5 Spring Road in Samara

Spring Road in Samara

    If you complain for the roads in your city you probably haven't ever seen how cool the road in Samara city in Russia looks like in spring. Actually it's not even a
road, its an avenue inside of the city, its called Karl Marx avenue (ironically?). Just see how it is today - you probably haven't seen something like this before.
11 Meanwhile in Donetsk

Meanwhile in Donetsk

Meanwhile in one of the
schools of Donetsk city.
8 Russians Play with a Bear

Russians Play with a Bear

Remember a bear yesterday that people were feeding from a window? Now another video confirming that bears do walk around at least in some Russian cities: a young bear cheerfully jump around group of people (including
kids). The animal is playful and funny and runs around and jumps and eats food people share it. Also one guy commands it and says "come here! get out of the road there are cars!". Video is inside:
3 Russian Bear in the Window

Russian Bear in the Window

Like, in Russia, people say that abroad people say about Russia that they have bears on the streets. And like laugh about this - how stupid might be foreigners thinking that we, civilized people, have the bears on the street. Well,
what else have people to think after seeing a video of people feeding stray bears from the comfort of their house (or apartment) just putting some food on the window sill? See the video for the "shocking details":
2 Russian Sliding Dance

Russian Sliding Dance

    I am not sure if we posted something like this here - but anyways - this is a traditional Russian dance and its perform in such technique like the girls go sliding around like they are on ice. Just take a look - you can rewind to the
middle of the video to get into the action. They say its been done by special stepping one by one putting feet very close to each other.  Here they dance "Beryozka" or "Little Birch Tree".        
2 Weird But True

Weird But True

This video was first published in Kazakhstan. It was claimed that the shocking (or weird?). The official reaction of Kazakh army officials was "it was not our army, the insignia is not matching" and etc. etc.
People on the video, the ones that give the commands speak Russian so if it is not Kazakhstan there are plenty more countries around (e.g. Belarus or Ukraine) where it could took place. Take a look:
11 Meanwhile in Ukraine

Meanwhile in Ukraine

  A short video from Russian TV filmed on the outpost of the people who fight against Ukraine. An full scale artillery squad with
canons and supporting personnel - take a look pretty unreal for the place which was a peaceful land for over 70 years.
66 From Peace to Pieces in Twenty Seconds: UPDATED

From Peace to Pieces in Twenty Seconds: UPDATED

  This dash cam video is really short just around 20 seconds, but it might be the most dramatic of all of them. It shows what terror is really like about. Just imagine a car driving on a normal day in a normal residential area in civilized Europe, kids go to school etc. - just your everyday peaceful scene. And then suddenly a few grad
missiles fall from the skies right on the road smashing everything around and your peaceful day is not anymore. Really terrifying. And yes, its Ukraine, Mariupol city, previously much unaffected by the shootings, so it was a really unsuspecting peaceful driver in a peaceful area.    Highly recommended to watch:

9 Meet Russian Android Robot Avatar

Meet Russian Android Robot Avatar

Today Russian self moving, self shooting android human like robot called "Avatar" was presented for
the President and top military. See more photos and video of the innovation in action inside:
5 Police in Dagestan Celebrates New Year

Police in Dagestan Celebrates New Year

  Here's a short video of Russian police officers in Dagestan, Russia celebrating the New Year by... shooting in the stars. They say its a pretty normal thing to express your feeling of excess happiness in some  Southern Russia
parts by shooting in the air, but it's first time I see the police  doing it too. Besides shooting they are also doing donuts on the Police car with full siren on. Pretty dope! Also there is one more video inside:

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