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8 Winter Today

Winter Today

I bet most of our readers enjoy warm spring these days. But how about Russia? Do they also enjoy first green leaves and
bright rays of the sun? Look at those photos submitted by Hrenovina today, shot also today at city Ufa in Russia.
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10 Car Under Ice

Car Under Ice

We had today fishermen's car swimming on top of
ice-foe, now another car - under the ice.
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4 Car on Ice

Car on Ice

Maybe you have heard sometimes stories how fishermen go fishing on ice and then the part of ice shrinks and goes for some free swimming in the open seas. At least in Russia
this happen this all the time in springs, many fishermen find themselves in such situations like here on photos. A piece of ice and the car - in the open waters.
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8 Moto Car?

Moto Car?

Is that what supposed to
be called "moto-car"?
volgograd monument \
43 Kiev “Mother Motherland” Monument

Kiev “Mother Motherland” Monument

  This is "Mother Motherland" monument in Kiev city, Ukraine. It is already 40 years old and at the moment it was finished it was the tallest statue in the world. It is taller than the Statue of
Liberty in New York. These photos by black_jester are made on top of the statue showing you it as most up-close as possible and also the panoramic view of the Volgograd city can be seen.
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47 Russia Early 80s

Russia Early 80s

These are some illustrations from the book "The Russians" by Alexandr Kalion, submitted by
Hex. These are Russian people of early 80s, right before the collapse of USSR.
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34 Moscow Weather

Moscow Weather

This is how weather changes these days in Moscow city during just a few hours. The
photo above was made at 11.00am and the next photo is made same day at 15:00.
lenin's monument
9 Lenin Monument, Egypt Style

Lenin Monument, Egypt Style

Lenin's monument in Egypt style by some famous
Soviet-Russia sculptor. It's a pity it wasn't built.
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8 How To Save on Construction Crane

How To Save on Construction Crane

How to save while building on a big construction crane? The rent of such machine is usually expensive, so some Russian people
found a way how to save on its costs. What did they do? They put on the top of the roof a small car-crane. Look:
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44 Pink Ladies Set

Pink Ladies Set

A new sets now available for Russian ladies in stores. Every lady can find all the tools in one
delicious pink handbag for her everyday needs. Inscription on the set: "Tools for Ladies. 11 pcs."

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