4 Granny With an Ax

Granny With an Ax

We do not know why this woman attacked this car with an ax, but she looks rather mad. They rumor she is a
teacher and her students often see her drunk. They suppose it's not the last perfomance of hers.
9 One Ghetto Dance

One Ghetto Dance

It seems that clubs of Irkutsk are losing a cool dancer who has to express herself at the railway station of the
city. People around react in a different way, someone laughs, others prefer not to pay any attention.
4 No, Thanks! I Better Stand!

No, Thanks! I Better Stand!

Being in a bus next time, think twice before having a seat. Those endless people who sat on it before you could
leave a lot of dust, you know. A very very dusty seat in a bus and more funny moments can be seen below.
0 When An Ambulance Is In a Hurry

When An Ambulance Is In a Hurry

It turns out that ambulance cars can not only bring salvation but can kill as well. They become especially dangerous when speed with their
sirens being disabled. Those who didn't expact any danger from the ambulance car and other moments worth seeing in the selection below.

10 The Danger Hidden High In the Mountains

The Danger Hidden High In the Mountains

Back in 1996 orbiting satellites detected a huge ice lake near Khorgos river on the Kazakhstan-Chinese border. Last summer there was sent a research
expedition to that place and the specialists were shocked: a catastraphic mudslide could happen in any moment! The lake was called "Kapkan" ("Trap").
7 One Ordinary Siberian Shop

One Ordinary Siberian Shop

This is an ordinary shop in Siberia. Like any other one. But could we ever think that so many strange and
amusing moments are caught by cameras there? Some people do such things which are really hard to explain...
7 Dance Battle in the Army

Dance Battle in the Army

Days in the army are not easy, so soldiers try to find various ways of destraction. Some of them
are rather creative. These soldiers decided to find out who's cooler at tecktonik dancing.
13 Bumper Crime In Russia

Bumper Crime In Russia

It's not always drivers who are to blame for accidents. Sometimes it's pedestrians who provoke them to happen. All
the people you are going to see in this video were looking for some troubles or even for death on the roads.
0 Challenge to Park the Tank

Challenge to Park the Tank

Curious accidents happen not only with cars or motorcycles. You still think that it's not easy to turn a tank? But such things also
happen. And not obligatory on a battlefield. But in the place crowded with ordinary people. Just check out the video below.
12 While the Red Light Is On

While the Red Light Is On

Even the smallest violation of traffic rules may make others just furious. The insulted guys decided to revenge the driver who violated the rules
right there, on the road, while the red light was on. If all drivers are punished like this there would be much fewer accidents on the roads.

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