0 Zemfira is not fated to become the philosopher.

Zemfira is not fated to become the philosopher.

The most well-known student of philosophical faculty of the Moscow State University is threatened with deduction. Apparently, the singer has decided to study sciences of Aristotel and Gegel in absentia. As "Komsomolskaya Pravda" writes, for all semester she has never appeared at lectures. Moreover - winter session is ignored by Zemfira too. She didn`t come on the examination which was passed on 27th of December, after what a serious conversation with a dean of faculty Vladimir
Vasilevich Mironov existed! He explained to the future philosopher, that the question costed sharply enough: or she undertakes study, or will be deducted. However on the 11th January examination on logic has passed too without Zemfira`s participation, and she has not found time to warn a dean's office about the absence. If student Ramazanova will ignore also the third examination, deduction is inevitable - by the rules of the Moscow State University.
0 “Night patrol-2″ opens its secrets.

“Night patrol-2″ opens its secrets.

Everything, that events on shootings of the second part of the sensational blockbaster " Night patrol ", the director of film Timur Bekmambetov tries to keep a secret from journalists. However some facts nevertheless have filtered into press. More recently a work above a historical prologue to "Night patrol-2" has begun in steppe near Alma-Ata. Under the script a cavalry of legendary Tamerlan storms walls of a fortress in which the "choke of destiny" is stored . To its help Tamerlan is going to change history, having replaced the defeats by victories. In shootings there were nearby 200
person taking part, but in the film they are going to change in three armies! Then action is transferred to 2005. A famous wizard Anton Gorodetsky arrives to Samarkand, searching for the "choke of destiny" too. Gorodetsky is discontented for his son Egor had become Dark Other. The light wizard will search a "choke of destiny" together with the Samarkand brigade of Night patrol. The subject will be found out in tomb of Tamerlan. The most entertainment scene of "Night patrol-2" destruction of hotel "Space" and several more quarters promises to become.
0 Zemfira will act with Queen.

Zemfira will act with Queen.

After a joint performance of Zemfira and Queen at the Russian Music Awards ceremony in the Kremlin and during the afterparty for the musical "We Will Rock You", the English musicians sent the Russian singer an invitation to continue the creative collaboration. The essence of the offer is extremely simple: to continue in the same role, but to a much greater audience. As a concert venue, Queen have suggested the Red Square - it was probably recommended by McCartney as a very good place for
a rock concert. Also, there is even a chance that president Putin will come to listen the concert. Zemfira immediately agreed to Queen`s offer. Now Roger Taylor`s and Bryan May's representatives carry on with negotiations for the formal aspects of the future super-concert. Russia didn`t see Freddie Mercury, but it does not mean that we cannot hear Queen. Perhaps, Zemfira is the correct choice to give us the sensation of real Queen`s magic in Moscow.
1 Samara Region is waiting for invasion of paranormal tourists.

Samara Region is waiting for invasion of paranormal tourists.

Tolyatti ufologists are going to make the Samara Region an experimental platform on introduction of a new tourist direction - paranormal tourism. Authors of the project are assured, that the territory of the region is so rich with various "sign" places, that, having collected them together, it is possible to create high-grade tourist program. And many persons will be interested in taking part in it. So, already on the 16th and 17 of
September the scientifically-cultural forum «Samara the Onions takes place: legends and a reality» in Tolyatti, devoted to the anomalous phenomens in territory of the Samara Region where the tourist program developed by ufologists will be presented. One of the ufologists offers is an organization in "anomalous places" round-small towns to which fans of UFO would be able to spend nights pending aliens.
1 The cave of Kashey Immortal was found In the Tver Region!

The cave of Kashey Immortal was found In the Tver Region!

The governor of the Tver Region Dmitry Zelenin has declared, that the native land of Kashey Immortal will be opened for visiting soon. At press-conference Zelenin has told that his region will develop tourism, using a well-known "fairy brand" for attraction of visitors . In particular, excursion in "Kashey`s Cave" will be offered to tourists near Starica. The governor has told a legend about a local shoemaker who had once met in local stone quarries a monster with burning eyes. "Such in Russian fairy tales Kashey Immortal appears ", - explained Dmitry Zelenin.
Besides on the ancient arms of the city of Staritsa the humpbacked old woman with a cane is represented. In opinion of local regional specialists, which was supported by the governor, it exactly is "that Baba-yaga who helped Ivan Tsarevichu to win Kashey Immortal". Thrown Stareck stone quarrie are themselves interesting object for tourists. There the limestone for construction of many "whitestone" temples in the Tver and Moscow Regions was extracted. They last on more than 30 kilometers and are known for curative air.
0 The Krasnoyarsk sculpture of locksmith Yasha is recognized as the most amusing monument of Russia.

The Krasnoyarsk sculpture of locksmith Yasha is recognized as the most amusing monument of Russia.

In Saint-Petersburg the All-Russia contest of local lore competition "the Amusing monument" was summed up, leaded by the International welfare fund it. Dmitry Lihachev. A problem of competitors was gathering the information on unusual products of a monumental and decoration sculpture in cities and villages of Russia. The funniest sculpture was pronounced a monument in Krasnoyarsk. It portrays an elderly plumber, called “Uncle Yasha” and his young assistant. “Uncle Yasha” is presented as if he is looking out of a sewage well. The monument is located near the local Water and Sewerage Customer Service office (“Vodokanal”). The sculpture of “Uncle Yasha” has a real prototype – it is Yakov Zubkov who joined the service in 1945 and had worked there for about 30 years. The photo of the monument and the story of it was sent to the contest by Krasnoyarsk pupil Elena
Klunduk. The second in the list were a plate with a footprint of the Invisible Man that was located near Yekaterinburg Regional Public Library and a sculpture to a bird from a kid’s song named Chizhik-Pyzhik in Saint-Petersburg. The third position on the list was also given to two monuments – a monument to Vasya the Kitty and a Crow in Voronezh and a composition called “Anton Chekhov in Tomsk through the eyes of a drunken fellow who is lying in a gutter and has never read “Kashtanka””. There is a legend that being in Tomsk Chekhov lost a galosh what let the sculptor Leonty Usov portray the well-known Russian writer barefooted. It is also said that Chekhov did not like the city, and he called it “tiresome and not sober.” Therefore, the author imagined that Tomsk residents saw him through the drunken eyes.
Moscow is a cheap city
4 Moscow is a much cheaper place to live than New York, London or Oslo.

Moscow is a much cheaper place to live than New York, London or Oslo.

Investment bank UBS has carried out the annual international research "the Prices and Salaries " during which there were compared levels and conditions of life in 71 one bigest cities in the world. Experts of UBS compared a prosperity and economic opportunities of inhabitants of the different countries and cities by more than 30 different parameters. Most expensive cities can be found in Northern Europe. The best are in Switzerland. In Moscow there are low prices if to compare with average world levels and low
salaries. The general tendencies are show that in the USA, Northern Europe and Japan its more expensive to live. But also people in this countries get the highest salaries, which are ballanced with high taxes and high costs of an everyday life. In comparison with these countries Moscow far not the most expensive city in the world - in a ranking based on a price level the city is just on 41st place. It's most cheap to live in Latin America, India and Southeast Asia. Want to move there?
The government has decided to enter UGE in all territory of the Russian Federation  
0 The government has decided to enter UGE in all territory of the Russian Federation

The government has decided to enter UGE in all territory of the Russian Federation

   The government of the Russian Federation has approved introduction of uniform graduation examination (UGE) in territory of Russia with 2009 year. As the chapter has informed journalists Minobrnauki Andrey Fursenko, corresponding amendments to the bill about UGE have been approved at session of the government.   Besides the given bill assumes introduction of additional tests at receptions in the largest high schools of the country.
A.Fursenko has noted, that the government will define the list of such high schools. Also the bill assumes expansion of admittance of students in high schools by results of the All-Russia Olympiads.   Minister has specified, that the list of such Olympiads also will be expanded, considering experience of carrying out of corresponding actions by such high schools, as the Moscow State University and MGTU it. Bauman.


In a criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, located in Zhitnoj Street, Moscow, the safe with documents relating to an ongoing investigation has gone missing. Whoever is found to be responsible will face severe punishment. Two safes with confidential documents relating to ongoing investigations by a criminal investigation department have thrown out by mistake during office renovations. The safes were left temporarily in a
corridor by the workers renovating the building. They lowered them into a court yard, and from there, believing them to be thrown out, military men tasked with removing rubbish and property that was no longer wanted from the building, have carried them to the scrap metal pile together with the classified documents stored them. When it was necessary to use the documents again, the mistake was found out, the safes were no longer present.
Kafelnikov is recognized in non-payment of taxes
0 Kafelnikov is recognized in non-payment of taxes

Kafelnikov is recognized in non-payment of taxes

  Russian tennis player, Evgenie Kafelnikov, well-known in the past, has recognized that tax claims of authorities of the Swiss city of Melin are quite proved. He was the first professional tennis player in the world to be accused of non-payment of almost 150 thousand local francs (about 100 thousand euro), says the edition
of News. "It would be silly to say that is not true, - Kafelnikov has noted. - I did not pay taxes to Switzerland for a year or two. For this delay comes even more penalty ". Local tax bodies have seized the house of the sportsman in Мелине which, according to authorities, is up for sale.

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