6 Abkhazia. Mysterious country

Abkhazia. Mysterious country

Many countries recognize Abkhazia only partially. It is when there is a border, and the area where people live, there is the government and the police. But there are no maps on the navigator. Even the "Russian" maps. navigator sees Abkhazia on the map of
Georgia. So it turns out that the country is there, but it is not. But I can see mountains, countless cops under each bush (a bush is full of growing tangerines) and convincing me that no one can objectively see, touch, and taste  will not work.

2 Caucasus Black Sea coast in 1983

Caucasus Black Sea coast in 1983

  A set of cards released by the Ministry of Communications of the USSR in 1983 is dedicated to the region that used to have a generalized "resort" name at the time – the Caucasus Black Sea coast. Towns, villages and resorts from Anapa to Batumi administratively related to different areas, regions and republics, but for holidaymakers it was just the Black Sea coast. Visitors were both those who went "to the seaside" after getting a "whatever they had" ticket and those who traveled exclusively to the Caucasian coast. There were, of course, the adherents of the Crimea as well. These two regions replaced Turkey and
Egypt for Soviet citizens (unfortunately, there was no alternative to Thailand in the USSR, and our fellow citizens discovered the delights of winter beach holiday only in the 90th). Apart from vacations in the Crimea and the Caucasus, there was "the land of evergreen tomatoes" – Baltics with Jurmala. There will be more publications about the Crimea and the Baltic states, but now, to celebrate the beginning of summer, please welcome the postcards of the Caucasian Black Sea coast. Notes are original. Photos by V. Panov 1. View of the Cape Pitsunda (photo by R. Ozersky)
2 Most Unusual Buses of the Soviet Time

Most Unusual Buses of the Soviet Time

We have become used to thinking about buses as ordinary iron bodies with seats, but some models can be quite curious. These hit the roads during Soviet times, and this type of ride was probably never boring. Let us begin with the
model whose driver sat on the second floor - NAMI-0159, 1972 (in the image above). The bus had three axles and a gasoline V8 engine. It was 30% more spacious than an ordinary bus, but was not produced in quantity.

15 Bright Moments in Life of USSR People

Bright Moments in Life of USSR People

Some call those photos propaganda, some are being nostalgic and think this was the best of what happened to Russia and her people ever. Those photos are very bright and show a really bright side of life in the state
which disappeared long ago. There are no actors in the photos, no models, just people caught having a good time. Take a look at this really interesting set of photos. First photo above is Crimea in 1963.

5 Cool Cakes from Russian Boxing Champ

Cool Cakes from Russian Boxing Champ

Renat Agzamov is interesting person - once a Russia boxing champion, he later became a champion again - now in the cake baking Russia national competition. He says he baked his first cake when he was 7 years old and since then it became a passion for life.
He went to Sochi Culinary College and throughout his career baked over 2700 mostly wedding cakes! Like this one below which is a real world scale 17 inch tire. Let's see some more pieces he made and meet the boxer-baker himself:

4 Moscow 1963 Photographed by Burt Glinn

Moscow 1963 Photographed by Burt Glinn

Burton Samuel Glinn was an American professional photographer who worked with Magnum Photos. He covered many significant
historic moments, including those he made in the USSR in 1963. You may see these pictures right now inside this post.

3 The Center of the Russian Khokhloma Art

The Center of the Russian Khokhloma Art

Khokhloma painting as a traditional art handicraft appeared in the seventeeth century in the Nizhny Novgorod province to be named after the big tradeful village Khokhloma that
receive many wooden products for sale. Khokhloma utensils were initially made only in monasteries for the royalty. But such beauty was doomed to spread much further.

9 Russian Olympic Prize Winners Get Mercedes Cars

Russian Olympic Prize Winners Get Mercedes Cars

At the Sochi Olympics Russia won 33 medals and our sportsmen and women were given 45 new "Mercedes" cars. Each car had the name of its owner on it. "Golden" champions got keys for off-road GL class cars, whose
price starts from 160,5 thousand dollars, winners of silver medals got ML class cars (93 thousand dollars), and winners of bronze medals were given cars of the GLK class (65,1 thousand dollars).
3 Love Story of Olympic Heroes: Vic And Alena

Love Story of Olympic Heroes: Vic And Alena

She came to their first date with her torn knee ligaments, and he came to Novosibirsk from remote America to give her a
bar of Russian chocolate "Alenka". Their love story has already touched hearts of millions of sports fans.

3 Hello From the Olympic Village

Hello From the Olympic Village

Most of those who eagerly wanted to visit Sochi during the Olympic Games did their best to obtain tickets in
advance. But did you have any chance to see any competitions if you came in the midst of the Olympics?

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