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22 Don’t Feed Them

Don’t Feed Them

Now in some Russian zoo's when you enter them you are advised to put on a special mask. In order not to shock the animals with your too
humanish look. And whole families including toddlers rush through zoos in those masks. Sign on the house says "Don't feed the animals".
6 Prophetic Postcards Back From 1914

Prophetic Postcards Back From 1914

This is a series of old postcards back from 1914 describing their look in future of Moscow city. Authors in 1914 tried to figure out how would their city look after 100-200-300 years from then. We now can see were they
successful or not. The picture above shows how should look one of Moscow highways in 200 years after 1914. It should be totally polished with an ice so that ultramodern air-motored sleighs could glide fast and easy.

17 Painted Houses of Borovsk

Painted Houses of Borovsk

People of this small Russian town Borovsk are fond of painting their houses with different kind of stories. Some prefer pictures from
past, some are more modern oriented. Visitors of the city can get a special map with all the sites of interest across the town.
22 Lenin and Leonardo Di Caprio

Lenin and Leonardo Di Caprio

Some people say that Lenin
looks like Di Caprio.
26 Some of Russian Airports

Some of Russian Airports

Some airports of Russia. Just amateur shots of them. The shot above is
one of Moscow airports. There are a few of them in Moscow.  

34 Helicopter in the Forest

Helicopter in the Forest

One Russian hunter went for a hunt deep in Russian woods and found a small (just 1
building) abandoned military place with a glorious abandoned military helicopter.

74 Solarium Ad in Moscow

Solarium Ad in Moscow

This is how solarium spas for white-skinned people are being advertised on Moscow streets. The sign on the guy's
chest/back says "I got my skin tanned in this solarium, go visit it too". What can you say about it?
strange creature, fish
54 Strange Creature from Azov

Strange Creature from Azov

Fishermen from Rostov region, Russia have caught strange creature from the local Azov sea. They were so shocked
about the creature, it was moaning like a human, not as fish, weighed 200 pounds and was rotating its eyeballs.

119 Battle For Staliningrad

Battle For Staliningrad

In Russian schools kids are being taught that the ... in the World War II has happened after the "Battle for Staliningrad". After this battle it has become possible for Russian troops to reorganize and pass to the offensive. No Russian would you every believe that D-Day was something meaningful in the World War II,
according to the point of view of every average Russian who studied history at Secondary School - the only power in the World War II who win the war was the Soviet Union. A few days ago there was 64th anniversary of this "Staliningrad Battle", and here is a little photo chronicles from that event.
11 How to Drill a Square Hole

How to Drill a Square Hole

Ever wondered how to make a
perfect square-shaped hole?

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