1 Subway Construction In Almaty

Subway Construction In Almaty

In 1978 the Soviet authorities approved the general plan of the city of Almaty indicating the first subway line. In 1980 the Soviet Government signed a decree that ordered to start the construction of a
subway in Almaty. The actual construction started in 1988 and was paid by the Soviet budget while Kazakhstan incurred only indirect expenditures. Let us see how the process is being developed today.
11 What Interesting You Can Find In Andijan, Uzbekistan

What Interesting You Can Find In Andijan, Uzbekistan

Andijan with a population of about 323,900 people is the fourth-largest city in Uzbekistan and the capital of the Andijan
Province. It is located in the east of the country, near the border with Kyrgyzstan on the Andijan-Say River.
5 Ant Tales By Andrey Pavlov

Ant Tales By Andrey Pavlov

Those are real ants photographed by Andrey Pavlov. The ants in his photographs
behave either naturally or follow the photographer's instructions.
25 The Bunker Of Hitler in April 1945

The Bunker Of Hitler in April 1945

In April 1945 the Red Army conducted severe battles in the streets of Berlin conquering the capital of Reich meter by meter. It was obvious who will win the war in Europe. Soon after the siege that lasted 2
weeks was raised, 33-years-old photographer of LIFE magazine William Vandivert arrived to Berlin. We present his photos of Hitler's bunker and destroyed Berlin that have never been published before.
13 Specially For the Pancake Week

Specially For the Pancake Week

This year's pancake week is at its height and we want to tell you about a young
entrepreneur whose name is Yermek and who has a small pancake business.
6 Exploring Abandoned Hospitals

Exploring Abandoned Hospitals

Let's start our tour of abandoned hospitals with this
clinic which has become abandoned not very long ago.
3 Winter Sights Of Kazan

Winter Sights Of Kazan

Welcome to Kazan, a city
in Tatarstan Republic.
18 ORSIS Armory Manufacture

ORSIS Armory Manufacture

Let us show you how they
manufacture ORSIS rifles.
5 Pure Water Factory

Pure Water Factory

We all know that you cannot drink water as it is. You should at least boil it or use a filter. However, boiling kills bacteria but does not remove
hazardous admixtures and metals water may contain. So, let us show you how they purify water to sell it in stores or for coolers.
15 The 467th Training Center

The 467th Training Center

Founded in 1942, this 467th Training Center prepares specialists for land forces in more than 39 professions.
About 6,500 students study here at the same time with over 2,000 teachers and instructors employed.

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