eiffel tower made of matches
58 Eiffel Tower Made of Matches

Eiffel Tower Made of Matches

A guy from Ukraine, Alexandr Pashkevich, has made a model of Eiffel Tower from matches. The height of the structure is 3,3 ft (1 meter) and it consits
of 15 000 different details made from 7464 matches. More than that there is a illumination in the tower, made of numerous LEDs.
14 Tiger Walking in Russian Village

Tiger Walking in Russian Village

Some think that there are bears walking around Russian cities freely. It's not true. There are no bears, there are... TIGERS! Meet this video made in a Siberian village by a surveillance cam of a Siberiat tiger walking freely across the
village at night. It's not some kind of tiger that ran off from the Zoo, it's a specie of tigers that live in Siberia, so to called "Ussuri" or Amur Tigers. They don't afraid extreme colds of Russian winter.
first russian cd
21 First Russian CD

First Russian CD

These are photos of first Russian CD. In Russia common people didn't have cd players untill mid 90s, so in later 80s there were no Russian music discs at all. This was the first one produced by Russian music company
"Melodia". You can read the contents on the pictures - it was both on English and Russian language because it was mainly for export - nobody in Russia was in need of cd's. Photos by Gyuri from Hungary.
19 Russian Reality Show

Russian Reality Show

Recently reality shows became popular in Russia too. Many youngsters watch them daily. This one is the most popular and the longest going. It has started more than 2 years ago
and devoted to a group of young people in search of love. It's even called so "Dom 2: New Love". Here are the bright moments of the show for new love search.
uncle sam
29 Uncle Sam was friend of Russian Ivan

Uncle Sam was friend of Russian Ivan

It's interesting but just before the communist got to power as a result of October Revolution of 1917, there was a USA friendly propaganda in Russia. For example this poster is from 1917, a few
months before the communist's takeover. It says: "Friends-Democrats - Uncle Sam and Ivan". But just a few month later uncle Sam became a negative hero and stayed so 70 years.
triple core processor
18 Triple Core Proccessor

Triple Core Proccessor

Here is the Euclide Core 3 Processor Kit, Core 3 Trio. That could be a big sensation. A new triple core processor appeared in Russia. Look at the
package and it's contents on those pictures. It promises triple performance for all things you usually do. It's name is Euclid Core 3.
39 Drunk Russian Girls

Drunk Russian Girls

In Russia vodka drinking is a viral thing. Little kids see their parents drinking each time, each weekend, each holiday, so they are getting used to the idea that there is not ever a
party without a big big vodka drink. So then when they learn to walk by themselves and can buy things they go straight to buy alcohol. That's what it look likes here.
12 Russian Boys Dance

Russian Boys Dance

An amateur video of more Russian
teenagers dancing to different music.
van cabrio, russian
13 Russian Cabrio Van

Russian Cabrio Van

When you can't afford a simple cabrio or when it's simply not enough seats
for all your friends you can order a Russian van cabrio from GAZ.
wooden skyscraper, Arkhangelsk, Russia
35 Russian Wooden Highscraper

Russian Wooden Highscraper

Today we have hand made stories. Another one is submitted by Timo. This one is really strange. It is a wooden multi-stored building. It looks like a real skyscraper in Arkhangelsk city. All the houses in the town are mainly two- three- stored and here it stands - a twelve stored wooden tower, more than 120 ft high (38 metres). There is not elevator and you
can reach the top of the building climbing by a carved wooden stairs. The building can be seen from all the town. The city authorities claim that the building spoils the town view and demand to reduce it by... 10 stores. But he refuses. He really likes his creation and most of the local people think that it looks nice.

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