27 Chechen Video

Chechen Video

This video is made in Chechnya, Russia. Youtube author called it "Chechen Rave", I
think its not a good title, but can't figure out what do they do, really.

45 Soviet Cops

Soviet Cops

Those are policemen back from Soviet times. They say
that time policemen were more honest than now...
russian train
21 Weird Train

Weird Train

What a weird train runs across Russian railroads. This photo was made in 2003 on actual
Russian railroad. According to its tech. specifications it can go up to 30 mp/h.
27 More of Ukrainian Hummer

More of Ukrainian Hummer

More photos of
Ukrainian Hummer clone

38 Afghani War Carpets

Afghani War Carpets

There is a war in Afghanistan for more than 20 years already. It has been started in late 70s when first Soviet troops entered Afghanistan to support the current regime. Then after the collapse of USSR the war with external enemy has stopped for a while, but inside there were still conflicting groups fighting with each other for the power. Little by little Taliban got the dominating position in the country and just a few years later NATO troops entered the country. So all the time there was a war, and most of the time all the parties used Soviet,
then Russian weapons. It's scary to see how the war thematics have moved to all spheres of life in Afghanistan even to carpet weaving skills. Previously this Middle-East country, lying on the border with Russia was famous for its hand-made carpets with beautiful Eastern ornaments. These days weavers make carpets with war. And main war items depicted on the carpets are from Russian origin. Here are the examples of Russian weapons that can be clearly distinguished on the contemporary Afghani carpets:

8 Snowy Vladivostok

Snowy Vladivostok

Not only in USA there is a lot snow these days. Russian eastern cities are also covered with
snow. Like Vladivostok on pictures. Though in Russian cities they don't clean it up fast.

22 Abandoned Mayan Statues in… St. Petersburg

Abandoned Mayan Statues in… St. Petersburg

In one of the regular inner yards of multi-stored buildings in St. Petersburg there is a whole collection of Middle-American Mayan statues standing under open air and not protected by anybody, left all by themselves. The story of them appearing there starts in 19th century when Academy of St. Petersburg sent a group of explorers to Middle America. They visited through all of Yucatan, collected different things for St. Petersburg's museums. By the way they noticed and bought a set of Mayan idols from Chichen Itza ruins. Upon the return of expedition smaller objects were placed into museums but nobody has found a good place for those Mayan statues and they were left all by
themselves in the back yard, dug into ground. A few years passed and Soviet Revolution happened, all the museums were messed up, all the buildings were nationalized by Soviets and were used for a totally different purpose then before. In many churches warehouses were founded as the result of total atheism of new Russian authorities, and many museum were turned into something else as a result of ignorance. So hundred years passed and those 1500 year old Mayan deities stand, abandoned and not worshiped by anyone except accidental Russian teens searching for a place to have a beer outside in some public backyard.

58 72 Old Soviet Calculators

72 Old Soviet Calculators

Yes, 72 different calcs from Soviet times. All are from collection of Sergei Frolov. Different in size, colour and functions but all from one brand
"Electronica". There were no another brand of calculators at that time in Soviet Union - all had to buy and use only Electronika things.
26 Russian-Japan War Propaganda Posters

Russian-Japan War Propaganda Posters

In the beginning of 20-th century Russia participated in the war with Japan. Some our readers
asked if there were some propaganda posters from that times. There are some.

17 Frozen Auto

Frozen Auto

Weather is unpredictable in Russia. Park for a while - then
come out of your house and look what's up with your car.