where is georgia?
40 Where Is Georgia?

Where Is Georgia?

Some time ago there was a political conflict between Russian and the small country on its South called “Georgia”. Georgia is a part of former Soviet Union, so most of people there speak Russian and a lot of Georgian people live and work in Russia, because average monthly salary in Georgia doesn’t exceed $30 (compared to $400 in Russia). Also there are some Russian army troops in Georgia since Soviet Union times. So there
was a conflict and major American news agencies mentioned this conflict in their news reports. But it seemed so that some people in USA didn’t understand that there is another Georgia and made a big discussion in Yahoo newsgroups. They were really shocked to learn that USA state Georgia is invaded with Russians. Look this screenshot of Yahoo newsgroups: Comments were like this:
sewerage system of Moscow
5 Moscow Sewerage

Moscow Sewerage

A few Russian bloggers have visited the Moscow sewer system. They made a lot of shots. These are just example what can be seen in Russian capital sewerage. They say it's extremely dangerous to visit this place because sometimes the level of the water
reaches ceilings of this tunnel. They also had an idea to visit this place one with a rafting boat to made extreme shots of underground water racing, but then decided that there are more easy ways to loose one's life.
pobeda car
41 New Old Car Remake: Pobeda

New Old Car Remake: Pobeda

We had here already an article about Volga M6 - a new car made out of two - old Russian Volga 21 and ultra new BMW M6 cabrio. This kind of art seems to be popular in modern Russia so this is another photo
story on the topic. This car was made out of old "Pobeda" car, the predecessor of Volga 21. It was totaly rebuilt and see how it looks like now. This how the car looked before.
St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg
10 Kazan Cathedral in Foam

Kazan Cathedral in Foam

Today is Friday 13th, and somebody in St. Petersburg played a joke on the biggest and most famous cathedral of  St. Petersburg , the Kazan Cathedral. It seems that a few bottles of some dishwashing liquid was
poured into the fountain in the morning. This site attracted a lot of people all across the town together with tourists who have got a rare chance to see the cathedral square covered with foam.
Oktyabrenok star
43 More Soviet Stuff

More Soviet Stuff

This is a collection of Soviet stuff. Just 20 years ago only such things could be bought in shops or were at people’s homes. Nothing different from this could be bought, anything was just in two-three versions, so if you wanted to buy some new coat you could choose only from 3 types of coat, not from thousands like in rest of the world. These
are examples of most typical things in Soviet Russia. I can bet that most of them were in EVERY Soviet house. This star was a compulosry to wear by all Junior Schoolchildren (till the age of 11). There is a portrait of young Lenin on it. This was a typical bottle in wich milk was sold in Soviet Union.
finnish propaganda
121 Finnish Propaganda to Russian Soldiers During WW2

Finnish Propaganda to Russian Soldiers During WW2

During World War 2 Finland was in alliance with Nazi Germany. So Russia fought against Finland too. And here we have interesting photos of Finnish propaganda. Those papers were thrown from the planes across Russian army in order to convince Soviet soldier to surrend. The content of them is really funny. Finland authorities offered things like good food and bottle of vodka to Russians. But it was not so
easy to the Soviet soldiers to accept this proposal. There were special troops that were in front of the main troops that were held with one purpose - to catch everyone who flee to Finland or any other German ally and to shot him down right on the place or throw him in a jail. So it was a tricky game. "Dear Soviet soldiers! Listen to me! I'll tell you something!"
soviet russia
44 Soviet Times 2

Soviet Times 2

This is another post on Soviet thematics. You can see a previous for example here. Now, the collection of photos from the 80s, the period of time when the Soviet Union was near to collapse. The famous "Perestroika" or "Rebuilding" started in 1986 or so. It has been said that it's always darkest before the dawn, see yourself
if this is true for these photos. These photos are from a collection that is targeted on the pre-Democratic period of Soviet Union, taken from different public sources like magazines, newspapers and internet, from both sides - from Soviet and Western.   A soldier and a telephone booth.
shots of russian police people made on streets of russia while travel to russia
34 Russian Police Faces, Part 2

Russian Police Faces, Part 2

This post is some kind of the second part of Russian Police faces shot across Russian cities. If you haven’t seen the previous post on the subject you can view it here under “Russian Police”. All the photos are real, shot by people on the streets, submitted by different visitors. Some photos are by Rullon Oboev. Most of the photos are from Moscow city. People complain in Moscow that the police in the city
consist mostly of the people who came from other more poor parts of Russia, thus these are not faces of Moscow but faces of Russia. Yes, people in Moscow always think that Moscow is some sort of other country. Country in the country. And that's true - it has been said that 90% of Russian money are circulating inside Moscow city, and 90% of these 90% are in the Moscow downtown.
russian brdm now luxury one
30 Pimp Up Your Tank

Pimp Up Your Tank

This vehicle was made from Russian “BRDM”, if to translate literally it is “Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle”, armored scout car made in Russia. There were plenty of such in Arabic countries like Iraq or Iran or Syria also. But this is not a regular military vehicle. It was bought by a Moscow entrepreneur and was pimped up heavily. First of all it is an amphibian vehicle – it can both move by roads and swim by rivers or lakes. It is powered with V8 5.5 diesel engine  to carry its multi ton body across the Russian roads. It has four general wheels  but there are four more, hidden under its bottom, if somebody comes to a road like this he
can push a button and use four additional wheels to make his road. It has of course a multi speaker sound system, GPS navigation, TV, DVD and a periscope to see clearly what’s going on when you are swimming across the nearest lake. Also there is a sonar mounted with which the car owner can monitor the water under his so to say car. Night vision system is there too. The car is fully registred in road inspection so the owner can drive across the normal roads, and then go to the lake for some fishing or water skiing, after that at night he can come to Moscow casino without visiting home.
Harry Potter Russian softdrink
14 Harry Potter Soft Drink

Harry Potter Soft Drink

In some Russian shops nowadays you can buy yourself a bottle of a drink with a Harry Potter portrait on it. I highly doubt if any copyright was reserved, and the most interesting thing is not copyright here. The soft drink with Harry Potter face on it is named "BURATINO". What does this word mean? "BURATINO" is some kind of Russia Pinocchio. Same wooden doll moving around, but his nose doesn't grow when he lies. In Soviet Russia there was a
very popular soft drink named after him. So in modern Russia businessmen try to make their kind of "Buratino" drink so that to play on the nostalgie sense of the elder generation. But this Harry Potter Buratino drink is a mix of two totally different things in one. It's not a Buratino and it's not a Harry Potter. And notice there is somebody from Simpsons is also depicted on this cool drink.

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