6 Early Heavy Snowfalls in Omsk Russia

Early Heavy Snowfalls in Omsk Russia

While you all probably still enjoy relatively warm weather, in Omsk Russia people are struggling with
heavy snowfalls which stopped traffic all over the city. A collection of photos is inside:

5 Apapelgino: An Abandoned Aviation Village

Apapelgino: An Abandoned Aviation Village

Not all abandoned places are created equal. Some simply you can't resist by looking at or willing to go and explore yourself. This abandoned Russian aviator's village on Chukotka, called Apapelgino. It was a large village - with over 2,000 people living in it founded in 1939.
During the Soviet epoch it was very well maintained and needed. Then after USSR collapse it gradually ceased to exist and was totally abandoned in 2004. Thanks to cool Russian blogger Zzhitel we can now see how it looks now. And you won't be disappointed!

0 Russian Crab Growers

Russian Crab Growers

As Russian blogger and photographer Alexander says, this is the only Russian sea crab growing operation existing now. It is based in the Russian
far east and was organized by the Russian Fish and Ocean Institute. They grow crabs in the shallow waters, and this is how they do it:

0 Russian Soldiers Train to Fire Mortars

Russian Soldiers Train to Fire Mortars

Russian blogger Yaroslav  paid a visit to an army training facility where soldiers are being taught to use real life mortars. Basically it might seem to be easy task,  just pull a long cord and it shoots, however the full training program  takes over four month and soldiers fire them daily. Even while
not yet at the range Yaroslav has heard distant booms from mortars. "Aren't we late?" he asked his driver assigned by army "I hear them shooting already!", asked the blogger - "They always fire them here, don't worry", said the soldier behind the wheel. Let's see what he saw there!

2 Nostalgic Shots of Moscow from 1976

Nostalgic Shots of Moscow from 1976

Those photos are from Moscow back in  1976. People viewing these photos now say: "how nostalgic
those are! I can feel the warmth and comforting feel they make in me". Can you feel the same?

12 Abandoned Finnish Bread Bakery in Vyborg

Abandoned Finnish Bread Bakery in Vyborg

This bakery was build in Vyborg in 1930. At times this was a Finland town. It was built as a most advanced factory for
the time. You can see how large scale it was and how spooky it now staying completely abandoned in this posting.

1 Awesome Russian River Cruise Down Volga River this Fall

Awesome Russian River Cruise Down Volga River this Fall

In Russia there is one type of leisure that remains unchanged since 19th century. I am speaking about Russian river cruises. Especially the cruises down the Volga River, Russia's most famous river. The routine activity of such cruises stays unchanged for years - you just board a ship, and then eat sleep repeat while it goes down the river and
you can go off the boat to see the most famous Russian cities. Very popular among the foreigners and travelers too. So here, thanks to Russian blogger Russos we can see how it goes this September - when nature is already changing its colors before the winter and the air is often freezing especially in the mornings.

10 Russian Combat Robot Platforma M

Russian Combat Robot Platforma M

Marines of the Russian Pacific Navy have got new helpers, the newest Russian combat robots called "Platforma-M".  It just arrived for the army and was initially presented in 2013. Think of it as a mini tank that can spy on your enemies, kill them
with the onboard machine gun or shoot grenades from its four grenade launching tubes and you get an idea of this machine. Thanks to the awesome blogger Youri who went to the Navy base and took these photos so we can see it too!

5 Ukrainian Resort is Ready for Christmas

Ukrainian Resort is Ready for Christmas

Some of the Ukrainian resorts report that they already have snow and now more and more look like they just came out of a fairy tale. They
have a very Christmasy feel, even now, in early October! Take a look, there's just a few photos but they are very atmospheric.

13 Russian Newest BUK-M2E Missile

Russian Newest BUK-M2E Missile

If you were following the story of flight MH-17 shot down over Ukraine last year then you probably recall that one of the theories was that someone from either of the conflicting parties there used a Russian made BUK motorized anti aircraft missile. Like, there is a report that a recent investigation has been conducted and small pieces and traces of a BUK missile were found both in the plane debris and the passenger bodies. Anyways, the answer is
still to be determined, but here is a BUK missile self propelled truck with the newest generation of those missiles. Previously there were BUK-M1 missiles, which might be used in Ukraine, and which are called SA-11 in Nato. However this one is the next generation of this setup, called BUK-M2E or SA-17 Grizzly by Nato. Thanks to the cool Russian army blogger Igor K. who visited the exhibition we can see it in detail:

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