet Actresses Now And Then

Soviet Actresses Now And Then

In Soviet Union, there were a lot of actresses whom all the women of the
country adored and wanted to be like. Let's look at them now.
6 Get Rid Of Old Junk!

Get Rid Of Old Junk!

One of the distribution networks in Russia that sell different household appliances and electronics, offered to accept their customer's old equipment that they didn't need
anymore. It was a wise marketing step to help its customers get rid of the old junk. So, this is a photo set of how they utilize and recycle it.  
53 The Man of My Dream

The Man of My Dream

There is a huge number of single ladies in Novgorod and each of them dreams of a perfect man. So, these are their stories: In the picture: Alisa Marushchak, 20. 'There are almost no men here. In the class where I studied, there were 25 girls and just 5 boys. Then I entered the university where I met a guy from Zimbabwe. We were going to get married. I even got a ticket to Zimbabwe but a war started there so I didn't go.' In the sketch there is
Alisa's ideal man. Age 27-33. It should be a man of character. A perfect scenario would be if we took a Russian man and added some character traits of an American. She thinks that Russian men are spoiled and do not appreciate the beauty of Russian girls. Besides, they demand too much. A wife should look good, take care of children, go to work and do housekeeping. What do women get in return? Nothing.
13 The Train Of Emperor Nicholas II

The Train Of Emperor Nicholas II

The train was built in 1894 - 1896. It had been reconstructed many times and by 1902 it consisted of 10 cars. Some of them were intended for the Emperor, his family and suite. A
kitchen, a luggage compartment and a compartment for servants were located in the other cars. Later, they added one more car to the train and it was used as a church.
54 What They Were Supposed To Sell In The USSR

What They Were Supposed To Sell In The USSR

This collection of boringly looking tomes was published in 1956-1961. They were intended for sales workers to learn about peculiarities of this and that product. There, you could find information almost about
anything, from ingredients of the 'Doctorskaya' boiled sausage to kinds of diamond cuts. So, looking at these tomes, you might come to think that in the USSR they had no food deficit at all.
7 Bird Eye View Of Novosibirsk

Bird Eye View Of Novosibirsk

Enjoy these beautiful photos of Novosibirsk taken from a helicopter in 2011. Its population is 1.5 million people which makes it the third most populated
city in Russia. It is located on the Ob River. Novosibirsk is also an important cultural, business, transport and scientific center of Siberia.
5 Soft Drinks Production In Minsk

Soft Drinks Production In Minsk

Have you ever wondered how they make products which you eat every day? This time we're going to take
you to the Minsk Soft Drinks Factory which produces juices, sodas and other soft drinks.
25 Soviet Nivas For America

Soviet Nivas For America

It looks like America likes old Soviet cars and thinks them to be retro. Look at this Lada Niva 4x4 with a 1981 4-cylinder Fiat Spider
engine, for example. This 'Made in USSR' SUV was put up for e-bay auction for 6 thousand grands! An the price may go up!
5 The 23 Highest Paid Ukrainian Soccer Players

The 23 Highest Paid Ukrainian Soccer Players

Ukrainian soccer has its traditions. One of them is to keep financial details in secret. This also concerns plaeyrs' profits. Eurpean footbal clubs don't hide this information from public. For example Madrid Real and Manchester United show all the details about thier profits, costs and players' salaries on the official websites. Experts explain this situation as following: Clubs'
managers and owners want to reduce their tax payments, so they don't show their profits in public. So to evaluate players' salaries is very hard. And here comes an approximate evaluation. You should note that the figures shown below are not fixed in the players' contracts. This is just information given by experts, agents, trainers and players.

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