3 Unique Places of Russia

Unique Places of Russia

If you look at the world map, it becomes obvious that all talks about the fact that Russia occupies one sixth of the land are the truth. The country is really spread out widely, from sea to sea. Officially confirmed: the largest forests are in Russia. There is the smallest
sea in the world, but it is perhaps the most dangerous one. And marshes - the largest in the world, with many kinds of living creatures inhabiting them: running, swimming and flying. And the lake, the beauty with which not everything can be compared.

0 Soviet Athletes and Sportsmen on Retro Photos

Soviet Athletes and Sportsmen on Retro Photos

Sports and physical education had a special place in the life of Soviet society. Every citizen at any time had been able to defense his country, so
everyone was involved in the physical preparation - from children to their grandparents. These retro pictures are devoted to Soviet athletes.
Sergeant-major of a tank company Baimagambetov, 1943
6 History in Color From Olga Klimbim

History in Color From Olga Klimbim

Russian artist Olga K. add colors to old photos so they look like they were shot in color. Take a look, awesome selection! Sergeant of tank company Kazakh
Baimagambetov K., a member of the CPSU (b), distinguished himself in the battles, was awarded with the medal "For Courage", Kalinin Front, 1943

1 10 Incredible Secrets of Siberia

10 Incredible Secrets of Siberia

Siberia is huge, it stretches from the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains to the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. Its population density is about three people per square kilometer, it is one of the most sparsely populated places on earth. Nevertheless, it seemed to be a treasure trove for archaeologists. Cool, dry air and permafrost create unique conditions for the preservation of the remains of the deep past. Despite the fact that it seems inhospitable, Siberia was the cradle of mankind. Shigir idol   In Western Siberia, during excavations at the end of the XIX century, archaeologists discovered the oldest wooden sculpture in the world. Created about 11,000 years
ago, the idol is twice as old as the great Egyptian pyramids, and 6,000 years older than Stonehenge. The figure is 2.8 meters high and it has been carved out of the trunk of a 157-year-old larch, which was cut down with stone tools. The marsh where it was found helped to preserve the idol well. The face of the statue, and the patterns through the body of the idol were also well preserved. Some believe that the small furrows and lines contain encrypted information. It has been suggested that they represent different types of terrain. Perhaps that idol, which once stood at 5.2 meters, was a prototype of a totem.

4 Winter in the USSR

Winter in the USSR

Selection of winter photographs
taken during the Soviet times.

2 Collection of Soviet Vinyl Records Covers

Collection of Soviet Vinyl Records Covers

Selection of Soviet era music
nostalgia. Some of them seem pretty

3 Windows and balconies of Russian apartments (43 photos)

Windows and balconies of Russian apartments (43 photos)

In the windows and balconies of Russian apartments you can see a lot of interesting things, but most often you can meet there residents of these
apartments. We offer to look at the windows and balconies, to meet people who live in these apartments, as well as to know their habits and hobbies.
1 Secrets of the Moscow Subway

Secrets of the Moscow Subway

Moscow subway was formerly named in honor of Lazar Kaganovich, and then received the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, in addition to the military, defense and related national security secrets and secrets that need to be discussed separately,
since the design it is associated with a number of mystical secrets ... One of the biggest mysteries of the Moscow subway is a so-called "Subway 2" or as it is indicated in the official government documents object "D-6".

2 Photos from the USSR

Photos from the USSR

"Walked too much". 1960. ©
Nicholay Choryngyi  

0 The crowd gasped when they did it …

The crowd gasped when they did it …

The Chinese are very fond of status. How you dress, in which restaurant you eat, in which hotel you live, what brand of car you use, even the number of the vehicle is important - a certain combination of numbers and letters emphasize the importance of a citizen. And as if the citizen is also a pilot of a military aircraft, the worship of the common people in front of him certainly
will be. Well, if the pilot is flying as part of the pilot group, then he is a king and god for them – they will carry him on hands and will be lining up to make a selfie with a pilot. On the past salon, Sergei Bogdan was almost torn, so this time for the safety of the pilots they were taken by bus from the chalet to the aircraft, passing crowd.

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