Russian playwar

19 The Night Battle

The Night Battle

Ever wondered how do the battle looks like for real at night? I mean, not as seen by Hollywood movie but a real battle with real combat units, tanks and commanders? People say
that sometimes it is even more picturesque than in the movies, and here is the report from the Russian army playwar maneuveres that took place recently.
Russian Live Statues

59 Russian Living Statues Contest

Russian Living Statues Contest

You've probably seen from time to time those people who pretend to be a statue standing on the streets somewhere in downtown in summer time, freaking
out the passers by, earning some spare coins. Now all of those came to Russian city Sochi to participate in Living Statues contest.
Russia view from planes 1

54 Russian from Plane

Russian from Plane

The photos made from plane of the terrain of Russia. From the cold
Siberia to sub tropical Sochi. The one above is Siberia.
Sochi, Russia 1

104 The Unknown Russia: The Russian South

The Unknown Russia: The Russian South

All people know Russia is a Northern country with snow, frost, cold winter. All keep in mind pictures of taiga, Siberia, polar bears and vodka. Well, it's all true, we all know now that 65% of Russia is covered with permafrost, but there is one fact than less people know. Russia has a territory that is
located more to South than Milano, Nice, Monte Carlo and other places of European South. And this territory occupies more square than France or Germany. Meet Sochi, the Winter Olympics 2014 host. This Russia doesn't look like Russia at all, maybe the next place for your vacation?
menu on strange English in Russian restaraunt 1

36 The Engrish Menu

The Engrish Menu

One guy has visited Sochi city recently, this is the city where the Olympic Games 2012 are planned to be held. In one of the restaurants. They have plenty
things to eat, like rubber, at least a foreign visitors can think twice if he wants "Min. voter "Akva" in ass." (It's just a quote from this menu..)
New Island in Russia near Sochi 1

44 New Island in Russia

New Island in Russia

It seems like Russia (which is the biggest country in the world) tries to compete with Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in unique construction projects. Before the building of artificial skiing resort had been finished (the similar one stands in UAE), Russian government has presented to the public
the model of artificial island that will be raised from the Black Sea waters near Sochi coast in 2014, towards the opening of the Olympic Games. It is no no wonder that the island will be called "The Federation" - its shape will resemble the whole country in miniature.
Russian magnet lids that you can put on the fridge 1

13 Magnet Lids

Magnet Lids

One Russian designer thinks about offering to the producers of the soft drinks to put a little magnet on the inside part of the bottle's lid, so that this lid can be be sticked to the fridge or some other metal surfaces. He says "Just imagine, different soft-drink or alike producers can make different colorful lids that won't be thrown away
but would be collected by kids or even by grown-ups. They could even put the alphabet on it or some other collectibles. I would buy it!". He also say he thinks that this idea is unique to him, he tried to find some mentions about such lids in the Google but has found none. This how he sees it can be implemented:
the most weird russian playgrounds for kids 1

31 The Most Weird Russian Kids Playgrounds

The Most Weird Russian Kids Playgrounds

We've also told about weird Russian playgrounds. For example, the steel style children playground or this one with fearful
monsters. But here are some more shots. This one, in Donetsk, is somehow related with Sigmund Freud.

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