russian sms worker
4 Fun monuments 5

Fun monuments 5

This is a monument back from Soviet era, probably from 1960s, submitted by Palych.
Some say it looks like a worker guy types a text message on his cell phone.
22 Another Russian Drank a Bottle at Once

Another Russian Drank a Bottle at Once

From the last post where student has drank a bottle of vodka at once it can be understood that some people simply can't believe that someone can get the bottle at once without a stop for a
less than 30 seconds. So here is another more skilled guy from post Soviet country who drinks a bottle at once without any problem. It's real for Russian people to do this.
13 Lada vs Ferrari vs Porsche

Lada vs Ferrari vs Porsche

Have you seen the previous post about the Baku racing? They in Baku mostly use Lada's, the Russian Cars. Here
are the videos where the pimped up Ladas rock. The first video clip above was Lada vs Porsche.
russian caviar wending machine
11 Russian Caviar Vending Machine

Russian Caviar Vending Machine

In modern Russia there are caviar vending machines. Really. That's something that
really is only Russian. Where else in the world can you see caviar vending machines?
baku racing
9 Baku Racing

Baku Racing

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. Yes, it's somewhere near Kazakhstan. So
today we have a racing heroes from Baku. Here are some of them:
34 A Bottle of Vodka in 30 Seconds

A Bottle of Vodka in 30 Seconds

In this video Russian student drank a bottle of vodka in one sip, then the video shows him
after 50 minutes. It's a Russian thing to be able to drink so much at once without a stop...
24 Abandoned Pushkin Monument

Abandoned Pushkin Monument

Max967 has found this abandoned monument of the great Russian poet and writer Alexandr Pushkin. Read more...
russian car
22 Can You Handle It?

Can You Handle It?

Can your car handle so much? It's common for some Southern Russians to load their cars to such a state
maximum. Usually it happens in Southern ex-Soviet countries but sometimes you can meet it even in Moscow.
roads in ukraine
11 More Soviet Roads

More Soviet Roads

More roads of ex-Soviet Union, again from
Ukraine. This one looks really crazy.
russian iphone
9 iPhone, Russian Edition

iPhone, Russian Edition

Today all the Internet communities discuss the iPhone that was announced by Apple. Many people are really sad that they can buy it only
from June in USA and only at the end of the year in Europe. So Russian guys started getting their way of iphones already now.

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