russian taxi
9 Taxi


Imagine you decided to travel to Russia. Not to Moscow or St. Petersburg but to some deeper, true Russia. You arrived to the hotel and decided to order
a Taxi to do some sightseeing. Taxi arrives, you come out of the door here is your taxi, standing there: Ok you step out, and....
russian hummer, tiger
24 Russian Hummer

Russian Hummer

There was not only a Space Shuttle cloned in Russia, now meet Soviet Hummer, another strange thing Made in Russia. It is equipped with American Cummins B-180 engine, with 5.9 volume, with this one resembling Hummer even more.  Even with such an engine it’s maximum speed is
claimed to be only 65 mp/h (130 km/h), why need more on such roads we have seen? They called it “The Tiger”, it sounds like oriental names like “The Silent Crawling Tiger” or so, and why wonder, more than half of Russia is situated in Asia.
volga gaz-21
62 Volga M6

Volga M6

What if somebody take Russian car from 1970s, Volga GAZ-21 like on the picture below: And mix it with ultra new BMW M6? Like this one
for example:  So what they would have as a result of such a mixture? Probably Volga M6 Cabrio like this one below:
some more russian cars
33 Some More Russian Cars

Some More Russian Cars

Another series of cars could be met on the streets of Russian Federation. These are
masterpieces of what can be done having a small budget, or total lack of budget.
russian ministery of finance
25 Glimpse of Revolution

Glimpse of Revolution

Today again there was a small action against the Russian goverment and the system of the power established all across the Russia. People probably tired of having the roads like you have seen a few days ago on this website demand another approach from the goverment.
But goverment in Russia is not a goverment in a common sense of this word, when it's a group of people that is hired by people to help the people. In Russia it has been never so, it was alway a group of people who slayed the people elected it.
russian houses made from matches, matchhouse part 1
33 House Made from Matches

House Made from Matches

It seems to be an old Russian tradition to make houses from matches as a gift or just for fun. Do you want to
learn how to build a house from matches? Here is a little howto from the Russian artist G. Wolf.  
a russian snowgirl
14 Snowgirl


People in Russia vary a lot. For example this individual on the pictures below could not survive in Russian countryside, but in Moscow which is considered by many Russians as not to be a part of Russia at all,
because 90% of Russian economics is based in Moscow. So Moscow city is now “spoiled” by Western standards, many people say, and that can be reflected  with the appearance of such entities.
in russia people are brought to life by a bottle of beer part 1
12 Reanimated With Beer

Reanimated With Beer

Here is another little report from the streets of Russia. This time you can see how a person can be turned back to life with a bottle of
beer. It’s a pure magic! What if all the ambulance workers could know this secret? How many lifes could be saved…
russian roads in the center of moscow are still unpredictable
13 Russian Roads 5

Russian Roads 5

So if to continue the topic about the Russian roads let’s get transferred to a totally civilized part of Russia, in fact the most civilized one, to Moscow. Just in the center of
Moscow, Russian city with the best roads, one can see a drowned car and a lot of water washing out the road. Russian roads are unpredictable everywhere in the Russia.
fire on the russian oil well part 1
4 Fire on The Oil Well

Fire on The Oil Well

In Russia there are a lot of oil wells, and sometimes fire happens on
them. See how the fire on the oil well is being extinguished.