3 Look How Cool I Am

Look How Cool I Am

A guy jumps from the roof of the eight storey building. But why
do these guys do such things? Do you respect this bravery?
8 When God Gives One More Chance

When God Gives One More Chance

Better start watching since 2:20. The driver decided to overtake the bus but lost control of the car and
flew on the oncoming line right in front of the KAMAZ. It seemed he had no chances to survive at all...
3 Learning to Ride a Scooter

Learning to Ride a Scooter

Do you remember your first experience of riding a scooter? Did you
smash anything too? We guess it often looks similar to this.
5 Rules Are Not For Me!

Rules Are Not For Me!

The car is making crazy prohibited maneuvers on the road and the girl, author of the video, is
happy to notice the police car nearby. This video and some more are below in the post.

8 Bat Vs Knife

Bat Vs Knife

We are not sure what exactly is happening here but a guy with a bat is seriously angry with the guy with a knife. Did you
know that bats are almost never used for sport in Russia? Yeah, they are mostly used for fighting in the streets.
5 Indignant Cat

Indignant Cat

Why is this cat stunned so much? It seems to be boiling over! Maybe it
has just read some comments at EnglishRussia? What do you think?
19 How to Pump Oil From an Oil Well?

How to Pump Oil From an Oil Well?

How is oil pumped from a well? Did you know that special electric submersible pumps are used? They work inside of a well, on the very bottom. We are going to visit the city called
Raduzhniy where these pumps are produced by "Almaz" ("Diamond") company which is the only manufacturer of all submersible equipment for oil extraction in Western Siberia.
6 When Winter Suddenly Comes

When Winter Suddenly Comes

The first snow came to Minsk, Belarus. But as it often happens it became a surprise for many drivers. Though
they kept driving anyway. In this video you can see what happens when you try to save on winter tires.
20 King of the Sidewalk

King of the Sidewalk

Freaking guy can run over pedestrians and then just ride away. At first he quarrels then swears then runs multiple times on the guys
filming him on camera. He looks like he is feeling himself as a king of the world. The video is subtitled for easier understanding.

12 Moscow Suicidal Club

Moscow Suicidal Club

We have shown a lot of their photos at English Russia. They call themselves climbers, but in fact they are potential suicides. Fear of heights does not exist for them, they do not even know any instincts of self-preservation. Joking with death is just their favorite game. For example, climbing old rusty stairs on a 300
meters top without a safety net or running on the edge of a roof of a 40 storey building. They do it not for any sporting interest or records, they simply like to have fun together in extreme conditions. There are 200 of them in Moscow today. But their number is growing. Most of them are students.