0 Non-Mysterious Underground of Serpukhov

Non-Mysterious Underground of Serpukhov

This time we will go down to the mysterious underground of Serpukhov, the Moscow region. The bomb shelter is rather odd: starting from its exposure to a blast wave (all rules of protective shelters embedding are violated) and finishing with its poor condition (it's abandoned and
flooded) and bad planning. For some unknown reason it was built from two not interconnected parts. Each block has its own entry and its emergency exit. There are a DPS and a filtration unit in one block and another filtration unit in the second one.
11 Museum Drugstore In Lviv

Museum Drugstore In Lviv

Museum-drugstore is very cosy. And the building it's located in is rather interesting. What you can see here are various
pharmaceutic bottles, devices for making medicines... And you can definitely feel special atmosphere of the place.
1 One Flight Over Moscow

One Flight Over Moscow

Some wonderful photos taken during
the flight over Moscow in 2010.
6 It Has Been Raining In Vladivostok

It Has Been Raining In Vladivostok

Russian roads and Russian weather. This time we'll pay attention
to the absence of stormwater drainages in Vladivostok...
5 Garrison And Airfield Where Time Stopped Long Ago

Garrison And Airfield Where Time Stopped Long Ago

A short photo story of Garrison Pristan (Dock) and
an airfield in Primorye abandoned long ago...
18 Victory Parade Rehearsal On Red Square

Victory Parade Rehearsal On Red Square

The traditional rehearsal of the Victory
parade on Red Square in Moscow.
2 Production of Chemical Weed And Pest Killers

Production of Chemical Weed And Pest Killers

Check out the industrial photoshoot for the
company "Agro Expert Group" in Volgograd.
4 The Grand Far Eastern Bridge

The Grand Far Eastern Bridge

Recently they've finished the construction of the bridge to Russkiy Island and we've covered the most
interesting facts about it. Let's see some more pictures of the wonderful object in the Russian Far East.
2 Making Anti-Shark Nets

Making Anti-Shark Nets

Tavrichanskaya net knitting factory produces obstructing anti-shark nets. By the middle of June
the special equipment will appear on 10 most popular beaches of the Khasansky district.
13 If You Work In the Space-Rocket Sphere

If You Work In the Space-Rocket Sphere

Research Institute-4 or military unit 25840 is located 25 km from the Moscow Kremlin in Yubileiny, the Moscow region. Once here was a flight control centre from where they were watching the flights of the first Earth satellites and the flight of Yuri Gagarin. The flight control centre was moved not far, to Korolev, and in the 1960s the instituted started performing other tasks: mainly at requests of strategic rocket forces. In fact all the
city Yubileiny was built to provide the employees of this institute. In the 1990s it lost its status of "a close military city" and military men started to occupy empty laboratory buildings of the institute. Let's see how officers' families live. Journalists, bloggers, press office of RF Ministry of Defense do not come here and do not show how live those who work for the Russian space-rocket field.

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