5 Russian Street Curling

Russian Street Curling

Some play curling indoors, some outdoors. Here is the whole street playing curling with
their cars. Video is again without a sound but one can imagine what sound it was.
dragon mask
7 Dragon Mask

Dragon Mask

Some time ago we had a Russian guy who made a dragon bag. He probably decided that he is missing
something and so he created a dragon mask that would fit in with the style of his dragon bag.
22 Moscow Subway Traffic Jam

Moscow Subway Traffic Jam

That’s a typical day in Moscow city subway. Ok, maybe not typical for all Moscow subway but there are some narrow places so when the peak traffic happens people have to
move like that. If you haven’t see here are some more shots from Moscow subway. It’s pity the video is without a sound, it was made by cam phone.
mouse made of stone
59 Mouse Made of Stone

Mouse Made of Stone

Here is a computer mouse made of
stone by Russian designer Neko.
theater in moscow
18 Abandoned Theater in Moscow

Abandoned Theater in Moscow

To continue the topic of abandoned places in Russia I would show you an abandoned theater in Moscow. During Soviet era it was a centre of cultural life – now it
stays abandoned. Probably it would be renovated someday and more visitors would come to enjoy some Russian classical plays shown on it's scene.
bugatti veyron in moscow
27 Bugatti Veyron in Moscow 2

Bugatti Veyron in Moscow 2

Here are some more shots of Bugatti Veyron in Moscow. It has been known that together with the high Russian custom taxes it
has been sold for $1,800,000 for somebody in Moscow. It's pity that Russian roads would kill it fast.
leonid baranov painter
12 Leonid Baranov Paintings of Russian Countryside

Leonid Baranov Paintings of Russian Countryside

Leonid Baranov is an artist from Ekaterinburg city who draws the modern life in Russian village. Heroes of his works look like real people from Russian countryside. He never became famous
or rich, and he prefers to drink a lot of vodka as a real Russian and doesn’t care much about the missing fame. Still in his pictures I find something attractive.
russian train
20 Self-made Train

Self-made Train

Some people of Russia (or Ukraine) drive on self-made
trains across the state's national railroad system.
Russian submarine appears on the beach
48 Russian Submarine Appears Near the Beach

Russian Submarine Appears Near the Beach

This is a city port of Severodvinsk city, the city in northern part of Russia on the shores of cold White Sea. The city has a big marine base so sometimes people on the beach can
see submarines appear from underwater right before them. That's not thing you would see often on other beaches of the world, it could be a set for new James Bond action movie.  
longest bike in the world
18 The Worlds Longest Bike

The Worlds Longest Bike

It has been to our attention that the longest bike in the world, officialy registered by Guiness record book is from Russia. It's creator Oleg "Leshij" Rogov was from Tver city, a small town near Moscow city. He was a big biker fan since his childhood. One day he has got an idea to build the longest bike in the world, according to his own story "probably after he got too much  beer inside". So after two years of
planning and delaying he did it. He built the bike that was 31 feet 4 inches long (9 metres 57 cm). After the thing was ready he sent his claim to the Guiness book and got registered as longest bike in the world. The saddest part of the story is that he got into accident and died this summer, still we have the photos of his creation, it would be some kind of tribute to him.

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