russian neznaika from a comics book
15 Russian Kids Comics

Russian Kids Comics

This is a scanned page from Russian kids comics magazine. It was published under the title "Here are the pictures - make your story yourself,
our little friend!". Some people say that the last frame of these comics can make all the story wrong. See yourself.
business college campus in Ukraine
42 Business College Campus

Business College Campus

How might the best Ukrainian business college look like? (former part of USSR)? Here is a photo session from a campus for “Kiev Business Academy”, a place where students are taught how to make business and get
their MBA degrees. The session started in this small room where 6 students live. They told that under the floor huge rats live, so they had to take care all the numerous holes in the floor.
russia for russians
29 Russia For Russians?

Russia For Russians?

The problem of racial intolerance arise in Russia. This poster appeared in the centre of Krasnoyarsk city, before upcoming elections in that region. People want to win elections on racial
intolerance, which appears now widely in Russia against the migrants from Southern regions, who often differ by skin colour from the native inhabitants of central Russia.
15 Russian Offroad Trucks

Russian Offroad Trucks

Russian military men know that the country has bad roads. So they create special Russian army trucks that can pass through places where there are almost no roads at all.
How about this one, this is Russian ZIL truck with 8 x 8 full time drive for all its 16 wheels! Look what sound it makes while cruising across the field:
21 Ruslana, Singer in Red Dress

Ruslana, Singer in Red Dress

Ukrainian singer Ruslana, the winner of Eurovision song contest, with the song "Wild Dances". You can watch a backstage performance of "Wild
Dances" in this video: And now she is shocking her fans with this unusual dress. Honestly it is more an underwear than a dress:
moscow now and then
18 Moscow Now and Then

Moscow Now and Then

Some people say that Moscow doesn't change as time passes. Some say that it has been changed tremendously. Who is right one can judge himself watching this photos of
Moscow today, year 2006 and many years ago. Many places can be recognized easily even for those who have never been in Moscow, but some changed a lot.
43 Russian Fitness Studio

Russian Fitness Studio

If you have seen the last post about the “Russian Spiderman” video you would probably like to know how does an average Russian fitness studio looks like? Here is the sample. Of course there are more expensive studios for rich
people in Moscow and major cities, but most of the young men make their bodies strong and fit in such studios. There are proud signs “Made in USSR” on some of the equipment. Time passes – things stay the same.
18 Russian Spiderman

Russian Spiderman

This Russian guy shows how trained he is. First he shows a short training then he climbs different
buildings, runs away from a dog and doing different stuff that demands a high physical fit.
russian truck crashes pile of beer
24 Beer Crash

Beer Crash

What happens when Russian roads meet a truck fully loaded with bottles of beer? Probably the shipping company owner was trying to save a lot on the quality of his
trucks, thus letting this happen. The truck simply broke apart while driving, letting all the bottles get out of it and fell over all the road.
19 Russian Kids TV Program

Russian Kids TV Program

Do you want to watch a sample of Russian TV show for the younger ones? You have a chance to do it now.
The language used in this video is International, except the most last part of it, so enjoy.

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