8 Making a Proposal

Making a Proposal

    That's the way how they make proposals these day in Moscow. It's sort of
popular to propose in a original, uncanny way. Do you like this particular idea?
0 Ukrainian Security Service General Grand Dad Showing Skills

Ukrainian Security Service General Grand Dad Showing Skills

  This Ukrainian grand dad was a KGB (and then Ukrainian Security Service) general. Even that he is pretty old he still has some skills and someone has got him on video so we decided  to share this video with you. He says those are normal
AK-47 knives, "nothing special, just regular non-modified AK-47 bayonet knife". I am not sure exactly of his age, but this man is Konstantin Siry - was an Ukrainian anti-terrorist center officer. People call him "legendary".
4 Medieval Metallica by Belarussian Band

Medieval Metallica by Belarussian Band

  If you ever wondered how Metallica song could sound in medieval time then this is how. A Metallica "One" song played by the Belarussian band that studies and plays medieval
music. The guys are pretty serious with what they do and the singer himself even tries to look in his everyday life like if he was from dark ages. Check it out:  
0 Best Photos from Russia in October

Best Photos from Russia in October

Almost everyday we publish in Twitter best photos of Russia we can find. And here is a slideshow of what we have chosen in October to be most bright and remembered shots made in Russia or nearby. Please enjoy those 20 Best Photos of
Russia, youtube edition, as on youtube we can make them slide showing all on one page. Also you can switch to HD for the best quality. And if you want to get photos daily you can subscribe to English Russia twitter.

70 Donetsk Airport from Above

Donetsk Airport from Above

This is (or this was?) a Donetsk airport. Photographed from above and became famous lately for the battles still going on there even there not much of those on other parts of
Ukraine. By the way, to remind you, Donetsk is the largest metropolitan area in Eastern Ukraine. Also inside you can find a video of the bridge somewhere near by.

1 How Optical Sights Are Being Made?

How Optical Sights Are Being Made?

Remember a few days ago we saw an abandoned place full of optical sights? Now we have optical sights for guns again but this time its not abandoned and they are not made yet. We will see how those are being manufactured and assembled. Might be pretty interesting inside, thanks
to Aslan who has visited a highly secured production line of this Russian factory specializing in the long range aiming optics. Normal people are not allowed there with a camera but he went and made those photos! So let's see, that should be interesting:
2 Meanwhile in the Army

Meanwhile in the Army

We try to keep updated you what's going on in the
army these days, so here is another short update:
0 Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On

    After watching this video of oil rig crashing I got a feeling I now understand the meaning of "Keep Calm
and Carry On". This is a short video just twenty seconds, but be sure you watch till end it has a plot twist.
17 Donetsk Today

Donetsk Today

  Do you want to know what's going on in Donetsk today? If you still don't know Donetsk is a center point of all the last day events in Ukraine, and this is the main city square of the city where the people who control Donetsk these
days decided (I quote the source) "to celebrate the anniversary of new state creation with this sort of things". Look how people around watching this. Video is inside, its short but you may be like "What???". See it here:
7 Cruise Control from Kazakhstan

Cruise Control from Kazakhstan

This video is from Kazakhstan. Pretty much a part of USSR before, now a country. They say the economy of Kazakhstan is second largest among all ex Soviet countries, which clues to think that people can afford little bit more
there than in some other places. Like for example a car with cruise control. However, I don't think you have ever saw anybody who was using their cruise feature as this guy. Highly recommended to watch.

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