2 Lots of Money Seized

Lots of Money Seized

  The guy working at some road repair department of a local district government, not even in Moscow, somewhere far deep in Russia got his house searched and lot of money stacked in
bags in his garage were found. Around 140 million stacked in bags in a garage, in hard cash. p.s. People ask how much in real money is this? It's around five million dollars.
1 You Have Never Seen Such a Bear

You Have Never Seen Such a Bear

This must be the
cutest Russian bear
0 Lesson For the Son

Lesson For the Son

Probably they were going
to the shooting range...
6 Driving Into the Traffic Jam At High Speed

Driving Into the Traffic Jam At High Speed

How to get through a Moscow traffic jam?
See this video for the answer!  
1 Just In Time

Just In Time

Just the other day in a Russian city of Kirov a heavy crane fell on the nine-storey dwelling house and destroyed balconies from the first to the ninth floor and
the cars parked at the house. According to the residents of the house the crane seemed to fall because of the strong wind. Luckily nobody suffered.
1 Tactical Exercises of Russian Police

Tactical Exercises of Russian Police

Right now you are going to see how tactical manoeuvres of Russian police take place. They include
direct deployment, combat assault of the building where criminals are allegedly hinding.
2 Almost Nuclear Tornado

Almost Nuclear Tornado

Russia sometimes has tornadoes, too! Those pipes on the horizon are nuclear
power plant built back in 1954. So this tornado is kind of a nuclear one...
0 Nice Wedding

Nice Wedding

Just another wedding
video from Russia.
2 Try To Explain This

Try To Explain This

to explain what is happening in this video. Why did this guy suddenly need to
wash right in the supermarket's aquarium? Lost a bet? Poor fish, anyway..
1 What the Shovel Shaft Is For?

What the Shovel Shaft Is For?

One guy was given a rather stupid present for his birthday
- a shovel. He decided to make use of it anyway...

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