Shark Phone Booth 6

20 Shark Phone Booth

Shark Phone Booth

A Russian street artist Renald from Petrozavodsk,
Russia turns random phone booths into sharks.
russian budget race 1

17 Russian Budget Racing

Russian Budget Racing

Car racing is an expensive sports, everybody knows that. You need to spend thousands dollars after each round to repair and tune up your racing car. Racing teams rely on rich supporters. But people in smaller Russian cities can't afford this, does it mean they are deprived of the possibility to race?
These guys from Yekaterinburg, Russia make their races in their own way, on a small playground in the middle of the neighborhood, surrounded by living blocks. Another strange fact about this race that according to the photos most of the viewers are military and/or policemen.
40 Russian African Soldiers

Russian African Soldiers

Now there are African soldiers in Russian army.
submitted by I am via English Russia forum
Road Police from Kazakhstan 1

34 Kazakhstan Road Police

Kazakhstan Road Police

Road police in Kazakhstan
chooses solitaire.
russian gear lock 1

15 Protect Your Car

Protect Your Car

In Russia there is a popular opinion that you can't trust the serial versions of car alarm and protective systems - they have common ways of unlocking or
people who install them can sell the information to car thieves, so some prefer to use custom made stuff like this one gear shift stick lock.
Russian horse heads monument  1

25 Horse Heads Monument

Horse Heads Monument

A new monument appeared in Moscow. Actually it should commemorate a famous Russian writer Sholokhov, but
people say that the coolest part are the horse heads coming right out of the concrete slab.

42 Soviet Military Postal Stamp

Soviet Military Postal Stamp

This is a postal stamp from a private collection issued for the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army at 1968. It's hard to say what
the authors of this stamp, which was widely used all across Russia tried to tell common people about the Soviet Army.
9 A Raising Submarine

A Raising Submarine

Some time ago we had photos of this Russian submarine rising near the
populated beach. Now Hayt has submitted the video version of this event:
Ukrainian sport car 1

29 Sport Car from Ukraine

Sport Car from Ukraine

Some say in Russia they don't build sport cars. Well, in Russia they probably don't but in
Ukraine they have some. Like this "dragster" which is being used for "street racing".
russian military vehicles smash ambulance 1

15 Military Crash

Military Crash

A group of Russian army vehicles smash
a civil ambulance. Just in case?

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