biggest coal mine
20 Biggest Hole in the Ground

Biggest Hole in the Ground

The places on the photos is 2000 ft  (700m) deep hole in the ground. It’s called Korkinsk Coal Mine – the deepest and largest in Europe open coal mine and second largest in the
world. Miles of rails, hundreds of electro trains and giant excavators work in this place. That’s probably one of the biggest hand made things on the Earth.
21 Russian Car Ad

Russian Car Ad

This car model, VAZ 2109, was designed in late 70s, but this ad is from 90s.
From Russian main TV channels. Can such ad motivate you buy something?
russian hunt
5 Russian Hunt

Russian Hunt

This is probably how contemporary
Russian hunters chase their victims?
russian roads
18 Russian Roads 9

Russian Roads 9

We often show you Russian roads. Now
Russian roads from Ukraine.
gazprom building
22 Russian Gazprom Building

Russian Gazprom Building

"Gazprom" is the biggest Russian corporation, worth over $200 billion, translated as "Gas Production". It serves gas and oil to the whole Europe, people in Russia often make jokes that Gazprom keeps Russia just like a servant for itself, and if there would be some need for "Gazprom" to join Europe to Russian Federation it would be done next day without any problems because all the Europe depends on Russian gas. Also some analytics say that Putin after his
presidency ends would head Gazprom. So here are the projects of Gazprom main corporate building in St. Petersburg (they have already a complex in Moscow). People of St. Petersburg demand to stop this projects in coming to life because they want to preserve "cultural and architectural unity of the city". But if Gazprom wants something nobody can say something to it. Look what they going to build in St. Petersburg:
ice bar
11 Russian Ice Bar

Russian Ice Bar

It's so cold in winter in Northern Russia that people in St. Petersburg decided not to waste money on
heating their bar and made a bar made solely from ice. You can enter for a fee of $12.
soviet carpets
40 Soviet Propaganda… Carpets

Soviet Propaganda… Carpets

Do you use carpets in your home? Want to see how carpets looked in
Soviet homes? Here they are, right from the Soviet Museum:
Kazakhstan, 70s
16 Kazakhstan at 70s

Kazakhstan at 70s

It has been said on some news sites today that people of the village named Gold located in Romania (which is 2000 away from Kazahstan and in Europe) try to sue "Borat" movie creators in court of New York. They claim that they were told it's a just a documentary about poverty in Romania, and were shocked when they found themselves in a comedy movie about... Kazakhstan. I don't know how big are their odds to win the case, but here are
the photos of Kazakhstan 30 years ago, from Soviet archives at Soviet Museum. Soviet chronicles of course tried to tape mostly the merits leaving behind all the poverty etc. Still Kazakhstan even at that time had industry and was famous for its coal mining and cotton production. Also I've read on different websites that Borat is speaking Hebrew to his fellow villagers in the movie trailer.
opel vectra ad
3 Ad on Bus

Ad on Bus

Such ad of Opel has been spotted on
streets of an Ukrainian city.
Russian art
10 Works of Jogin

Works of Jogin

"Smoking is bad for your memory" These are
some sample works of Russian guy Jogin.

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