3 Welcome to the Minefield!

Welcome to the Minefield!

It is not quiet in the Lyskovskoy district of the Nizhny Novgorod region - loud explosions and growling of military equipment are heard continiously. It is neither a war, not a drill - it's future engineer
corps passing their exams. They show their knowledge in mine laying and firing, making antitank ditches, dealing with dobies, driving position plotters, multipurpose road machines and diggers.
25 Russian Army In European Capitals Throughout the History

Russian Army In European Capitals Throughout the History

Throughout the history of Russia its troops have reached the majority of European capitals. Thus, 255 years ago, on the early morning of the 28th of September, 1760, the troops of General Zakhar Chernyshov entered Berlin. The favourite of the Russian Tsarina Elizabeth, Count Shuvalov, dropped a phrase that shook all
of Europe: "It is impossible to get to Petersburg from Berlin, but quite possible - from Petersburg to Berlin". And, as history shows, the Count was right. There are few European capitals that were never reached by Russian soldiers. Moreover, some capitals were visited more than once.
3 Exciting Journey to the Offshore Platform For Arctic Oil Production

Exciting Journey to the Offshore Platform For Arctic Oil Production

In April an important event occured in the Russian Arctic - they dispatched the first arctic oil from the ice resistant platform "Prirazlomnaya". This platform is the only one used for offshore oil production in the Russian Arctic. It represents a very complex system. Hundreds of highly
professional people are occupied at "Prirazlomnaya" - from engineers who designed the platform to biologists who ensure the safety of the arctic nature the rig in the Pechora Sea. Right now we are going to join blogger Sergey Dolya and see how this platform is arranged.

2 Palace of Peter the Great’s Greatest Friend

Palace of Peter the Great’s Greatest Friend

Russian statesman Menshikov is well known in Russia. He is often referred as the best and the only friend of Russia's greatest innovator Tsar Peter the Great. They say that de facto this person was a ruler of Russia for two consecutive years. His official titles included Prince
of Russia, Duke of Ingria and many more. So for sure this man needed a palace as all Tsars did at that times and so he had one. Thanks to Russian blogger Deletant we are able to see the best luxury and style man could buy at that time in Russia. Let's see!

8 Russian Northernmost Nuclear Armaments Underground Storage

Russian Northernmost Nuclear Armaments Underground Storage

Thanks to an awesome Russian blogger, Ralph Mirebes, who visited one of the most tremendous Soviet structures in the Russian North. We are speaking about a huge underground nuclear
armaments storage facility located on the Chukotka peninsula - next to Alaska. The structure is really huge and is all underground with railways going inside. Let's see what he got!

7 Mountains of Dagestan and 1000 Year Old Village

Mountains of Dagestan and 1000 Year Old Village

Most foreigners find it hard to give an answer if they are asked what Dagestan is or where it is located. In fact, Dagestan is not a separate country like Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan or Pakistan, but rather a part of Russia, although the southernmost part. It borders Azerbaijan and Georgia and has Chechnya as its closest neighbor in Russia. A big part of it consists of
the Caucasian mountains and the word Dagestan itself means "country of mountains". If one side of the region is mountains, the other side is the shore of the warm Caspian sea. Thanks to Russian blogger El Magico or Andrei G. who travelled there recently we can see some road pics of the place and get to know it better. Let's see what he got!
6 Total Disrespect for the Law

Total Disrespect for the Law

Watching this video might be shocking for most people who are used to treating law enforcement with respect. Long story short - a police patrol stopped a taxi with a passenger in the front seat for not
wearing seat belts. What followed is pretty shocking. Not only was the passenger very rude, but the taxi driver himself was not following the direct order of a police officer not to leave but stay.

4 Beauty of Kola Peninsula: The Geologists Pass

Beauty of Kola Peninsula: The Geologists Pass

Kola peninsula is a large peninsula in the northernmost part of Western Russia, next to the most northern part of Norway. It has a very harsh climate, and the summers are very short and not too warm, but it has really awesome nature which of course lacks vegetation but because of this looks very
harsh and severe. Just look at those awesome photos taken by Russian photographer Vasili G. According to his statement one particular place there - called Geologist's Pass is "a place everyone must see" so let's do it! All pictures are clickable and can be seen fullscreen.

4 Ancient Wooden Churches of Karelia Land

Ancient Wooden Churches of Karelia Land

If you really want to see a lot of old Russian traditional wooden architecture, namely churches and chapels, then for sure you need to visit Karelia. This land borders Finland for over 1,000 km along its length on one side, and like Finland is called
"Land of the Lakes" with over 90,000 small lakes. Since the early times people have lived here and built these beautiful, unique wooden churches. Let's see inside, thanks to the Russian blogger Alexei, who took those awesome photos!

4 Grand Canyon in Kazakhstan

Grand Canyon in Kazakhstan

The American Grand Canyon is of course a modern wonder of the world. It impresses you greatly when you see it in person and no wonder that millions of people each year visit it to see it with their own eyes. However, if USA is too far away from you and you still want to see
something similar - here is a way to do it - you can go to Kazakhstan. The ex-Soviet country can boast a place that is to a great degree visually similar to the American wonder of the world. Let's see how it looks inside, thanks to an awesome blogger, Rodham:

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