4 Jumping from a Roof in a Court Yard

Jumping from a Roof in a Court Yard

If you live in a house like this, and get bored a bit, you might try doing something like this too. No, just kidding, but nevertheless - take a look what this guy did in one of the courtyards of St. Petersburg in the middle of a
busy Friday. Would you dare? When I was kid they said a chute won't open if you jump from a house, no way you can do this. But he proves it works. And note the houses are not tall at all. Maybe sixteen floors in total.
0 Unloading Truck in High Winds

Unloading Truck in High Winds

This video was called "Unloading a vehicle in high winds" by its authors and there is nothing much to be added here, really. However, the show by itself is pretty much
hilarious, you might want to take a look! They say it was filmed in pretty much Southern Russia - on the coast of the Black Sea. Also a great example of a team work.
6 Mash Up

Mash Up

This is what can be called a "contemporary art". Russian "EUROVISION" song mixed up with
recent Ukrainian chronicles. I am not sure who made this but it sends chills down a spine.
16 Blogger Goes thru Devastated Ukrainian Village

Blogger Goes thru Devastated Ukrainian Village

A blogger girl, Medvedova, goes thru the devastated Ukrainian village filming it with her cell phone camera. She is really distressed by what she sees: there
was a school, there was a club, not a single house left without having the signs of shelling on it. Her other friend is shocked too. See yourself.
2 Cat in Russia Rings a Door Bell to Get Back Home

Cat in Russia Rings a Door Bell to Get Back Home

A family in Russia had a cat that was allowed to walk by itself outside of their apartment building and get back home whenever it wanted. Thus being said, the can never failed to come back and waited in the lobby near the apartment door while somebody would notice its presence there. Sometimes the passing by neighbors rang the door bell to let the cat owners
know their pet is here. However, starting from some weeks ago they started noticing that the bell rings when the cat arrives, however there is no a trace of neighbors around. At first they didn't pay much attention to this fact, however later decided to place a camera and see how does this happen? This is what the camera revealed...
0 Russian Navy Seals

Russian Navy Seals

Navy Seals. For real! This is hilarious, isn't it? However this is a serious news about seals in military training. IN TRAINING.
SEALS. Want to get a navy seal? You might order one by mail probably, I am not sure if they accept mail orders though.
9 Russian Women Crossing Roads

Russian Women Crossing Roads

A few videos combined in this compilation of Russian women, girls
and grannies misbehaving while crossing the roads.  
0 Police Patrol Officer Forgets his AK-47 on Top of His Car

Police Patrol Officer Forgets his AK-47 on Top of His Car

  A curious video has been circling Russian intranets lately with a Russian police officer who forgets his AK-47 gun while getting inside of the car and preparing to leave.
It took them some time to depart and all this time their AK gun was laying on the car's top waiting to be dropped after the car starts moving. See yourself.
8 Spring Road in Omsk

Spring Road in Omsk

Some Russian cities are pain to drive around in Spring, when after the snow goes off a big part of pavements goes off as well. Just
see the video to get the feel. It's not some bad neighborhood its just a normal city drive around one of the city "avenues".
5 How to Steal Lada in Two Minutes

How to Steal Lada in Two Minutes

  A guy with camera in his hand shows LADA car security flaws in just under two minutes. Just in this short time he manages to a) open the car b) turn on the ignition c)
start it up. All is done non-obtrusively and without using any excess force or breaking anything. If you are into cars - might be a good watch for you.  

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