0 Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Goes on Repairs

Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Goes on Repairs

Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" is on repairs now in the port of Murmansk before going to Mideterrean and
Syria this summer. Marina, the blogger went up close to the giant boat to make some awesome shots, and here they are!

6 Russian Governmental Motorcade Transport History

Russian Governmental Motorcade Transport History

These days if you are in Moscow you can see an interesting exhibition. It tells the story of Russian motorcades used by top authorities - presidents, top Communist party officials and even the motor car of Russian Emperor
Nicholas II thru the years with all restored exhibits. Evge Chesnakov a blogger went there and made those awesome photos together with captions and we tell his story here too! Let's see how did they roll!

4 Faces of Russian Military 2016

Faces of Russian Military 2016

Today we have a huge posting devoted to the faces of common Russian men serving their duty in Russian army, in Russian navy in Russian air forces and other military
divisions whose duty is to handle guns, protect and attack and do all things military. It might be an eye candy for the women but not only! Take a look!

6 Girls of Soviet Union

Girls of Soviet Union

It's 8th of March today, universally acclaimed "women's day" in all ex Soviet countries and date of much importance for all Soviet people during USSR time. There was a matching pair of dates equally important for all Soviet boys, girls, men and women - the 8th of March - the women's day and February 23d was universally considered to
be  a men's day. Every girl had to get a present for 8th of March, no exception no matter if she was 2 years old or 98 years old - women were getting presents on these day, hands down, and still do get. So because it was that important let's see some Soviet gals, girls, ladies, women back from that era.

0 Moscow In the Days of the Revolution 1917

Moscow In the Days of the Revolution 1917

In different times the revolution of 1917 was positioned as "The triumph of the world proletariat", and later as "the bloody activity of those who support the "Red Terror". This way or another there are almost no witnesses of the
revolution today (those who remain were 10-12 years then), and we can treat those events in different ways. What's really objective are photographs made when those events were taking place. So let's go back to Moscow 1917...

4 Soviet Youth Captured by LIFE Photographer

Soviet Youth Captured by LIFE Photographer

In 1967 an American photographer Bill Eppridge has arrived to Moscow by special appointment of LIFE magazine. He was one of the famous American photographers at time, having shot the last photo of JFK. However he was yet to become the celebrity
photographer, and what helped him were those photos of Russian youngsters which he called "Soviet Youth" and which got extremely popular in USA at that time. Many of the photos were made at the beach, some other at cities etc. Let's check it out!

25 Carnations to Stalin

Carnations to Stalin

Yesterday was a special day for many Russians. 63 years ago passed away "one of the greatest men who had ever lived in this world - Joseph Stalin", at least some of the people gathered pretty sure in this statement.. Early in the morning,
despite adverse weather, people formed the line at his monument to put carnations on his grave. Elderly people, young people, even children... They looked rather sad, some even cried. They would really wish to have Stalin back...

5 Tank Biathlon 2016 Featuring T-72

Tank Biathlon 2016 Featuring T-72

Ten best tank crews compete for the right to represent the Eastern Military Region in the tank biathlon championship of Russia. Blogger smit-smitty shares the images of the tank relay that was held on March 3rd. Participants of the competition are twenty tanks
T-72B3, crews from Primorsky, Zabaikalsky regions, Buryatia, Amur and Sakhalin regions. The participants overcame one of the most difficult tracks in Russia - 7 km full of barriers, fired from behind flanks to hit three targets while moving.

1 World Oldest And Extremely Powerful Sleeping Volcano

World Oldest And Extremely Powerful Sleeping Volcano

Karadag is a volcano in the south-east of the Crimea and fortunately enough it does not wake up... Cause if it explodes it may destroy huge territories - Crimea itself, all Black Sea, half of Ukraine
and a part of Russia... It's the most ancient sleeping volcanoes in the whole world - 150 million years old. Extremely dangerous, and so beautiful - this giant natural sleeping bomb...

3 Russian Old School Mercedes S500 Became an Offroad SUV

Russian Old School Mercedes S500 Became an Offroad SUV

Just take a look what they have made this time! They took the classy Mercedes S500 out of 1990s, also known as Mercedes W140 and merged it with Russian Army legend GAZ-66 all road
truck. They took all the huge elements from the truck but the transmission and powerful five liter engine comes from Mercedes. Let's see it in detail and how it was created.

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