28 Daily Photos and Some Anouncement

Daily Photos and Some Anouncement

That's an entrance door mod sent by our reader in one of the offices in Russia. That's another portion of "daily" photos from Russian life. Those series seem to be not so daily in terms of regularity just daily in term of everyday life as it is on streets of Russia. Also we would like to
tell you that we have upgraded comments system now we have threaded comments system - you can reply directly to the person you want 'reply to this comment' link under the each comment - your new response would appear in a tree manner below the comment you answered to.
saint for sale
5 Buy Piece of Saint

Buy Piece of Saint

One Russian antique shop sells... remains of a medieval Russian Orthodox Christian saint. His skull his bones which were stored previously in
Kazan cathedral. The price is not declared, the items are from private seller. So does anybody want a piece of the saint?
bomb money box
2 Money Box in a Form of Air Bomb

Money Box in a Form of Air Bomb

Russian designers from Artem Lebedev Studio have introduced another interesting thing. How about having your piggy bank in form of the air bomb? Every air
bomb money box can be signed with your "target" like "For IPOD" or "For new bike", same way like soldiers wrote on their bombs "for Nazi".
37 Valenki, Russian Shoes

Valenki, Russian Shoes

Valenki is a traditional Russian footwear, solely made of wool. Many centuries it was widely used as the best protection for legs during Russian winters. Nowadays manufacturers of valenki decided to export
it abroad, targeting mainly cold North European countries. They made a special designed versions to satisfy western customers. They hope to get the market. What do you think, would they?
40 Launch of Russian Ballistic Missile

Launch of Russian Ballistic Missile

A video of a launch of Russian Strategic Missile that can carry a nuclear charge, made at night. It takes only a few seconds to
arm and launch 60 feet tall ballistic missile. This type of missile is also can be used to deliver satellites to space.
orange snow
186 Orange Snow in Omsk, Russia

Orange Snow in Omsk, Russia

Yesterday a strange phenomena happened in Omsk region Russia. Pretty vast territory of Omsk region was covered with a snow that had an unusual color. It was orange. Now we have a few photos, mainly screenshots from Russian TV channels. There is still no one exact explanation about
the origin of orange color of this snow. More high quality photos of the Martian like snowy terrain would follow shortly. According to Russian officials the orange snow doesn't contain any chemical byproducts or any other elements dangerous to human.
28 Water Running Through Abandoned Houses

Water Running Through Abandoned Houses

Amazing photos of water running through this abandoned house. It looks like a regular abandoned house standing in the downtown of Rostov-on-Don city, but if to inspect it closer one can see mini-waterfalls and lakes all through
this house. After many years staying abandoned  water sources from underground found their way up and formed this naturally formed water park. Streams are in constant movement and the water is always clean.
7 Georgian Police

Georgian Police

Georgia, Southern neighbour of Russia,
ex-USSR member. Meet Georgian policemen.
46 Moscow Is Being Built

Moscow Is Being Built

Moscow is being built at a very rapid rate these days. In Russia there is no any other big city like Moscow, there is no such a diversity of big cities like in the USA - Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, etc - only Moscow is the one place in Russia where all the main offices of all the big companies reside, where is all the politicians live and work and to where all the people from smaller towns go to climb the social stairs. As we mentioned once
Russians say that 90% of money that are in circulation in Russia are in Moscow, and then they add that 90% of those 90% is in the centre of Moscow. So it's no secret why Moscow is being developed so fast. This Russian blogger Russos got himself on the top of the building "Federation Tower", that should be the tallest building in Europe when finished. He shot views of Moscow in all the directions and here are those photos.
14 Some Yeltsin Photos

Some Yeltsin Photos

Today Boris Yeltsin's 76th birthday, he was the First Russian president, the true Russian who was often drunk on public and not shy of it. This days when the president of Russia
is another man, some people can't decide who was the better, they say they had a glance of freedom during that time. We have some photos of this glorious man.