8 Russian Roads: Video Compilation

Russian Roads: Video Compilation

We have shown you a lot of weird, crazy, terrible and funny videos and pictures from Russian
roads. Here is a big compilaton of videos featuring accidents happening in Russian cities.
9 Extreme Takeoff of An 24

Extreme Takeoff of An 24

This is An-24 plane that is trying to take off on the very very muddy runway. It seems that it won't manage but
it keeps moving and splashing all this mud around. The video was taken in Bodaybo, the Irkutsk region.
3 I Dont Care, I Am Cooking Borsch!

I Dont Care, I Am Cooking Borsch!

"We're at the lesson, everybody's
learning... But I don't care, I am cooking

1 New Way of Asphalt Laying

New Way of Asphalt Laying

Right before the elections of the city governor the citizens of Ryazan got a royal gift from
the authorities. New asphalt! This time it was laid according to a new technology...
7 Swim Like a Dolphin

Swim Like a Dolphin

"Kolkhuri" is an unusual method of swimming that once interested a citizen of Sevastopol, Oleg Sofyanik. Now he swims with his hands and legs tied with elastic bandage. Those who invented such "kolkhuri" are
sure that a man practising it becomes hardy, brave and is not afraid of death. Oleg decided to swim 400 meters (1312 ft) in the "kolkhuri" style. He had been training for three weeks to do it.
0 Russian Yellow Submarine

Russian Yellow Submarine

This is how a wedding was celebrated in one Russian village. Apart from all
traditional entertainments they invented a new way to make guests remember this day.
1 The Stunt Goes Wrong

The Stunt Goes Wrong

The guys were shooting some movie which they called a "blockbaster". But suddenly something went wrong.
The main stuntman had no fear at all being sure that he would successfully land from the tree...
13 Saving the Tractor of the War Time From the Swamp

Saving the Tractor of the War Time From the Swamp

"Stalinets" tractors were produced in 1937-1941 in Chelyabinsk for industrial and construction works. But they were also often used by the Red Army as a prime mover. This "Stalinets" tractor sank in winter 1942 in Usoditsa lake of the Zapadnodvinsky district of the Tver region, Russia. It was repeatedly searched and when was finally found there were
some attempts to pull it out. But it was not easy. The tractor was under the marsh bog. However the last attempt made by the volunteers together with the Russian Ministry of Defence and the Moscow search and restoration center "Rearguard", divers from Pskov and other specialists finally managed to pull the tractor out.
1 Workout of the Clubber

Workout of the Clubber

It is hard to explain what happens on this video and why the guy is training like this. We can only guess. The first thing that comes to
mind is that he's a real clubber. But maybe he knows a super secret exercise system? We hope he didn't hurt himself..
4 Traffic Police Scared By the Car

Traffic Police Scared By the Car

We are used to obey traffic police when we drive, but what we break the rule and make police officers scared? This is exactly what the driver of this NIVA did.
This should not happen, of course, but it looks funny. This video and other ones from the Russian roads can be seen in the video selection today.

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