7 BTR 82 – an Upgraded Soviet Machine

BTR 82 – an Upgraded Soviet Machine

Here are a few photos of BTR-82, a vehicle that comes from the Soviet army but got over 1,000 changes over the past four years, so now instead of BTR-80 it is called BTR-82 and this is what changed, upgraded synthetic armor on the inside, anti-mine mats, the seats are placed on
suspension to counter explosion effects, improved stability and safety of the crew and vehicle, improved thermal and sound proofing of the inner part of the vehicle. Those vehicles now can reach up to 100 km/h on a highway or 9 km/h in waters (they are amphibious).
3 Something in the Skies

Something in the Skies

Guys from Perm region (in Ural region) were preparing to get some evening smoke outside and then saw this. They couldn't figure out what is it and why is it in their skies. Then the calls started saying "Have you seen that?". Actually, of course, it might be just a regular launch
of TOPOL-M ballistic missile from some hidden Ural launch site, but guys are pretty sure that those are aliens. "They film us back too, I am pretty damn sure!", says one of them. Anyways, the show is pretty nice  whether this is a UFO or a man made missile.

5 Cool Cakes from Russian Boxing Champ

Cool Cakes from Russian Boxing Champ

Renat Agzamov is interesting person - once a Russia boxing champion, he later became a champion again - now in the cake baking Russia national competition. He says he baked his first cake when he was 7 years old and since then it became a passion for life.
He went to Sochi Culinary College and throughout his career baked over 2700 mostly wedding cakes! Like this one below which is a real world scale 17 inch tire. Let's see some more pieces he made and meet the boxer-baker himself:
16 Blogger Goes thru Devastated Ukrainian Village

Blogger Goes thru Devastated Ukrainian Village

A blogger girl, Medvedova, goes thru the devastated Ukrainian village filming it with her cell phone camera. She is really distressed by what she sees: there
was a school, there was a club, not a single house left without having the signs of shelling on it. Her other friend is shocked too. See yourself.

5 MI-14 Russian Amphibious Helicopter that Could Carry Nuclear Bombs

MI-14 Russian Amphibious Helicopter that Could Carry Nuclear Bombs

Previously I even didn't know that such thing as amphibious helicopter exist at all. However, it seems that there is and a great example of this is a Russian (Soviet) amphibious helicopter MI-14 which could land on water, carry deep sea bombs and torpedoes and was used to hunt submarines. They say it was so powerful that in 1990s after USSR collapse America has
pressed Yeltsin administration to take this helicopter of production in Russia as it was a real danger to the NATO navy and so they stopped the production. However it has been announced that now the production of this machine is being resumed again, some twenty years after. So lets read on and see what this wonder aircraft was all about?
2 Cat in Russia Rings a Door Bell to Get Back Home

Cat in Russia Rings a Door Bell to Get Back Home

A family in Russia had a cat that was allowed to walk by itself outside of their apartment building and get back home whenever it wanted. Thus being said, the can never failed to come back and waited in the lobby near the apartment door while somebody would notice its presence there. Sometimes the passing by neighbors rang the door bell to let the cat owners
know their pet is here. However, starting from some weeks ago they started noticing that the bell rings when the cat arrives, however there is no a trace of neighbors around. At first they didn't pay much attention to this fact, however later decided to place a camera and see how does this happen? This is what the camera revealed...

11 Boomerang: Heavily Armed Armored Vehicle

Boomerang: Heavily Armed Armored Vehicle

Another interesting armored vehicle that participated in the Victory parade on Red Square called "Boomerang". The vehicle created by the Tula design bureau has an
integrated combat module, a 30 mm weapon with 500 cartriges, a grenade machine gun and missiles "Cornet" - fire range of "Boomerang" is up to 10 000 m.

1 In the Camp of Rescuers

In the Camp of Rescuers

The Tomsk region is having a harsh flood season now so its people need help from outside. The other day the camp of rescuers was set up there - 100 people and 27 vehicles including floating crafts. The mobile camp is located on the dry site in Anikino village with a good
vehicle access. They have everything they need there for comfortable and efficient work. When no emergency situations happen they practice their skills of working with life-saving and survival equipment until their actions become second nature.
16 Solid Gold AK-47 Lost in Taxi

Solid Gold AK-47 Lost in Taxi

A taxi cab company from St. Petersburg is in search of a customer who owns a solid gold AK-47 in a special slim case that was left behind in one of the company's cabs this week. The customer reportedly was
in rush and left the case behind. The company driver surrendered the case to management and they, after a few days of waiting, decided to publish the photos in the hope to find the client.
2 Guy Drives Vehicle Away From the Shopping Center

Guy Drives Vehicle Away From the Shopping Center

The incident happened in a shopping center of Minsk, Belarus. The guy sat on the toy car and drove it away in working hours, quite surprisingly nobody even tried to stop "the
cheeky thief". Probably the theft was not even planned and the guy didn't have particular plans for the new toy. Who knows - maybe he gave it to some child...

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