8 Abandoned Northern Land

Abandoned Northern Land

This time - about abandoned lands of the country that used to be great, the USSR. They were never occupied with military bases and finally were assumed to be an unneccessary burden. These photos are a part of project "Far Lands" of Andrey Shapran, who since 2005 has travelled to the Southern Kuril Islands, Yakutia, Yamal, Krasnoyarsk region, Chukotka and Kamchatka. In fact these images don't need to be commented, just take time to look at them silently.
The territories are closed for people since the Soviet time. It's still hard to reach, but now the reason is different, it's hard to do technically. North Cape - this is how the territory was named by James Cook himself, he was there in 1778. It was the northernmost place he ever reached. The Russian throne belonged to Catherine II then, and these lands only started to emerge on maps from white spots.

5 Mysteries of Ural

Mysteries of Ural

Ural naturally divides Europe from Asia. This land keeps many secrets that have been puzzling
scientists for centuries. We are going to tell about some of them in this publication.

2 USSR As Seen by LIFE Magazine Reporters

USSR As Seen by LIFE Magazine Reporters

This is a big cool collection of pictures made by LIFE magazine reporters in the USSR at different
times. They cover many aspects of Soviet life and still make Russian people feel nostalgic.

0 Motors of War Exhibited in Moscow

Motors of War Exhibited in Moscow

These days, March 18-20, "Krokus Expo" exhibition center of Moscow, invites people to see different cars of the war time made in the USSR, Germany, USA, England, France, Canada, Italy and Japan. The best
museums of the capital and private collectors present their treasures to public as part of exhibition "Motors of War". Eugene Chesnokov has made good photos from the place. Enjoy them right now.

3 Unique Soviet Taxi Cab

Unique Soviet Taxi Cab

This unique test car was designed in 1964 based on components of "Moskvich-408". It successfully passed performance tests in
Moscow and was recommended for serial production In Yerevan, but due to different reasons it didn't go this far...

4 Launch of the New Black Sea Fleet Submarine

Launch of the New Black Sea Fleet Submarine

On March 18th 2016, in anticipation of the 110th anniversary of the Russian Submarine Forces formation, they launched big submarine B-268 "Great Novgorod" of project 636.3, intended for the Black Sea Fleet. It is the
fifth submarine in the series of the project that began to be realized in October 2014 to make the Black Sea Fleet stronger. All six submarines of the series are named after the "Cities of Military Glory".

3 Back to the Times When Moscow Looked More Like a Village

Back to the Times When Moscow Looked More Like a Village

These images prove that in the period of its expansion in the 50-60s of the XX century Moscow looked pretty much like a village. It is exactly when
the city expanded to the MKAD (Moscow ring highway) and "swallowed" many villages and settlements that had previously been on the outskirts.

1 Inside of Russian Newest Spaceport: Cosmodrome Vostochny

Inside of Russian Newest Spaceport: Cosmodrome Vostochny

There are over 500 buildings and structures on the 700 km2 territory of cosmodrome "Vostochny". Space objects are mainly located in two areas - technical and lauch
complexes. The area of the technical complex is comparable with ten football fields! Today we are going to visit an assembly and testing facility of the cosmodrome.

14 War and Peace in Grozny Chechnya

War and Peace in Grozny Chechnya

This publication will show you the capital of the Chechen Republic, the city of Grozny, before, after, at the time of the war and in our days. Grozny has had a long way to its prosperity.. On the image above:
"Russian Federation. Chechen Republic" - as you can see the sign is seriously destroyed and it's actually why the war was inflamed - what did they wish to achieve? Check it out on the next image...

1 School of Russian Military Divers

School of Russian Military Divers

This time we invite you to the naval school in Saint Petersburg and see how Russian military divers polish up their skills, what equipment they use and what tasks they
solve. On the picture above you can see a diver wearing helmet SuperLite 27 designed in 1992. It has a unique collar and an extremely small inside.

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