6 Russian Soldiers in Arctic Drive Dog and Deer Sleds

Russian Soldiers in Arctic Drive Dog and Deer Sleds

Photos have been posted which give us a clue that special forces of Russian army are being extensively trained to ride deer and dog sleds deep
in the snows of the Arctics. Also their restplaces are primitive huts of Eskimo or Chukchi people. Let's see it in detail inside!

15 Hundreds of Radioactive Combat Vehicles Disappeared from Chernobyl

Hundreds of Radioactive Combat Vehicles Disappeared from Chernobyl

Meanwhile in Chernobyl interesting things are happening. During the Chernobyl catastrophe there were hundreds of army vehicles, including combat vehicles, tanks and helicopters used to operate in first days of the disaster in Pripyat. All those
vehicles got very radioactively polluted and afterwards they were all stored on a special strip of land in Chernobyl. Hundreds of vehicles. However the most recent satellite photo shows.. they all have disappeared! Let's see inside:
4 Modern Russian Weapons And Ammunition At Syrian War

Modern Russian Weapons And Ammunition At Syrian War

War in Syria allowed Russia not only to help its old ally, but also to test its relatively new weapons and ammunition in real-life conditions.
Those weapons and ammunition could be seen in hands of Syrian soldiers on these amateur photos. On the image above - gun AK-104.

0 Custom Built Cars: Soviet Style 1987

Custom Built Cars: Soviet Style 1987

The USSR had a lot of creative people indeed, many technicians, sometimes even non-educated but deeply interested and curious about all that stuff. Such people lived in Bryansk too. There was a club in the city for those who built custom cars and its members regularly met to show what they did. The first meeting was held in Moscow back
in 1963. But these pictures are dated 1987 and they demonstrate custom built cars in Bryansk. They have been published just recently by blogger Andrey Chudakov from Vyazniki, Vladimir region of Russia. He used to be a member of that club as well, and even participated in the event you see on the pictures.

2 Wartime Posters Addressing Soviet Women

Wartime Posters Addressing Soviet Women

Probably the authorities of the country were not so much sure about loyalty of people when the enemy was already at the gates. So they used such propaganda to keep
people away from another side. These posters are united in one collection as they adress Soviet women. On the image above: "Red Army soldier, save us!"

4 Right Vehicle For Russian Roads

Right Vehicle For Russian Roads

This vehicle amazed the western press with its uniqueness and amazing capabilities. Being quite small, "Sherp", produced in St. Petersburg, can move on any terrain: mud, snow, ice and even in water. The author of the project, Alexey Garagashyan launched production of "Sherp" in a rented shop and sold the first machine in June 2015. Today he has many orders - not only in Russia but from abroad
too. "Sherp" is driven by a Japanese diesel engine, its maximum speed - 45 km/h. Fuel consumption - 2-3 l/h. The vehicle has unique wheels that can rotate when the machine practically does not move at all. The length of "Sherp" is 3,4 m, height - 2,3 m, clearance - 0,6 m. Presently it is sold in two modifications for 3 850 000 and 4 100 000 rubles (51000-55000 USD).

0 Tactical Flight Training For Russian Combat Helicopters

Tactical Flight Training For Russian Combat Helicopters

Another tactical flight training in Primorye, the Chernigov air base: combat helicopters Ka-52 "Alligator" and Mi-8AMTSH "Terminator" attacked enemy objects and manpower with a missile. The crews were alarmed and sent to the area of
combat. When they were thru with the attack on the ground field, some helicopters headed to the dispersal field in Vozdvizhenka village for refueling and armament to subsequently fly further - for night firing.
8 The First Photos of Moscow

The First Photos of Moscow

It is commonly believed that the first photo was made by a Frenchman Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. As for the first daguerreotypic photos of Moscow - they are dated July 5th, 1839. It's when citezens found out about the amazing machine, dagguereotype, that created incredibly precise images without any drawing or painting. The first photos were shown to public on October 23rd in the shop of K. A.
Beckers, he both sold the new magic devices and made photos of the city to order. The first known to public photos of the Russian capital are dated 1842. Exposure took 30 minutes then, photos were colored, added figures of people to. So they sooner resembled painted pictures. The unique photographs you are about to see are the oldest dagguereotypic images of Moscow.

68 Donetsk in 2016

Donetsk in 2016

Russian traveller Anton Krotov has travelled to Donetsk recently and decided to post his travel photos.
Thanks to this we are able to see what's going on in this region right now. Please see photos inside:

3 Joseph Stalin, the Locomotive

Joseph Stalin, the Locomotive

The innovative streamline lomotive was designed to apply the newly received data - in the 1930s they had found out that such shape of the locomotive would give extra 200-250 hp at acceleration more than 100 km/h.
Locomotive "Joseph Stalin" (JS20-16) was built by 1937, it could speed up to 155 km/h. This practice was subsequently used for creation of high-speed locomotives of type 2-3-2 (P12 and № 6998).

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