1 Awesome Laser Show in Moscow

Awesome Laser Show in Moscow

A few days ago there was an awesome laser projection show on one of the Moscow city's embankments. The show was projected right onto the building which is especially important right now - Russian Defense Ministry Building. The command center for all Syria bombings and also now a giant screen on
which they projected different stories of Russian history.  Thanks to Russian blogger Dmitry we can see it all both on photos and on videos. This posts have them both. A few video clips to show it all in motion and large widescreen photos to present the view. Lets see inside:

3 Russia’s Newest Su-30SM Number 38 in an Air Show

Russia’s Newest Su-30SM Number 38 in an Air Show

Antonio went to another Russian airshow and made shots of the awesome newest SU-30SM jet with a number "38". Though SU-30 jets are pretty old, dated back to 1990, they had numerous modifications and upgrades
turning them into more modern planes. This "SM" index means most modern upgrade which they received only in 2014. Totally awesome new planes totally different from old 1990 stock model. See inside:

4 Old Russian Ships in Vladivostok

Old Russian Ships in Vladivostok

Blogger Alex went to Diomid bay in Vladivostok and  made some
photos of old Russian ships. Just some atmospheric photos.

4 Russian Newest KA-52K Helicopters

Russian Newest KA-52K Helicopters

Since they say they move KA-52s to Syria now, these are might be examples of the machines soon ISIS is going to see. Those are newest and most advanced KA-52s copters - KA-52 K Models. They are going to hit
hard, and here is why - just take a detailed look on how cool are those. This is the FIRST PUBLIC appearance of those machines, and you are going to witness them first hand too as well:

13 Making Russian Pancakes on top of Crimean Mountain

Making Russian Pancakes on top of Crimean Mountain

A popular Russian language blogger Slava decided to surprise his girlfriend with a breakfast she for sure never had before and which is not soon to forget. For this
they climbed one of the tallest rocks in Crimea, near the place they live and he cooked Russian pancakes for her there. Let's see how it looked like:

0 One Village Gym

One Village Gym

As the author of these photos put it - "boys in a village also enjoy doing sports, but not always they have a gym nearby or can afford it at all, so often they make gyms themselves from the things they have
around. One of such gyms we visit now". Pieces of electric poles, tires, scrap metal and 100 roubles ($1.5) from each person - this is what have been used to set up this gym. See inside:

1 Frozen Fountain in Magadan Russia

Frozen Fountain in Magadan Russia

In Russia there is a saying that "winter always happens unexpected". It often implies, that even all people know that winter is pretty early and harsh still nobody is often ready. And
here is a life demonstration of this rule - fountains in Magadan city Russia got frozen overnight thanks to "an unexpected arrival of winter". A few more photos inside:

5 Russian Forces in Syria part 2

Russian Forces in Syria part 2

More photos arriving from the Russian air force base in Latakia, Syria. In this set we would be able seeing planes, pilots, some construction going and all etc. All thanks to the Russian journalists starting arriving
there. Also you would see one interesting fact - most of the jets participating in bombings have their Russian Air Force markings - the Red Stars - being painted out with just plain gray polygons or circles.
9 How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria

How Russian Soldiers Live in Syria

Famous Russian war journalist went to Syria to see how newly arrived Russian soldiers live in the newly established military camps in Syria. He was admitted
to visit and see how soldiers live, how they cook food etc. Just a few photos but a good start! Thanks to Sasha for publishing these photos!

1 Beauty of the Krasnoyarsk Egraki Hills

Beauty of the Krasnoyarsk Egraki Hills

Russian blogger Dmitry is traveling thru Siberia and shared with his readers a few photos of awesome the Egraki hills near Krasnoyarsk. Nature is really stunning there. Just a few shots but the views are
awesome and can be opened full screen. He says you can get all this beauty just literally from the car window. But he also went deeper into the woods to make the best possible shots.

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