3 New Modifications to the Su 27 Fighter

New Modifications to the Su 27 Fighter

Su-27SM2/SM3 is a Russian multi-mission jet fighter of generation 4+, deeply modernized model of fighter Su-27. Su-27SM(3) when dealing with air
targets is almost twice more efficient than Su-27S (its predecessor), and tree times more efficient when it deals with ground targets.
1 Just Some Pieces of Video Awesomness

Just Some Pieces of Video Awesomness

One man was filling holes in his shed with expanding foam, but one of the packs didn't open because its nozzle was broken and did not fully empty. His neighbour,
the guy with three diplomas of higher education, decided to help him and withdraw the remains.. He even put the pack into the previously made hollow... 
3 Husky Dogs: True Friends And Avid Travellers

Husky Dogs: True Friends And Avid Travellers

A Husky is a very photogenic dog, it looks perfect almost on any background. This is why Vladimir Polyanskiy, the happy owner of three husky dogs from Kirovsk, Russia, likes to photograph them so much. Vladimir has a cross-country vehicle and often goes to beautiful places together with his pets named Alaska, Metel and Shasta. Usually he is accompanied by other husky owners. Vladimir says that husky is
the only breed of dogs that may travel up to 500 km every weekend to see something new. They never get sick on their way just like any avid travellers. Weekdays for the huskies are full of expectations of another trip that's going to happen rather soon. These beautiful dogs share the mode of life of their owners who can't imagine their adventures without furry friends.

2 Amazing Caves of the Abandoned Carnallite Mine

Amazing Caves of the Abandoned Carnallite Mine

This abandoned salt cave located in the Perm region is unique and utterly interesting. Its walls are covered with psychedelic patterns "painted" with layers of carnallite - the mineral used for production of fertilizers. Normally it is yellow, white or reddish, but sometimes it can be blue or even colorless.
Some carnallite mines are still functioning there, but most of the tunnels are closed and one may get inside only if he has a permit from the authorities. These very pictures were taken by a photographer Mikhail Mishainik, 29, who spent more than twenty hours in the amazing cave.

1 Toropets: the Small City of Churches

Toropets: the Small City of Churches

Perhaps Toropets with its "symphony of churches" remains one of the most beautiful small cities of Russia. Only one third of them have been preserved up to date since the pre-revolutionary time, so we can imagine how beautiful the city used to be then. The city was founded in 1074, so
it's one of the oldest in the country. By the way, Toropets is not so far from Moscow - only 400 km away, so maybe you'll have a chance to visit it. Blogger petrushanov with friends went even further and used a hexacopter for taking photos of Toropets from the height.

3 Newly Painted Crosswalk on Red Square

Newly Painted Crosswalk on Red Square

Yes, it's Red Square in Moscow and it really has a crosswalk newly painted by robots specially created for housing and utility works. That's the main difference between people and robots - the first ones will probably have any doubts if they REALLY should do something
like this. But robots will do everything required by the command. They get provided with brooms, shovels, pails full of paint and do the job. By the way, Red Square is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and the authorities have to preserve its image.

10 An Abandoned Naval Base in the Crimea

An Abandoned Naval Base in the Crimea

In the times of the Soviet Union it was a super secret naval base, but when the Crimea came under control of Ukraine it was destroyed and plundered. The base was located near Mirny settlement being one of the objects of the Black Sea Fleet. The garrison of the base had a regiment of amphibious aircrafts Be-12 and a
separate anti-submarine helicopter regiment represented by different modifications of Ka-25 and Ka-27 helicopters. Those vehicles used to participate in months lasting ocean trips and military missions aboard cruisers "Moscow" and "Leningrad". Take a look at the base the way it is today.

0 The Mushroom Tunnel

The Mushroom Tunnel

Blogger kerrangjke has shared some pictures of an interesting place - the tunnel once used for growing mushrooms. Sacks
full of seeds, some equipment and remains of artificial lights are still there. This and more are inside the post.

2 Interesting Armenia: the Trip to The Tatev Monastery

Interesting Armenia: the Trip to The Tatev Monastery

We are going to join blogger panzicov on his trip to the Tatev monastery in Armenia built back in the ninth century. In the medieval ages it was a cultural and education center of the
region, today it's a cool attraction for those who come this country. The way from Yerevan (the capital of Armenia) to the monastery is long, but it's worth overcoming!

1 We Have a Nice Catch!

We Have a Nice Catch!

Winter fishing does not bring much in Egvekinot of Chukotka, Russia. But it does not upset locals because they may catch
crabs in winter! The process itself is rather entertaining. You can see it on the photos of blogger basov-chukotka.

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