5 Rise From the Dead to Propose

Rise From the Dead to Propose

A guy from Omsk wanted to be sure that his girlfriend loved him as much as he loved her. He decided to propose her in an unusual way: he was going to fake his death in an accident. The guy hired the whole team to realize the plan: a stage director, a camera operator, stuntmen and a makeup artist. When the girl arrived at the place of "the
accident" she saw her boyfriend bleeding on the ground. "Doctors" told her he was dead and she burst into tears. While she was crying her revived boyfriend kneeled to propose her. The girl was furious but finally accepted the offer. The guy says he wants her to know how empty and meaningless her life would be without him.
7 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IX

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part IX

Today in the video: a crow breaking a windshield, very weird pedestrians of Moscow, dancers who seem to be
immortal, a tsar's carriage on the modern road, a brave schoolgirl who revenges an angry teacher of English.
0 Excavators Bring Some Fun

Excavators Bring Some Fun

Work of excavator drivers does not assume any entertainments. But many drivers understand that the machine itself can be used
not only for heavy work but for light entertainments as well. It has everything they might need for having some fun.
12 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VIII

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VIII

Today in the video selection: a scooter's driver who runs into people and leaves silently, a guy who is going to celebrate his second
birthday, a driver who doesn't bother himself with looking behind while speeding up and the KAMAZ that fails several times in a minute.
0 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VII

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VII

In the video selection today: highly disciplined cows crossing roads, one very kind motorcyclist, a truck having some troubles with its
brakes, stuff that can be found while cleaning a keyboard and one driver who doesn't consider other cars to be obstacles on the road.
5 Unusual Road Marking

Unusual Road Marking

Looking at this it's hard to understand it's a cat. To be more precise what remained of a cat. But the fact that animal corpses are not removed from roads will hardly surprise anyone. The more surprising is the way of road
marking: straight along the road, with all its obstacles... Such way of road marking was noticed in various cities, such as Saratov and Blagoveschensk. Seems cats are becoming a part of road marking...
7 Chasing a Courier Van

Chasing a Courier Van

Real police chase, with firing bullets swearing etc. The courier service
van probably did something wrong. Happens in St. Petersburg.
4 Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VI

Daily Video Awesomeness, Part VI

Today in the selection of video awesomeness: a guy who wanted to show a bicycle trick but almost sank in the end, two guys who had a real man's
talk, a guy who became a very very lucky pedestrian, a guy who produces strange sounds... These guys alltogether will make you smile today.
2 Desperado, Georgian Version

Desperado, Georgian Version

Probably the best Desperado cover theme version, at least the best that comes from ex-USSR part of the world. Basically, what guy does is he plays this Desperado song as if he
was different types of Georgian, Armenia etc. personalities, occassionally inserting phrases in Russian. The power of expression he projects is really awesome.
5 Russian Kitty Crash Test

Russian Kitty Crash Test

In Russia they have
kittens for crash tests!

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