32 Russia in 1851 as Seen By Americans

Russia in 1851 as Seen By Americans

So this is a picture book published in New York in 1854 telling the story of an American traveller going to Russia and what he saw there. To make it more gloomy he called his book "A Knout and the Russians".
Knout is a whip, a thing which used to raise the horses etc and also used to punish people in Russia, in public. Interesting pictures and happily with embed English captions. Welcome inside:

25 The Newest And Probably the Best Aircraft Plant of Russia

The Newest And Probably the Best Aircraft Plant of Russia

"Aviastar-SP" is the largest aircraft maker in Russia. Based in Ulyanovsk, it produces a heavy transport craft, Il-76MD-90A, and the passenger plane, Tu-204. It used to make the biggest cargo planes An-124 "Ruslan" as well. Today it only provides
their maintenance. Currently "Aviastar-SP" participates in production of a new long-haul aircraft, the MS-21 - Sukhoi Superjet 100. We are going to join blogger gelio and have a closer look at the working process of the company.

24 Free and Happy Soviet People

Free and Happy Soviet People

According to the title, this selection of photos should show you free and happy Soviet people. They named it this way, because it was first published somewhere in the middle 1960s in Russia, and a lot of people really were happy after their country was rebuilt after a
devastating war, and they were also pretty free, at least financially, not having any house loans, or anything like this. However, it's up to you decide if these are propaganda photos or true record of the life of the Soviet people of that time.

1 Russian Sakhalin Island 100 Years Ago

Russian Sakhalin Island 100 Years Ago

This is how people lived on Sakhalin Island around 100 years ago in Russia. Actually, Sakhalin is the biggest populated
island in Russia, located in the Russian Pacific. The photos are very atmospheric and there are plenty of them. Enjoy!

11 Selection of Awesome Russian Jets from 2015

Selection of Awesome Russian Jets from 2015

Russian photographer and blogger, Mike S., decided to post his best shots of the previous year, and it turned out to be a pretty brilliant collection. Please
enjoy these photos presented for your viewing pleasure.  For example, the jet above is a SU-34 in the MAKS-2015 airshow in Russia. See more inside:

1 Soviet Kids

Soviet Kids

Here we have just over thirty nostalgic black and white photos of Soviet kids just, you know, being kids. Also, for those of you who expecting more often updates, just a friendly reminder that we also have an official
English Russia twitter account.  Subscribe, it updates at least once a day with some funny or historical or just interesting photo from ex-USSR space. Pass it on!  And now, back to the Soviet kids:
0 Russian Cosmonauts Having New Year Dinner [video]

Russian Cosmonauts Having New Year Dinner [video]

The Russian space agency, Roskosmos, sometimes publishes pretty neat reality-style videos direct from orbit, talking about the casual moments of the Russian cosmonauts on the space station.
Here is one such video for your viewing pleasure, showing Russian space explorers munching on New Year dinner treats. They speak Russian but it's still worth checking it out!

12 Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

Russian city Petrozavodsk under heavy snow falls

The Russian city of Petrozavodsk was hit by cyclone Daniella today, which resulted in very heavy snowfalls. In a matter of just a few hours, the city was drowning in snow. Sometimes the snow drifts were as high as 1.5 meters tall. Petrozavodsk is a city with a population of 300,000, and is the capital of the Karelia region bordering
Finland and Norway. It's not a small city, so in an instant, the traffic got stuck. Huge city trolleybuses - electric powered buses - are not meant to go through thick layers of snow on the city streets so they began stopping and blocking the way for others. Let's see how it was thanks to local photographer Igor P.:

1 Russian VITYAZI Air Jet Aerobatics Squad at Training

Russian VITYAZI Air Jet Aerobatics Squad at Training

The Russian "VITYAZI" group or 'The Russian Knights' is an aerobatic demonstration team of the Russian Air Force. It is considered to be the most elite squad of aerobatic pilots in Russia. Most of the major state events include their demo flights. Like, for example, if some city has a 300 year anniversary then this squad might be invited to give an aerobatic demonstration to the
people of the city during the anniversary events. Besides this, it represents Russia in international aerobatic contests and airshows. For example, if you want to see them live - they would be performing in ten days (Jan 23, 2016) at the Bahrain Air Show. And here are some photos of this squad during training, thanks to Said A. the photographer. Let's see:

7 Russian Acoustic Guitar Makers from Bobrovo Russia

Russian Acoustic Guitar Makers from Bobrovo Russia

It might be a surprising fact for you but in Russia there are still a few factories producing guitars. During Soviet times, Russian people had to buy mostly all locally made products, so guitar manufacturers were blooming. Then, Russia opened its markets to foreign merchandise and many ex-Soviet factories went bankrupt. Many think that Russian guitar makers went bankrupt
too and aren't producing anything now, Chinese stuff is cheaper and often better made. However this is not true, and this is one example of an old Soviet guitar maker that is still making acoustic guitars. Thanks to Russian photo blogger Andrei who went there and took photos we can see what the Russian guitar maker looks like from inside.

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