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12 Wooden “Half-Bridge” Project

Wooden “Half-Bridge” Project

  Deep inside Russian countryside there is a place with a strange object. It's made solely of wood and is called "The Half-Bridge of Hope". It looks like a wooden bridge from one side of hill to another which
suddenly finishes on its half. It has no any logical meaning or practical purpose, just stands in one of numerous Russian villages as an art object, made of wood as everything other around it.
new lexus smashed in Russia 1

30 Lexus Smashed with Tractor on Purpose

Lexus Smashed with Tractor on Purpose

You better do not park your new Lexus while
on travel to Russia in wrong places!
russia sparta
12 Russian Sparta

Russian Sparta

A compilation of scenes of Russian life with the
soundtrack of "300" movie trailer. Take a look.
electronical bong for smoking 1

15 Electronic Smoking Device

Electronic Smoking Device

One of the hi-tech labs in Russia is going to launch a mass production of Electronic Smoking Device (ESD). It comes with software (Cyrillic
screenshot below) and can be connected to USB port of any PC. It uses vacuum method and can be loaded with water for suction power.
good night kids tv show 1

55 Russian TV Show for Kids

Russian TV Show for Kids

This is "Good Night Kids" TV-show, one of the most popular and the oldest kids tv-show in Russia, back since Soviet Times. It's being conducted by a lady surrounded with two or three moving and speaking dolls. Since 2003 there is Miss Universe 2002 Oxana
Fedorova works on constant basis. But less people and kids know how the show is being made. It stays so since its early time of Soviet television, still stays unchanged. On the photo below you can see how do they animate the dolls.
russian fun to walk on  1

20 Another Teenage Russian Fun

Another Teenage Russian Fun

Another strange fun of Russian young people. In city of Tomsk they walk on the handrail of the bridge above the river, 60
ft (20 meters) tall, without any security ropes or any other stuff. Just fully dressed, both girls and boys.
st.petersburg, russia 1

24 St. Petersburg Streets

St. Petersburg Streets

Sometimes streets of St. Petersburg, one of the most
beautiful Russian cities, look like this.
Helicopter Crash in st. petersburg video
11 Helicopter Crash in St. Petersburg Video

Helicopter Crash in St. Petersburg Video

Yesterday a helicopter felt down near St.
Petersburg, somebody got this on video.
new fun of Russian teenagers 1

29 Russian Teenage Fun

Russian Teenage Fun

People say that in some big Russian cities a flipped upside-down cars
started to appear. They say it's a new fun of Russian teenagers at night.
russian jet on-ground torpedoes 1

9 On-ground Torpedo

On-ground Torpedo

Usually torpedoes are underwater missiles fired by ships. But during World War 2 in Russia there were on-ground torpedoes fired manually by people. They were made right on place with crafty Russian soldiers - the stabilizers were
carved of wood and mounted to the normal cannon shell. Then molten TNT was poured inside of the shell in order to fire it. Today by the way is 66th anniversary of the beginning of the war by Germany against Russia.

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