Moscow back from 1967 1

65 Moscow 1967

Moscow 1967

These are color photos of Moscow
back from 1967 scanned by Valkorn.
Russian AK-47 Vodka 1

30 AK-47 Russian Vodka

AK-47 Russian Vodka

Now in Russia you can buy vodka
bottle which looks like AK-47 gun.
russian snipers from ww2 1

52 Russian Snipers from WW2

Russian Snipers from WW2

Today they celebrate Victory in World War 2 in Russia. These
are photos of Russian snipers back from WW2. Even ladies.
moscow flood at 1908 1

16 Moscow Flood at 1908

Moscow Flood at 1908

These are rare photos of the flood
happened in Moscow at 1908.
cats in russian mcdonalds
59 Once in McDonalds 2

Once in McDonalds 2

On the May 1st, 2007 a group of young men entered one of McDonalds fast-foods in Moscow with a few dark bags. Nobody knew that in a few minutes they would take out of these bags a few cats and would start throwing these cats throughout the counter inside the McDonalds kitchen shouting "Free cashier". A few minutes later police arrived and arrested them together with a few cats as a clue
for investigation. This is the only photo from that event, it is not photoshop or something. People who participated in this didn't belong to any "no-meat-eaters" or "anti global corporations" movements, and indeed they were not from the "no-animal-cruelty" society. They are artists from an underground movement and have done it as the pure act of art.
russian swings
10 Swings – 1944

Swings – 1944

This is another shot from World War 2. The children swings for Russian boy are
installed on the Nazi cannon which is left by German troops in Soviet village.
faces of Russian people 1

67 Faces of Russia 2

Faces of Russia 2

Sometimes we publish faces of different Russian people. These type of
people are very common in smaller cities but can be met in Moscow too.
train crash in Ukraine 1

13 Train Crash in Ukraine

Train Crash in Ukraine

These are photos from train crash made by passengers. Actually it hasn't crashed in
any other train or something it has just come out of the rails for some reasons.
Belarusian movie posters 1
69 Belarusian Movie Posters

Belarusian Movie Posters

  Some people call Belarus "The last and only dictatorship in Europe", well today we have some posters from this unique country. These are posters for Hollywood movies made for the cinemas
of Belarus capital city Minsk. The first one above is for the movie "50 First Dates" with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, you can see their faces clearly on this poster.
Russian fortifications from WW2 1

13 Russian Fortications from World War 2

Russian Fortications from World War 2

These are photos of fortified structures scattered in the forests around St. Petersburg
and Kronstadt island which were used in the World War 2 and some in World War 1.

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