23 Stalin’s Moscow

Stalin’s Moscow

Stalin's plans on Moscow reconstruction, back from the 1938. The last
building is the most magnificent, with the Lenin's monument on top.
russian book
5 Russian Modern Literature

Russian Modern Literature

A small excurse to modern Russian literature. The name of this book is
"Police Bill of Ukraine". Language of the title is Russian.
8 Russian Provider’s Calendar

Russian Provider’s Calendar

One Russian Internet provider has issued a calendar. The main idea that was used in the calendar was the
pictures from the famous artists edited in such way that main heroes of these pictures are now zebras.
fallen crane
25 Russian Cranes Fall Down

Russian Cranes Fall Down

No, there were no hurricane in Russia these days as it was throughout all the Europe. Just for some unknown reason three cranes at once in different Russian cities, St. Petersburg, Novgorod and Surgut decided to
fall down. Maybe they were tired to wait for the hurricane and decided to act by themselves, or maybe it's just a sign to construct companies to check the equipment regularly. Who knows.
90 Russian Siberia at Winter

Russian Siberia at Winter

Those Russian guys made photos of their travel across Siberia in January 2006.
The average temperature outside was -60 F. Yes, minus sixty fahrenheit.
30 Yeltsin Dance

Yeltsin Dance

Here is a video clip of Boris Yeltsin, first
Russian president, dancing on the scene.
8 Russian Crazy Ice Fun

Russian Crazy Ice Fun

Those Russian guys try all their best to break the thin
ice and fall into ice cold water. Often they succeed.
chip tuning
11 Chip Tuning

Chip Tuning

This guy from Russia is fond of making models of cars from
electronic elements. This is one of his latest creations.
sapphire knife
47 Sapphire Knife

Sapphire Knife

Russian guys makes knives made of sapphire. These knives can be easily taken inside the airplane in your handbag, for example if you care about your right to use your knife anywhere you want. These knives cannot be discovered by any sort of metal-detector, they have none metal parts at all. Their blades are being made from artificial sapphire, the same material that
is being used to make non-scratchable watches by leading Swiss brands. Handles are made of the bone. Only diamonds exceed it in the hardness, so anybody can easily make his name carved on the airplanes bull's-eye airplane window. It scratches glass without any difficulty and can be sharpened only with special diamond whetstone.
9 Rainy Day in Riga

Rainy Day in Riga

These days are rainy in Europe.
Particular rainy day in Riga, Latvia.

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