20 Ukrainian Army Promotional Ad

Ukrainian Army Promotional Ad

And while they are playing in 3D shooters in Russian army, there is a need in even
more soldiers in Ukraine army so they make such promo-videos for Army service.
11 Russian Army 3D Shooter

Russian Army 3D Shooter

We've seen bad things in Russian army, but this is kind of creative.
Russian guy in army imitates a 3D shooter game like Doom or Quake.

9 Russian IL-96 Plane Cockpit Shots

Russian IL-96 Plane Cockpit Shots

Many of us have seen already Boeing cockpit shots. And now meet its Russian brother - IL-96 300. Its interior not so stylish like
Boeing's, looks a little bit like inside of some military tank, but Russian engineers made it to last not to please.

33 Russian Ads by Mr.Evil

Russian Ads by Mr.Evil

These are works of Russian net-artist Mr.Evil. He often published his own view on different things in Russia, including these ads. A few days ago he was visited by people from Russian police. All his printed works were
confiscated and he was told not to leave the city or he would regret a lot. That's a real story of a real person, happening these days in Russia. The ad above is for Russian cloths brand "Extra".
vodka copying
4 Vodka Copying Machine

Vodka Copying Machine

Some Russian people would gladly have such a device at their home or at
office. It could save so many of their family budget each evening.

4 Alice in Wonderland Moscow Graffiti

Alice in Wonderland Moscow Graffiti

Some graffiti from a common Russian suburb multi-stored buildings yard, which differs from
many others with its manner and that it is based on famous Alice in Wonderland story.
10 Ice and Snow Sculptures in Petrozavodsk

Ice and Snow Sculptures in Petrozavodsk

  These days there was a lot of snow all over USA and Russia, so many people post the things they make from it. And here is
a photoset from Russian city Petrozavodsk in Karelia, about the contest for the best snow or ice thing you can make.
16 Russian Wedding. Hardcored.

Russian Wedding. Hardcored.

A video from the Russian
wedding. A little bit unusual

30 First Russian Pig in Space

First Russian Pig in Space

Before sending the first human Yuri Gagarin to space, Russian scientists made a lot of experiments with animals. The most well known are two dogs who were sent in Russian rocket just before the first human made his flight. This launch of the first space pig is less known to public,
and in this Year of the Pig according to Oriental calendar, we can commemorate this brave pioneer of Russian space science. And look how this hero is treaded with humanity - they gave him some wine before the launch in order to bring it in relaxed state.
secret russian document
52 Secret Russian Plans

Secret Russian Plans

According to this top secret Russian document, which was unclassified recently Soviet military engineers were planning complete removal of North American continent. Translation of the document: "KGB, Soviet Union. Top Secret. Moscow. February 26, 1973 This
is a scheme of a assumed changes in geographical structure of Earth continents which may happen as a result of correction of gravity field of the Earth by the A-241/BIS device [scheme] KGB General Chief Andropov [signature] "

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