4 Russian guy has a pet lion

Russian guy has a pet lion

Russian guy Maga has a pet lion whom he enjoys walking with
around, especially in winter they enjoy bathing in snow together.
3 Dont Mess With Road Police

Dont Mess With Road Police

- Would you like to leave the car? - No, you don't have a right! - Who?
Me? (that's literary what they said in this video below).
2 Ghetto Dance, Unlimited

Ghetto Dance, Unlimited

Ghetto dance would be a ghetto dance no matter which country you go to. However, as in every creative aspect of
human interaction there might be a sheer beauty of the self expression. Now meet the ghetto dancers!
3 Another Way to Use Flying Bots

Another Way to Use Flying Bots

Recently the mini flying copters controlled with smartphones are becoming more and more popular, mostly due to the technolgy being more and more affordable and reliable. So this time in Estonia they proved the copters can perform pretty unexpected stuff. A flying remotely controlled bot was used to tamper with a live air studio show, where one of the
mayoral elections candidate in Tallinn, Estonia was interviewed. The copter appeared unexpectedly behind the glass window of the studio on the forth floor and this way displayed an unwanted political ad against the man that was on air. The video here shows both videos - from on board of helicopter and from the tv studio.
2 This is Russia, Adele

This is Russia, Adele

Hold your breath away! Russian army choir sings now James
Bond "Skyfall" main theme! This is Russia, Adele!
0 Hunts for a Hooker, Gets Abducted

Hunts for a Hooker, Gets Abducted

Warning! This video might have a strong language unacceptable to minors! Russian dude tries to get a call girl but as a result rants his way thru the crazy adventure which starts at his native city as a love romance for a call girl, but quickly escalates as a gran scale intergalactic domination conflict resulting in a massive
destruction and an alien death toll. One of the most popular Russian shock cartoon web shows is now available in English too! Got awesome critical acclaim amongst Russian web viewers and a lot of support recently so we decided to feature it as well. Official English fan page of the series is here
3 Failed Rocket Start

Failed Rocket Start

Lot of disappoinment caused the latest failure of Proton rocket to carry the GLONASS navigation satellites up to the orbit. It's pretty interesting that out of more than twenty five launches this and last year only two were failures but both carried the GLONASS sats and no any GLONASS equipment were present during successful launches, which make them to
speak about the "curse of GLONASS". Others say it might be a money laundering by the scientists who want to cover up their misuse of the funds. However all those are just rumors that circulate around in blogs etc, what we have is a pretty spectacular video of a rocket failing and a news anchor failing to perceive what he is seeing.
4 Street Magic

Street Magic

What exactly is going on here? These concrete slabs went
berserk and seems it can be synchronized with some music.
2 Adventures of a Russian Tourist In Istanbul

Adventures of a Russian Tourist In Istanbul

This man wanted to be in the centre of attention at night in the airport: he was asking where the exit from the arrivals area was, where his passport was,
where he could smoke... He was punched for being this noisy several times and finally started to break the door leading to the airfield... But why?
0 The Car Thinks It Is a Motorcycle

The Car Thinks It Is a Motorcycle

This "Oka" absolutely has no
time to stand in the traffic jam!

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