russian federal highway 1

22 More Federal Highways Please

More Federal Highways Please

Do you remember the monstrous highway connecting Moscow and Omsk? This one is much better
so trucks misuse the benefits with overspeeding often. This one was also similar.
russian kid playgrounds 1

29 Creepy Playgrounds 2

Creepy Playgrounds 2

We had already creepy playgrounds from Russian
cities here, this is a second part. Enjoy.
29 Mig-29 Close Ups

Mig-29 Close Ups

An impressive amateur video of MIG-29 fighter
made by another pilot from the cockpit.
russian icon
17 Holy Spade

Holy Spade

You can meet not only computer stuff decorated in Russia. In some Russian villages really weird things can carry the picture of some Holy Saint on it.
Like this spade with an icon of Russian Christian Holy Monk on it. Now being sold in some antique store for 123 Euro (around 150 dollars).
russian computer mices 1

44 Russian Style Computer Accessories

Russian Style Computer Accessories

There was a computer's convention CEBIT 2007 in Germany. One Russian company presented its
collection of computer accessories, mouses, keyboards etc decorated in Russian style.
9 Russian Cars at Crash Tests

Russian Cars at Crash Tests

Would you dare to drive a car that looks like this after the crash test? Those are regular European crash tests in which passengers should
survive nicely if buckled up. The car above is GAZ 3110 "Volga" which is one of the most widely used car in Russia for taxi cabs.
mordor disco 1

26 Mordor Disco

Mordor Disco

I have already mentioned the construction of this building in the center of Moscow city, the "Federation Tower". It is planned to be the tallest building in Russia and in all Europe upon the completion. And now they decided to attract more attention to it by installing a very
strong rotating lightning equipment on the top of the building that is still in construction to attract sights of city dwellers and visitor at nights. Some people in Moscow call this "Mordor Disco" finding the similarities with "Lord of the Rings" Mordor castle.
russian bird
50 Frozen Bird

Frozen Bird

Some say that winters are cold in Russia, but
probably only birds know how COLD it is.
russian beach
36 Russian Beach

Russian Beach

A real Russian would not like to go to the beach without a bottle or
two. As a result of such a habit there are A LOT of bottles left behind.
valentina tereshkova
117 Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova, she was the first Russian female astronaut, and the
first woman ever to fly in space in 1963. That's one of her rare photos.

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