14 Once in Russian Subway

Once in Russian Subway

The security cam video of a less fortunate video from Russia subway,
or probably she has done it on purpose. Press play to watch.
9 Four Suns in Russia

Four Suns in Russia

One guy from Russia has made a video of a strange effect in the skies - instead of
one Sun there are clearly visible one the brightest and three "additional" suns..
russian dogs in space 1

27 First Russian Space Dogs

First Russian Space Dogs

We had first Russian space pig a few day ago. Ok now it's turn for Russian space dogs. There were a lot of them. Before the first human has traveled to space and back there were twenty nine launches with dogs. Ten dogs died,
saving the life to the first human offering Russian space scientists invaluable data on how all the systems of the ship behave during the space flight, launch and its landing. Some dogs even had a few flights.

50 Soviet Russian Photos Correction

Soviet Russian Photos Correction

People say that some pictures from the past might be photoshoped. Yes it can be true. But what is the truth anyways? Was the "authentic" photos from times passed long time ago always authentic and true? Here are a few examples of how Soviet authorities "photoshopped" their photo-chronicles without even using this popular Adobe software. And the whole word got those
images as true and authentic. On the pic above you can see Stalin and co. going for the walk, on the image to the right there are four people and to the left.. three are left. And look how did they manage to recreate the background. This one, from the left part, was published officially. And the guy who is missing was executed.
39 Combination Of Russian Army Bad Things

Combination Of Russian Army Bad Things

It seems that today is Russian army day... No, it's tomorrow. Tomorrow, February 23rd - is officially celebrated all around Russia "Day of Russian Defender" or "Army Day" as it was called before. It is an official day-off for all governmental offices, banks, schools, universities etc. Many privately owned organizations also
don't work at this day. It's a tradition to make presents to Russian men from Russian women at this day. What do they celebrate? They celebrate glory of Russian army. Does America has such a holiday, eh? This video is also some kind of a present for this day from people collecting army videos.
20 Ukrainian Army Promotional Ad

Ukrainian Army Promotional Ad

And while they are playing in 3D shooters in Russian army, there is a need in even
more soldiers in Ukraine army so they make such promo-videos for Army service.
11 Russian Army 3D Shooter

Russian Army 3D Shooter

We've seen bad things in Russian army, but this is kind of creative.
Russian guy in army imitates a 3D shooter game like Doom or Quake.

9 Russian IL-96 Plane Cockpit Shots

Russian IL-96 Plane Cockpit Shots

Many of us have seen already Boeing cockpit shots. And now meet its Russian brother - IL-96 300. Its interior not so stylish like
Boeing's, looks a little bit like inside of some military tank, but Russian engineers made it to last not to please.

33 Russian Ads by Mr.Evil

Russian Ads by Mr.Evil

These are works of Russian net-artist Mr.Evil. He often published his own view on different things in Russia, including these ads. A few days ago he was visited by people from Russian police. All his printed works were
confiscated and he was told not to leave the city or he would regret a lot. That's a real story of a real person, happening these days in Russia. The ad above is for Russian cloths brand "Extra".
vodka copying
4 Vodka Copying Machine

Vodka Copying Machine

Some Russian people would gladly have such a device at their home or at
office. It could save so many of their family budget each evening.

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