19 Russian Parade Vehicles, Fully Uncovered Now

Russian Parade Vehicles, Fully Uncovered Now

The day before yesterday we showed you the parade military equipment on Moscow streets, but some elements of the vehicles were
shrouded. Today we have a chance to show you the same equipment fully uncovered in order you could see it in detail.

7 Moscow In 1944

Moscow In 1944

In 1944 the Soviet Union already lifted in spirits, the Red Army cleared almost all the Soviet territory of the enemy's presence except the west of Latvia. The capital started to live peacefully again: night restaurants were opened, different solemn events were held, eighty bronze sculptures preveously evacuated to Central
Asia, returned to the Moscow subway. Over a million of Soviet citizens were awarded with a medal "For Defence of Moscow". New schools and institutes were opening in the city, new subway stations were being built. One of the brightest events in 1944 was the march of German soldiers captured in Belorussia.

2 Getting Under the Ice of Baikal at -20C

Getting Under the Ice of Baikal at -20C

Photographer Andrey Nekrasov, 42, has made a long trip from his native Odessa, Ukraine thru Ulan-Ude to Baikal to dive under the ice of the world deepest lake at ambient temperature -20C. These images were photographed
on April 27, 2015 on Baikal lake that has five times more water than the five Great Lakes of North America all together do. Andrey managed to get into the cubic ice cave and take amazing photos there.

10 Parade Vehicles on Moscow Streets

Parade Vehicles on Moscow Streets

The annual military parade is an occasion to show the best military vehicles and equipment the country can use if
attacked by an enemy. These pictures were taken on Moscow streets that will be the parade route on May, 9.

18 Pipes to Supply Cold Water to People

Pipes to Supply Cold Water to People

I remember a day when plumbers were changing cold water pipes in our apartment building in Russia. They were called in because the water was barely sipping from taps and it lasted for pretty long while and when it almost stopped running at all they were called in. When they cut off the old pipes they showed us what was inside and it still stays
in my memory.   The pipe was fully stuffed by some totally unpleasant looking something with a thin thin small hole in the middle. Looks like in the past few years nothing much changed as here are some pipe samples posted by various Russian plumbers across variety of Russian websites which were compiled in this post.

54 Ukrainian Defeat in Debaltsevo

Ukrainian Defeat in Debaltsevo

The Ukrainian forces have been driven out from Debaltsevo (Donetsk region of Ukraine), the scene of
recent battles. You can see how Debaltsevo looks like today without the Ukrainian army.
4 Pencil Drawings of Aircraft By An Amateur Artist

Pencil Drawings of Aircraft By An Amateur Artist

Here are many photos of different air shows dedicated to the 70th anniversary.  Victory in the WWII widely is celebrated in Russia. There are also images from aircraft museums - both abandoned and not.
But that's the stuff you've often seen here. This time we going to show you some great pencil drawings by an amateur artist who calls himself GrafDeWolfGun. Please, click for big images.

1 How an Air Show Is Arranged

How an Air Show Is Arranged

On April 25 in Saint Petersburg an aerobatic team "Russian Knights" took part in the air show to support the action "Military Contract Service for the Russian Armed Forces is your choice". Thousands of people have come to see
the show over the Gulf of Finland. Such a spectacle is the result of very hard professional work of pilots, engineers, technicians, servicemen. Here you can see how they were working before and after the show.
9 Russian Women Crossing Roads

Russian Women Crossing Roads

A few videos combined in this compilation of Russian women, girls
and grannies misbehaving while crossing the roads.  

3 Dense Traffic In the Moscow Sky

Dense Traffic In the Moscow Sky

Blogger Marina Lystseva aka fotografersha has shared some cool pictures she took on the ground of Alabino in the Moscow
region where the rehearsal of the parade dedicated to the victory in WWII was held. Many aircraft participate.

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