russian police car with usa plates
34 Russian Police with American Plates

Russian Police with American Plates

Some Russian patrol cars
have New York plates now..
Russian Winter 1

66 Real Russian Winter

Real Russian Winter

You think that you have seen a lot of snow in winter?
How about this "lotsa snow" - during Russian winter?
techno nest made from wires with eggs 1

18 Wired Eggs

Wired Eggs

One Russian IT guy has found such nest on the warehouse of his company. As he says a pigeon has made a nest from short wires scattered
around the warehouse. He was keeping his eye on this nest and one day real eggs have appeared in this wired nest. Amazing.
old time russian soldiers
7 Old Time Fun

Old Time Fun

It seems that even 100 years ago
Russian soldiers had some fun.
russian ATM with pirated copy of windows installed 1

47 ATM with Pirated Windows

ATM with Pirated Windows

In Russian you can sometimes meet pirated copy of Windows even on ATM. It warns that
this copy of Windows need activation and the work of ATM gets interrupted.
burned down dodge viper in russia 1

28 666 Plates

666 Plates

This was a Dodge Viper in Russian city Kostroma. And it carried plates with "666"
number. Some may not liked it too much considering it to be devil's breed.
Russian Wooden phone with a bottle opener 1

19 Russian Wooden Cellphone

Russian Wooden Cellphone

If every country had it's own type of cellphones, Russian ones could look like this. It could be made of wood - wood is cheap and is available everywhere in Russia, it has simple functions like call and bye, it would
be made in Finland cause everyone in Russia knows good phones are made in Finland (like Nokia!) and one additional option is a must - a beer bottle opener from the backside of the phone - very handy!
wall inside the tree 1

18 A Wall Inside a Tree

A Wall Inside a Tree

This old tree has a wall inside. The tree is really old, around 200 years old. It started to grow in German city Koenigsberg, inside a
brick fence. German owners of the house let it go and it was growing like that leaving the fence inside of its roots and .. .
strange Russian tanks 1

25 Russian Tanks

Russian Tanks

This is a collection of somehow strange Russian tanks. All of them were in production for some time in
Russia, USSR or Russian Empire. The one above is 1940 "Self-moving machine gun emplacement point".
moscow photos 1

10 Small Moscow

Small Moscow

These are photos of

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