0 Russian History Made of Sand

Russian History Made of Sand

In the museum-reserve Kolomenskoye there opened an exhibition of sand sculptures called "The Great
History of Russia". There are about 15 sculptures there but it's worth visiting anyway.

1 Do It For Your Soul

Do It For Your Soul

Each new thing is a little victory of a man over nature. Already primitive men learnt to turn stone, wood and bones into weapons helping to fight enemies, hunt, cook food. And
then people started creating things just for soul. We are going to tell about two masters who create things not similar to each other but united by aesthetic beauty.
1 In the Chrome Labyrinths

In the Chrome Labyrinths

Chromite ore is the main raw material for obtaining chrome. It was extracted in the 1930s when Russian industry needed alloy steels. After the
deposit depletion the pit was abandoned. Deep at night, when normal people already sleep, some guys decided to visit this place.
8 The Gipsy Capital of the World?

The Gipsy Capital of the World?

In Moldavia there is an interesting city called Soroki. The city is right on the boarder with Ukraine. Today we'll speak about a Gipsy phenomenon connected with this place. The Gipsy block located here on the high bank impresses most tourists who come here only to look at the settled
Gipsy mode of life. Many people believe that Gipsies are often ill-dressed, bothering people in the streets, living in Gipsy bands or at stations. But they do have houses! And what houses they have! In the ordinary provincial Moldavian city they simply delight!

4 Putting Space Maps Aside

Putting Space Maps Aside

The first cosmonauts of the USSR (Yuri Gagarin, Alexey Leonov, Boris
Volynov, Victor Gorbatko) having rest in Dolgoprudny in August 19th, 1963.

17 For Those Who Like St. Petersburg

For Those Who Like St. Petersburg

Check out a collection of old photographs of St. Petersburg. Many of them are dated the
beginning of the XX century. Everyone who's been in the city should like them.

3 One Atmospheric School

One Atmospheric School

"Please let me in, I'll walk along the corridors and enter
some classroom to share your sorrow for the last time..."
10 Opening the Strikeball Season

Opening the Strikeball Season

The guys have opened the strikeball season at the training
polygon near Lviv. Check out some photos of the event.
4 Specifics of National Brewing

Specifics of National Brewing

This is the Moscow Brewing Company that produces
so popular in Russia beer "Zhigulevskoye".
13 Guests In Pripyat

Guests In Pripyat

Another outing to
notorious Pripyat.

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