3 OC-14 “Groza”: the most unusual Russian gun

OC-14 “Groza”: the most unusual Russian gun

This unusual gun had got its baptism of fire during the first Chechen campaign. Its main users were special units of the FSB, the internal forces and the army, and especially good this new gun showed itself in a very specific niche – covering of
snipers. Forever young AK. Receiver of Kalashnikov is easily recognizable in the profile of "Groza". There were some changes in the design of the body - butt of the rifle was removed and replaced with a compact recoil pad.

3 Minsk vs IBM

Minsk vs IBM

Exactly 35 years ago, the first IBM PC in history went on sale, but long before that day — in the 1960's, one of the centers of Soviet Cybernetics was in Belarus. Let us remember the story of a family of computing machinery "Minsk" which won All-Union glory, and then lost it. The gap between the USSR and the western countries in the field of computer technology in the 1950's, according to the most optimistic estimates, was at least 10 years. Therefore, in August 1956, the decision of the USSR Council of Ministers was the start of the expansion of the production of
electronic computers across the country. The resolution also provided for the establishment of centres for their production, design and development, one of which was supposed to stay in the BSSR. Soon in Minsk, the Ordzhonikidze Plant was opened, and by 1958, the Special Design Bureau (SDB) was set up to support and upgrade the computer. Subsequently, the SDB was transformed into an independent design and research company - NIIEVM - which is still working to this day. "Minsk-1" - the first original Belarusian computer
0_8e9dc_f1b5ff69_origGoing to the edge of Russia, I imagined something of that kind. Life here is really difficult, and in Chukotka you start believing that the climate prevents from building roads and normal existence of the cities: no stone or wood, no main building materials.

9 Abandoned Chukotka

Abandoned Chukotka

Going to the edge of Russia, I imagined something of that kind. Life here is really difficult, and in Chukotka you start believing that the climate prevents from building roads and normal existence of the cities: no stone or wood, no main building materials. In the 1990s and 2000s, people began to leave
that small region, leaving behind abandoned towns and villages. I advise nature lovers to go to Chukotka, but I didn't really like it: the low hills with grass. Tundra is rather boring spectacle. From wild animals I have met only a family of three cranes have sat down to rest.
7 The Most Northern Railway

The Most Northern Railway

Norilsk railway - this is one of the most northern railway of the world, certainly in Russia. Moreover, it is the largest isolated railway network of broad gauge (1,520 mm) in the territory of the former USSR. The nearest network Railways station is approximately in 700 kilometers. By the way, it is not included in the structure of Russian Railways, and has been a part of Norilsk Nickel. It passes a large part of cargos of the Polar Division. This year, it has a great holiday, February 12, it celebrated its 80th anniversary. Many in childhood,
surely dreamed of in-cab ride trains, ride this powerful iron horses, but I'm lucky to be here just now, in Norilsk town, and this is my story today. After the Government of the USSR in 1935 year decided to build in the Norilsk Iron and Steel Works, they also decided to build a the narrow-gauge railway next to it. Its construction began in the fall of 1935 year. The first locomotive was launched on February 12, 1936 year from Norilsk to Valek Airport (in Krasnoyarsk krai). 1945. Overhaul of the locomotive

3 How Russian Golden youth relaxes

How Russian Golden youth relaxes

With the end of the summer, many of us will forget about rest before next summer, but not our "Golden youth", which publishes in full swing photos from hot countries on their pages in Facebook. Further we offer you take a look at how Russian children of millionaires and billionaires have a rest. Yusuf Alekperov 26-year-old son of the President of "Lukoil" is in first place in the ranking of the wealthiest heirs of Russian
billionaires, according to Forbes. His father, Vagit Alekperov, will give him the largest stake of the oil giant. Yusuf's instagram is full of cars of all kinds of steepness. He leads his account under the nickname le_chiffre1 (Le Chiffre is a mathematical genius, a great Poker Player and a dangerous offender, the main villain in J.Bond series "Casino Royale"). June: "Goodbye, Moscow!"

1 In the south of Primorye workers continue destroying the WW2 battery

In the south of Primorye workers continue destroying the WW2 battery

The battery of the Great Patriotic War is being dismantled in the Khasan district of Primorye. Workers take parts of the sawn
construction out of peninsula Gamow be KAMAZ, explaining their actions as the reconstruction for preventing the state of emergency.

0 Misty Dawn on the Cooling Pond of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

Misty Dawn on the Cooling Pond of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant

Large drops of rain began drumming in the windshield when it remained a little more than 30 miles to the place of destination. Stuffy city, languishing under the hot summer sun, was left behind. M2 Motorway remained on the sidelines, and the road began to take desert to the west, winding hairpin bends. But, despite the bad weather, my car flew quickly and easily, as if it was fueled by my desire to come
faster. Into a green, washed by the rain Kurchatov town, I went with the last drops of rain. Now I could finally get out, stretch myself and go to meet new interesting people. I was at the information centre of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant. I've never thought that I could visit a nuclear power plant. Quite a bit, and I would hear the roar of the turbine in the engine room.

3 Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association in the name of Chkalov V.P. 85 anniversary and the hundredth Su-34

Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association in the name of Chkalov V.P. 85 anniversary and the hundredth Su-34

In the second half of August Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association traditionally celebrates its birthday - now it is 85 years old. Also the plant workers started production of the hundredth Su-34. I offer you to watch my photo report from this event. Let's start from the factory’s museum. Last year I visited this factory, but then failed to get into the museum. The exposition is located on the second floor of the building. The plant began its history in 1931. I-16 was the first aircraft manufactured at the plant. Fighters LaGG-3, Yak-7B and Yak-9 were made there during the war. Each day the plant produced up to 28-30 aircraft - a full regiment! 15 500 Yak-s were produced here in just 4 years . This bike ZiCh-1 was being produced for a short time in the post-war period .. In 1947 jet fighter aircrafts with swept-wing MiG-15, in 1951, MiG-17 and MiG-19 in 1954 were produced here. In 1956, NAPA started the release of aircrafts developed by Suhoy EBD. The first aircraft was Su-9. In 1962 it started developing Su-11, and in 1966 Su-15. Also, from 1963 to 1966 it produced the first Soviet serial supersonic bomber Yak-28. Models of Su-15 and Yak-28 A new stage in the development of the plant and in the Russian aircraft industry began with the creation of Sukhoi Su-24 and its serial production that was launched in 1971. According to its flight characteristics and combat capabilities Su-24 was better than all existing models of a similar class. The cabin of Su-24. In the early 90s the plant began to produce regional passenger planes An-38, but due to the lack of demand in those difficult years its serial production has not begun. Today fighter-bomber Su-34 and the elements of passenger aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet-100 are produced here. The museum is interesting; there are a lot of exhibits. You can walk here for half an hour, but I have got a little time, and have to move on. I move to the factory workshop. In the last time I was unable to visit the production of Superjet, so first of all I'll do this. Cabins, fuselage components, wings, stabilizers for SSJ-100 are produced in the NAP. Then parts are sent to the Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where the planes are finally made
up. There are tables that say which airplane is being made there. For example, the future 95142 is at the beginning of its construction. This is plaza - templates, on which airframe structural components are made up from the individual elements. Another workshop. Modern CNC machines. The next workshop producing elements of Su-34. AKU-58A - the aviation ejection device for hanging and launching missiles. I went to the assembly shop of Su-34. Here the official part dedicated to the production of the 100th Su-34 began. A Chief of the Russian Air Force from 2002 to 2007, Vladimir Mikhailov acts. The next speaker was the director of the plant S.A Smirnov. These beauties are produced here. On the flight test Station (FTS) everyone waits for the demonstration of Su-34 flights. There is a static exhibition of air-technique. Yakovlev Yak-40 | SibNIA in the name of Chaplygin | 1976 Children played at the festival so furiously that I worried about aircrafts. Miles Mi-8T (TV) | RA-24265 | Eltsovka | 1987 Production of the plant was introduced with Su-24 and brand new unpainted Su-34. Meanwhile, three Su-34 are preparing for a flight. One board had already driven to the start. The second one is piloted by 07th. The last inspection before the flight. Let’s go. Parachutists appeared in the sky. Traditional "shelves". And now some photos of flights. After landing a pair of Su-34 rolled closer to the fence. 06th and 05th near the fence After Su-34 there was a flight of vintage MiG-3. View on the runway of factory’s airfield "Eltsovka". It went to the parking. Su-24 was the most popular among kids on the exhibit. The board suffered from kids :) Su-34 is being prepared for towing. The holiday ended. Returning to the entrance. Thanks to the plant for this day- a real holiday! via

1 7 Forbidden Things-to-Do in Russian Banya

7 Forbidden Things-to-Do in Russian Banya

Banya (sauna) for Russians is like a cult. It is able to regenerate human again, to give strength for new exploits. Don't go there after midnight If you think that a banya is as an uninhabited island, you are mistaken. For centuries there lives so-called Bannik - a banya master. This creature likes when everyone
please him in every way: leave a bar of soap, for example, or water in a pitcher - Bannik also wants to wash. He prefers steaming strongly after midnight. If you also have such a "wonderful" idea, beware - Bannik will crush you. Simply to say, it will intoxicate your desperate little head.

2 Kenozerye: Zehnovskaya flour mill

Kenozerye: Zehnovskaya flour mill

Zehnovo village is one of the most ancient settlements of kenozerskih and its history begins in the 16th century, when, according to one legend, the first inhabitant named Zeh settled here. Presumably, it was someone
from the first Christians arrived at Kenozero during the existence of the Kenoreckyi waterway that connected Lake Onega with river Onega using which Orthodox people from Novgorod came to these lands.

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