4 Russian Porcini Hunt

Russian Porcini Hunt

It's fall and in Russia its time to hunt mushrooms. Russian villagers call mushrooms "free pork" - implying that mushrooms have as much protein as meat and also tastes good if prepared
correctly. The king of the Russian mushroom hunt is Beliy Grib or "White Mushroom" known as Porcini, or sometimes bolete, to the Western World. Here it is, in the pic above.

0 Russian Artist Sergei Vinogradov and Scenes of Life He Depicted

Russian Artist Sergei Vinogradov and Scenes of Life He Depicted

Do you sometimes want to know how things were a hundred years ago? How people lived? What they felt? Did their surroundings looked like ours? Was the nature the same? Then we try to resort to photography but soon realize that at those times it was not like it is now - when everyone has a camera in their cell phone. At that time only a few had access to technology and if they were taking photos they were staging shots, posed very precisely and often
with precious moments of life slipping by unnoticed. So another resource to visually see the life of the past is art. Painters were often more interested in getting real life on their canvases, and we are lucky that such artists, like for example this old Russian painter Sergei Vinogradov, existed. He depicted people, surroundings and more from a hundred years ago and now we can enjoy his works and get the feel. See more inside!

1 Great St. Petersburg Before the October Revolution

Great St. Petersburg Before the October Revolution

Some say the grandeur of the great Russian city of St. Petersburg can easily be compared with such pearls of ancient and medieval civilization as Rome, Vienna, Paris or Venice. It's not very obvious nowadays, when there are plenty of modern and Soviet buildings and a lot of it is spoiled by ads, bad planning and other things, but when you discover for
yourself some rare and previously little seen beautiful shots of the city just before the October Revolution kicked in, you really can understand what they mean when they say it is ancient and beautiful. Don't forget, those pictures, as with many others, can be clicked and turned into beautiful widescreen views of the city. Take a look:

6 Production of Russian SU-34 Fullback Twin Engine Strike Fighters

Production of Russian SU-34 Fullback Twin Engine Strike Fighters

The Sukhoi SU-34s are Russian twin-engine, twin-seat strike fighters, intended to replace the older Sukhoi Su-24s. Not many of those are deployed yet. The first jets were received into the Air Force in 2008 - and as of July 2015, only around 70 aircraft are flying. These planes and its production facilities were probably top secret before, and maybe in Soviet Times
it would be totally impossible to get into the facility. However nowadays some bloggers with connections are able to get into the factory and can even take detailed photos of what's going on in those factories. And thanks to one such blogger - Aslan - we are now able to see the previously top secret stuff at Sukhoi's Novosibirsk air factory.
4 Russian Airplanes in Syria

Russian Airplanes in Syria

A short video clip taken by some Syrian rebel filming a
group of Russian aircraft in the Syrian skies.

8 Everyday Russian Photos with a Deep Sense of Being

Everyday Russian Photos with a Deep Sense of Being

Just some gracefully caught city life moments from everyday Russian lives. Different photographers -
different views but every photo captures something deep, moments of everyday life. Take a look!

7 22 Russian Warships on Their Route to Syria

22 Russian Warships on Their Route to Syria

A As is being reported in Russian media, there are currently over twenty Russian warships and battleships in the Mediterranean Sea. Most of these have already
relocated to the Eastern end - close to where Syria is, and probably heading to that country. Here is the whole list and description of the armada in action.

0 Soviet Cosmonautics Museum in Zhitomir

Soviet Cosmonautics Museum in Zhitomir

This is a small but rather interesting exposition in the Museum of Cosmonautics in Zhitomir, Ukraine. Basically, now Ukraine is a country without its own space program, so it's a Museum of Soviet Cosmonautics rather than of just Ukrainian Cosmonautics (which is non-existent). Why then
Zhitomir? Because it's the birthplace of the "father of Soviet Russian cosmonautics" - Sergei Korolev, creator of the first Soviet rockets including the one which first took man into space. Thanks to the blogger Komariv we have a chance to see the exposition now!

0 Flowers in Donetsk in 1970s-80s

Flowers in Donetsk in 1970s-80s

Donetsk city, the city of more than a million people, where a lot of clashes were going on over the last couple years, where Donetsk International Airport was destroyed and
some of the city buildings were damaged, was looking quite awesome back in the 1970's. Here are a few photos of it at that time, with an accent on the flowers.

0 Russian Air Show Mochishe 2015

Russian Air Show Mochishe 2015

Summer seems to be the season for air shows and military expos in Russia. We had some posts from the MAKS air show earlier this year, and also some from the Nizhny Tagil arms expo, and now thanks
to blogger Sasha, who visited Mochishe - the home of another Russian air show in 2015. Let's see what he got! The first photo on top shows a SU-27 of "Falcons of Russia" squad.

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