12 Can You Guess What It Is?

Can You Guess What It Is?

Can you guess what it is
and what it is used for?
0 I Am Mother

I Am Mother

Luckily for the baby of this woman a company of strangers were
following them to prevent anything bad that could happen...
0 When It Is a Woman Who Commands

When It Is a Woman Who Commands

This video was shot in Belogorsk, the Amursk region (signal regiment). The platoon
commander is a woman - fiancee of the man who is titled as a Hero of Russia.
0 New Mail Has Arrived

New Mail Has Arrived

May 16th, 2013. Unloading mails in a
Russian city of Samara. Nothing unusual.
4 Domino Effect of Belorussian Soldiers

Domino Effect of Belorussian Soldiers

At the military parade that took place recently in
Belarus this part of show was probably the best!
8 Spider Man From Kiev

Spider Man From Kiev

Daredevil Pavel, 26, from Kiev, Ukraine, hides behind his nickname Mustang Wanted. Just recently he has become the star in the Internet. And he is awesome
indeed! Just look how he can balance on one leg at height of 100 m, hang over the precipice holding the ledge with only three fingers and much more.
2 Best Wedding Video

Best Wedding Video

You are the happy one who is going to get married soon? Well, maybe you still don't know how you can
make a good video about the event. This one is here to inspire you! Or maybe to make you cry...
0 Breaking Bricks Is Not So Easy!

Breaking Bricks Is Not So Easy!

Army is the place that turns boys into real men. This is what we usually believe. Real soldier must be ready for
anything and have no fear. Just see how a young soldier is trying to prove he can break bricks with his bare hands.
1 Possessed By Satan

Possessed By Satan

Someone should immediately call an exorcist! Despite all those
sounds the brunette was producing, the Ukrainian girl finally won!
8 Low Car Vs Speed Bump

Low Car Vs Speed Bump

Who said that it's cool to have a low car? It can only make you feel
this stupid sometimes. By the way, how do you like the soundtrack?