homeless kids in St. Petersburg 1

19 Homeless Children of St.Petersburg

Homeless Children of St.Petersburg

Photos of homeless kids
in St. Petersburg :(
storm in Birsk 1

12 Storm in Birsk

Storm in Birsk

These are photos showing the consequences of the storm wind in town of Birsk in Russia. It's not tornado or something just very strong wind. The most
interesting thing about it that there was nothing about this even in the news of Russian main TV channels, nobody knows about this in the country.
20 Russian Culture Lesson

Russian Culture Lesson

A video from a lecture on culture in one of the Russian colleges. Sorry without a translation but you can
get the main things without a translation here. The lecturer is the professor of culture studies.
24 Road to President

Road to President

Usually Moscow roads during the busy work day or even at weekends look like on the pic above. But when The President needs to pass through Moscow streets thousands of policemen clear up Moscow streets fully blocking them from access of any
cars, causing multi miles traffic jams in nearby streets, sometimes for hours. On the photos below you can see how the regular streets of Moscow look before the Russian president's motorcade and during its ride thru Moscow:
russian police car with usa plates
34 Russian Police with American Plates

Russian Police with American Plates

Some Russian patrol cars
have New York plates now..
Russian Winter 1

66 Real Russian Winter

Real Russian Winter

You think that you have seen a lot of snow in winter?
How about this "lotsa snow" - during Russian winter?
techno nest made from wires with eggs 1

18 Wired Eggs

Wired Eggs

One Russian IT guy has found such nest on the warehouse of his company. As he says a pigeon has made a nest from short wires scattered
around the warehouse. He was keeping his eye on this nest and one day real eggs have appeared in this wired nest. Amazing.
old time russian soldiers
7 Old Time Fun

Old Time Fun

It seems that even 100 years ago
Russian soldiers had some fun.
russian ATM with pirated copy of windows installed 1

47 ATM with Pirated Windows

ATM with Pirated Windows

In Russian you can sometimes meet pirated copy of Windows even on ATM. It warns that
this copy of Windows need activation and the work of ATM gets interrupted.
burned down dodge viper in russia 1

28 666 Plates

666 Plates

This was a Dodge Viper in Russian city Kostroma. And it carried plates with "666"
number. Some may not liked it too much considering it to be devil's breed.

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