4 Hobo Break Dancer

Hobo Break Dancer

Sometimes it's enough to take a camera and go for a walk along your native city to catch some cool moments to shoot. One of
such moments was caught in a Moscow park: a positive guy was dancing to some ethnic music in a cool robot disco style.
4 Chasing the White Rabbit

Chasing the White Rabbit

What are they going to do with these hard-working white rabbits? Maybe they are
running to help them? This video and some others in the video selection of today.
1 Come Sail to the New Airport

Come Sail to the New Airport

The other day a newly built airport of Vladivostok, the city in the Russian Far East, could welcome not only planes but small boats as
well. Heavy showers have turned the city into Russian Venice. The drainage system of Vladivostok didn't manage with such a flood.
5 Funny Bungee Jumper

Funny Bungee Jumper

When we finally approach the very edge we don't always find courage to step down. This guy is having his first experience of bungee jumping and he is really nervous. He simply cannot hide his
emotions, when he finally jumps his eyes go so far apart. Will it end successfully? If you want to skip all the preparations and see the jump only, start seeing from 1:40.
9 Have a Lesson of Literature

Have a Lesson of Literature

Everyone may have a bad day. And sometimes, even if you don't want to do anything at all, you have to get up and go to work. But nowadays one has to be aware that almost everyone around has a cam and will be there
to take some photos or shoot a video about you. If the day was really bad you gonna find this memorable stuff in the Internet very soon. So, once, one teacher of literature had a bad bad day...
5 The Dog That Was a Monk In Its Previous Life

The Dog That Was a Monk In Its Previous Life

You are about to see either the most stupid dog or the wisest one. It doesn't give a damn about anything that happens next to it. Maybe
the dog has reached the enlightment or it doesn't want to live anymore. The awesome doggie and some more in the videos of today.
3 The Jeep of the City Mayor Hit By the Lightning

The Jeep of the City Mayor Hit By the Lightning

The jeep of Zheleznogorsk's mayor could seriously suffer from the lightning. However it damaged only the on-board computer of
the jeep. The driver and the passenger didn't suffer. They say that the mayor himself was not in the car at that moment.
18 Not Easy To Be a Teacher

Not Easy To Be a Teacher

Teaching those who don't want to be taught is thankless. But how much can one stand from his
ingrate students? If young people do not want to get education should anyone insist? You decide.

3 Let the Train Burn

Let the Train Burn

Cameras are often at the places people do not expect. But even if they know about a cam shooting them they do not often bother. A few
more videos: professional ones (from a traffic police officer, employees of a supermarket, railwaymen) and a bit more today...
2 Stuck on the Road? Dance For a While

Stuck on the Road? Dance For a While

You are about to see a few more cool moments captured often accidentally by the all-seeing eyes of the contemporary video and photo logging devices we used
to call cameras. How about making a video of your cool friend galloping on a trike and then suddenly.... Or a few more crazy stories are inside.

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