6 Georgian Police

Georgian Police

Georgia, Southern neighbour of Russia,
ex-USSR member. Meet Georgian policemen.
45 Moscow Is Being Built

Moscow Is Being Built

Moscow is being built at a very rapid rate these days. In Russia there is no any other big city like Moscow, there is no such a diversity of big cities like in the USA - Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, etc - only Moscow is the one place in Russia where all the main offices of all the big companies reside, where is all the politicians live and work and to where all the people from smaller towns go to climb the social stairs. As we mentioned once
Russians say that 90% of money that are in circulation in Russia are in Moscow, and then they add that 90% of those 90% is in the centre of Moscow. So it's no secret why Moscow is being developed so fast. This Russian blogger Russos got himself on the top of the building "Federation Tower", that should be the tallest building in Europe when finished. He shot views of Moscow in all the directions and here are those photos.
11 Some Yeltsin Photos

Some Yeltsin Photos

Today Boris Yeltsin's 76th birthday, he was the First Russian president, the true Russian who was often drunk on public and not shy of it. This days when the president of Russia
is another man, some people can't decide who was the better, they say they had a glance of freedom during that time. We have some photos of this glorious man.
15 Ukrainian Students

Ukrainian Students

What do Ukrainian
students do in
3d touchpad
5 3D Touchpad from Ukraine

3D Touchpad from Ukraine

An inventor from Ukraine designed another gadget to control your computer: It looks mainly like an usual touch pad installed in
most of laptops but it can catch the movement of your hands in 3D without touching the surface of the pad itself.
mendeleev's house

31 Mendeleev’s House

Mendeleev’s House

Dmitri Mendeleev was a Russian chemist. He is credited as being the primary creator of the first version of the periodic table of elements. Unlike other contributors to the table, Mendeleev predicted the properties of elements yet to be discovered. There is a legend about how he has discovered this table. According to this legend he was trying to figure out the table for many weeks but couldn't get all the elements in one table. So he was very tired and exhausted so got a little nap, and during this nap he have got the
dream. In this dream he has clearly seen the periodic table of elements in three dimensions. Everything was structured and brilliantly looking. Not only the known and already discovered elements, which have already got their names, were on this table, but the previously unknown elements which didn't have the names and were not discovered for that time, they were discovered only years later. All he had to do is to wake up and write everything down. So he woke up and the table was ready.
moscow city
8 Snowmen in Moscow

Snowmen in Moscow

A crowd of snowmen invaded
centre of Moscow city.
19 Another Truck Without A Wheel

Another Truck Without A Wheel

That's another example of a truck on Russian roads,
without a wheel. Now it goes without a forward wheel.
russian highway
13 Death Highway: St. Petersburg – Moscow

Death Highway: St. Petersburg – Moscow

Did you know that the main highway in Russia, connecting two biggest cities Moscow city and St. Petersburg has only two lanes, with only a few sections with 3-4 lanes, mainly closer to Moscow and St. Petersburg. It's length is more than 300 miles (700 km) and
it's overloaded all the time, no matter you go though it in the daytime or at night. Now, when the snow finally appeared in Western Russia, the traffic on this number one federal highway causes things like this happen every few miles.
7 Ambulance Has Priority

Ambulance Has Priority

This video starts with a short passage on Russian. The ambulance driver complains that some drivers don't make way for them
when they go on emergency calls. Then the journalist joins them and.... totally unpredictable thing happens.

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