5 Samoyed Dogs, Our Best Friends

Samoyed Dogs, Our Best Friends

The white Samoyed dog which resembles both a white bear and a wolf, appeared in
Siberia many centuries ago to become a good friend to nomadic Samoyede people.
20 Zhuravlyonok, An Abandoned Summer Camp

Zhuravlyonok, An Abandoned Summer Camp

Check out photos of this children's summer camp with a cute name 'Zhuravlyonok' meaning 'baby
crane' in English, which, unfortunately, will never experience children's laughter again.
5 Chiryurtskaya Hydropower Plant Today

Chiryurtskaya Hydropower Plant Today

The other day, we told you about the history of Chiryurtskaya HPP located on the
Sulak River, Dagestan, and now it's time to see what it is like today.
27 Life In Russia By A. Petrosian, Part 2

Life In Russia By A. Petrosian, Part 2

This is another photo collection by Alexander Petrosian picturing life as he
sees it in Russia. For more photos by A. Petrosian, go here and here.
2 Views of Kiev At Night

Views of Kiev At Night

Today, we want to show how beautiful Kiev
at night is. Check out the photos.
3 Show Me Your Day! Part II

Show Me Your Day! Part II

Some more people are
presenting their days at
mysampleday.com. And while you still don't dare to describe yours, look how others live. Read more...
8 Neighbour of the President

Neighbour of the President

A few people know that just a few meters from the Kremlin near the Sofia Embarkment and behind the pompous buildings of the Russian Oil Giant, is a privately owned house. The house belongs to a one Mr. Victor Anatolevich Rozanov. One of Moscow's central home owners and the direct neighbour of the Kremlin.
Victor, a Professor with the Institute named after Baumann, is a 73 year old man who has lived in this house with his family since birth. He currently lives there with his wife. He briefly talks about his home, the history that sorrounds it, its odds among other twists and turns.
26 Introducing Ground-Mobile Missile Complex Yars

Introducing Ground-Mobile Missile Complex Yars

This ground-mobile missile complex Yars has an explosive power of 150 kilotons to 300 kilotons and
is equipped with newest devices which make it indestructible for any potential enemy.
22 Top 10 Things To Do In Lvov

Top 10 Things To Do In Lvov

Lvov- is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine with a historical part that is comparable to an open air museum. No wonder the Ministry of Culture and Tourism gave the city the title of the Cultural Capital of Ukraine. The historical center is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is not surprising that the
city has the largest number of monuments in Ukraine, counting from the sublime "Royal City" to the strange "Bandershtadt". It is a wonderful city where anyone can find something interesting for himself. Here are a few things one must do or take part in when visiting Lvov - The City of Lions.
22 History And Cosmonautics Museum

History And Cosmonautics Museum

Military Academy of Strategic Rocket Forces located in Moscow is one of the best institutes of higher military and
technical education and a large research institute in Russia. Today, its museum opened its doors, so let's go in!

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