russian car with stalin aerography  1

54 Stalin Car

Stalin Car

How should Russian car paintings look like? Vodka? Stalin? Yes Stalin.
This oldtimer has a perfect Soviet Stalin connection on its exterior.
13 Can You Do This?

Can You Do This?

Look what can do a guy
from the Russian village.
30 SU-30 New Russian Jet

SU-30 New Russian Jet

New Russian jet SU-30 with
"thrust-vectoring technology".
russian saucers 1

14 Russian Ufo Hits Back

Russian Ufo Hits Back

So Russian UFO photos again. Now with more details.
Probably it's some kind of military dirigibles?
russian dogs cloths
24 Dogs Fashion

Dogs Fashion

So people adapted to live at Northern climate conditions using warm cloths and thick brick walls. How about dogs? Yes there are dogs that can stand all the cold dangers
of Siberia but small domestic dogs need special clothings so when they go out they do wear it. Just a shot from Russian winter streets by Genadi Garbuzov.
russian wine 1

23 Boycott of Wine

Boycott of Wine

Russian government has declared a boycott for wine from Moldova, so they confiscated all the Molodova wine in Moscow and put in one place and then used tractors to destroy it. But tractor is not so perfect in
this job so there was left a lot of leftovers which attracted locals for some free wine. Pics and videos are below. Even policemen were interested in bottle or two of some illegal wine.
11 What a Laugh

What a Laugh

Russian girl
laughs a lot.
yeltsin last photos 1

23 Last Shots of Yeltsin

Last Shots of Yeltsin

These shots are made yesterday at the Moscow church where the body of Yeltsin
lies and people come to pay him a last visit. Photos by Mitya Aleshkovski
27 Yeltsin


Yesterday Mr. Yeltsin, first president of Russia passed out. Let's remember just a bit of him in
this funny way in these videos. We had most of them so it kind of repost. R.I.P.
russian love story 1

25 Love Story

Love Story

This could be a perfect love story but stars were not at
the right position on the skies. And too much vodka.

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