Russian fortifications from WW2 1

13 Russian Fortications from World War 2

Russian Fortications from World War 2

These are photos of fortified structures scattered in the forests around St. Petersburg
and Kronstadt island which were used in the World War 2 and some in World War 1.
construction failure in Russia 1

5 A Construction Failure

A Construction Failure

We had recently "How they build it" post, featuring the current Russia construction issues, usually done with immigrants from ex-USSR
small and poor countries. Here you can see how the thing built in this manner can just tore apart damaging nearby standing cars.
go live in Russia
28 Live in Russia

Live in Russia

It might have be a good promo for immigration program to Russia
supported by Russian government for geeks and RPG lovers.
russian tank recovered from the lake 1

16 Another Russian Tank Recovered

Another Russian Tank Recovered

That's another Russian tank recovered from Russian lake. A few days later there would be an anniversary of WW2 victory,
the holiday which is commemorated by most patriotic Russians so some of them try to commemorate it in their way.
44 Russian Helicopter Hits Water

Russian Helicopter Hits Water

A video of Russian helicopter crashing
in the water, I hope they survived.
34 Rat vs Crow

Rat vs Crow

In Russian crows attack rats and
rats don't run away. Amazing.
russian cars made of plasticine 1

18 Cars of Plasticine

Cars of Plasticine

All these small cars made of plasticine by Russian artist and you can see their actual size on the shot below - each of them
is much smaller than a regular matchbox. They all are soft and can be easily ruined by some accidental easy touch.
missiles in Russia
14 Somewhere in Russia

Somewhere in Russia

While we all are peacefully sleeping, there are
people in Russia who don't sleep. They work.
estonian premier minister chanted with shaman 1

33 The Shaman Against Estonia

The Shaman Against Estonia

Yes, I know that the last video was the last post about Estonia, but we can't pass by this one. This guy on the photo above is Estonian premier minister, the man who as Russian mass media states started this bronze soldier story. And this is
a shaman from Siberia. As Russian newspaper "Tvoy Den" states he was very revolted with the whole story, so he decided to chant day and night using his magical tricks to "kill the evil spirit in Estonian prime minister".
204 The Last One from Estonia

The Last One from Estonia

Though we already tired of this Estonian-Bronze things just another
video submitted from that night. They even speak English in the end.

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