22 When Humans Turn Into Animals

When Humans Turn Into Animals

Some of us still do not believe that people may turn into animals. But it seems they may, and faster they you
think. These ones seem to be close to it. But, unfortunately, it cannot be called "evolution" in this case.
1 When You Turn Away Just For a Second

When You Turn Away Just For a Second

Little kids are so hard to keep track of! It's enough to turn away for a second
when something terrible may happen! Keep an eye on your precious children!
7 Sport In My Life

Sport In My Life

A guy from a Russian city Taganrog was not in the best shape to lift weights. He decided to
exercise a bit anyway. As they say the weight was as heavy as 32 kg (70 lb). Will he manage?
8 Drunken Flyers

Drunken Flyers

Drunken guys decided to climb the tree as if they are monkeys. But three guys turned
out to be too many for the tree. Look what happened to the "space marines".
0 Free Car Wash

Free Car Wash

This accident happened in Ryazan, Russia. Luckily the water of the "geyser" seems to be cold.
If it was hot it could be much worse. The cars standing nearby could get a free wash.
0 The Task Is to Mow the Grass!

The Task Is to Mow the Grass!

In a Belorussian city Grodno they mow grass in any weather, even when the snow
is high enough to hide this grass! Streets of the city should be neat!
4 A Couple of Florists In the Subway

A Couple of Florists In the Subway

Two weird guys seem to be true lovers of plants. They are so much concentrated on its leaves and
inflorescence! They are looking at it from above and from below, maybe something is hidden in the pot?
3 Mario Bros Music: Balalaika Version

Mario Bros Music: Balalaika Version

Balalaika is a traditional Russian musical instrument. People who can play it nowadays are not so numerous.
You are about to see the cool combination of two cultures: Mario Bros. tunes played on the balalaika!
2 Get Out of the Way!

Get Out of the Way!

Dmitrovskaya street of Kiev, Ukraine, is so narrow that cars often have to drive along the tramways and leave their cars there. If a
car is not too big they already know how to copy with that. They prefer not to wait for the owner of the car to come back...
6 He Did It Right!

He Did It Right!

The driver of the cool off-road Toyota decided to leave the autor of this video behind but was not allowed to. The driver of the UAZ did not let him get back in the line which resulted in the accident. It turned out the driver of the Toyota was "a
member of the Moscow government". He immediately approached the UAZ and tried to tear the door off the hinges and when he brought and uncovered the knife the UAZ driver made a really cool and right decision. Just check this out!

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