89 Ferrari in Slums

Ferrari in Slums

In Russia some people think that the car has the most
importance. He might live in a dirty poor place but drive a
russian roads 1

9 Road Mess

Road Mess

What a
drinking kids
39 Drinking From Early Age

Drinking From Early Age

Some might think that
this is funny... but...
atlantic herring 1

100 Atlantic Herring Is Going Wild

Atlantic Herring Is Going Wild

When you go travel to Russia and feel some hunger - you might want to buy some canned tuna or herring for your
sandwich. Beware. You can buy something like this. It was in canned "Atlantic Herring" dish.
st. petersburg silent hill 1

21 Silent Hill in St. Petersburg

Silent Hill in St. Petersburg

If you have seen "Silent Hill" movie then you might recognize this special video effect. Now you can see it in real life in St. Petersburg. What is the reason for this "fog"? There are holes in
the pipes underground which require immediate plumbing, but meanwhile the wastes penetrate outside generating such a nice on photo but stinking if to wander nearby effect.
designed with windows
47 Designed with Windows

Designed with Windows

The sign on the house: "Our
house is designed with WINDOWS".
russian federal highway 1

23 More Federal Highways Please

More Federal Highways Please

Do you remember the monstrous highway connecting Moscow and Omsk? This one is much better
so trucks misuse the benefits with overspeeding often. This one was also similar.
russian kid playgrounds 1

43 Creepy Playgrounds 2

Creepy Playgrounds 2

We had already creepy playgrounds from Russian
cities here, this is a second part. Enjoy.
30 Mig-29 Close Ups

Mig-29 Close Ups

An impressive amateur video of MIG-29 fighter
made by another pilot from the cockpit.
russian icon
17 Holy Spade

Holy Spade

You can meet not only computer stuff decorated in Russia. In some Russian villages really weird things can carry the picture of some Holy Saint on it.
Like this spade with an icon of Russian Christian Holy Monk on it. Now being sold in some antique store for 123 Euro (around 150 dollars).

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