39 Russian man makes a Humvee from Russian GAZ66 truck

Russian man makes a Humvee from Russian GAZ66 truck

When you don't have a Hummer but really want it you can build it from a legendary Soviet truck GAZ-66, as it was proven by this man in
Russia. He took apart an old GAZ-66 then put it all together and it became a.. Humvee! Let's see this miraculous transformation.

19 One Monster Truck from Belarus

One Monster Truck from Belarus

When we hear "monster truck" we usually imagine a normal sized truck on a set of oversized wheels. This time Belarus auto enthusiasts took the monster truck meaning to a really "monster"
level. Their creation has six pairs of wheels that can rotate practically in any direction and thanks to this it can climb any trench and other obstacles. Let's see how it looks.

7 40 Craziest Russian Balconies

40 Craziest Russian Balconies

Since the demise of the Soviet state, most Russians found themselves living in typical old Soviet buildings. Most of the buildings had balconies and this is where the urge for individuality was expressed. People started heavily modifying their balconies for a number of reasons. Firstly, most of the balconies were just open air balconies and were not isolated from the outside, so they couldn't be used in winter, or during rains, etc. So the first stage of modding a balcony was to
turn it into a sort of room to be able to use it all year round. Since everyone was doing this job independent of other people living in the same apartment building the balcony room designs emerged with a really diverse variety. And since every balcony was individually designed, people started to decorate them, often very heavily. So let's see what happened with this selection of what might be the forty most crazily modded Russian balconies!
9 Tiger and Goat are Best Friends Now in Primorye Zoo

Tiger and Goat are Best Friends Now in Primorye Zoo

  An interesting story is unfolding in Primorye safari park in Russia and thousands of Internet users are watching it. It started with a regular meal that was delivered to a Siberian tiger kept in a park. His name is Amur. So one day Amur got a meal - he often gets live meals - either small rabbits or some other smaller animals, but this time park workers wanted to
treat him with a live goat. However, instead of eating it Amur became best friends with an animal that was supposed to become his dinner. Let's see how it happened and how they get along now. We'll see plenty of photos inside and even a few videos of them living together and doing all sort of things you would never expect from such a pair!

43 Turkish Consulate in Moscow Was Stoned and Had Bottles Thown Through  It’  Windows

Turkish Consulate in Moscow Was Stoned and Had Bottles Thown Through It’ Windows

Over five hundred people gathered at Turkish embassy in Moscow to protest and throw stones, bottles, paint cans and even eggs into the building to express their opinion on the recent act of the Turkish air force which
downed a Russian jet bomber in Syria yesterday. The embassy building was secured by police who arrived promptly but they didn't arrest anyone. Let's see how the building looks after the protests.

11 900 km Over the Russian North

900 km Over the Russian North

Blogger Sergey Dolya had a flight from Arkhangelsk-Varandey at the height of 900 km over the Russian north, along the shore
of the Arctic Ocean. He shares his photos of wonderful intricate patterns he saw from the window of An-24 airplane.

7 Soviet Scientists Knew How Humans Could Live in Space

Soviet Scientists Knew How Humans Could Live in Space

In a sci-fi movie "Martian" an astranaut left on the Mars all alone tries to survive in any possible ways. It is especially curious how he produces water and grows potatoes - but actually something like this had already been done by Soviet scientists fifty years ago. Working on prototypes of future bases on the Moon and other planets, they managed to create  closed systems
that independently produced air, water and even food for participants of the experiment. In the 60-70s at the order of a world-known scientist Sergey Korolev they made a prototype of a space station where people could live for months without obtaining water, air and food from outside. That result has never been repeated by anyone since then.

15 Bright Moments in Life of USSR People

Bright Moments in Life of USSR People

Some call those photos propaganda, some are being nostalgic and think this was the best of what happened to Russia and her people ever. Those photos are very bright and show a really bright side of life in the state
which disappeared long ago. There are no actors in the photos, no models, just people caught having a good time. Take a look at this really interesting set of photos. First photo above is Crimea in 1963.

10 An Old Abandoned Cossacks Barracks

An Old Abandoned Cossacks Barracks

Just a few photos of old cossacks barracks. Those buildings were pretty nice at time they were built. Then after the Lenin Revolution the
building was used by Soviet army till 2003. Now it's going to be demolished and the residential houses are planned to be built.

5 Rabbati: Ancient Turkish Osman Church in Georgia

Rabbati: Ancient Turkish Osman Church in Georgia

This city has nothing special about it, says Alexander, a Russian blogger and traveller who is known to take awesome photos of places he visits. It's just an old "Soviet" town in Georgia, only its nature makes it
stand out a bit. But what makes it really interesting is an ancient stone fortress called "Rabbati". This fortification was built in sixteen century by Turkish military. Let's see how it looks now!

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